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I have a pin in my toe, how are they going to get it out?
I had surgery on a severely broken pinky toe a few days ago, and they put a pin in it to help the bone heal straight. (ew and its like sticking out of the toe) They said they were going to take it out in about 3 weeks. I was just wondering, how are they going to get the pin out? They could just pull it out, but wouldnt that hurt? Are they going to numb it or what?

Paul P
Yeah, they'll numb it. I don't know the exact procedures.

Hey, your pin in coming out--I have 3 titanium plates and 7 screws in my face, permanently from breaking 4 bones in my cheek at the same time.

hawaii gurl 06
I had a pin in my thumb to help it heal following surgery to repair a torn ligament. I'm pretty sure that your pin is similar to the one I had. Not to scare you - but my doctor did not numb it or anything. He seriously got a pair of "pliers" (I don't know thats what it was but thats what it looked like) and held my arm done and said, "Okay this is gonna hurt a little but it will be fast" and then he pulled it half way out then yanked the last part out. I was lucky 'cuz it almost broke off 'cuz it was bent a little. If it had broken off then I would've had to have had another surgery to retrieve the last part of the pin. AH! Definitely very painful. If I were you, I would insist on some numbing!!!!!

The pin in your toe is basically a needle and it is going to stay for 3 weeks , it can be taken out earlier also. It shall pain minimally but do not worry the pain will be less than the pain of giving u the local anesthesia. So sit back and wait. Take the precautions that u don't get the pin entangled in the clothes. Once it is removed move the joint early.

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