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I'm wearing REDSOX
I had a very deep cut in my finger and now I have extreme tooth and head pain.Did I get an infection???
Is it possible for the bad cut I had to give me a disease or bacteria to enter into my system and give me pain in my head and teeth??

well......noo.....its just a random toochache and headache.

No, dont be silly. Get your teeth checked. Its coincidence.

I don't think so...

either u need a tetanus shot or the headaches and toothache is random. Did u get the cut from some type of metal. If so, go to ur doctor ASAP. u could die.

Possibly. Is your finger throbbing, red, swollen, warm? If so you need to get it checked anyway. Or you could just have back luck and have a toothache which can give you a headache as well. Take some pain relief medication and call the dr.

Loyal B
Anything is Possible, but I agree that it is probably coincidence, but if it is serious then you may consider a tetnus shot. See your Doctor

GO TO THE DR.!!! you may need a tetanus shot.

Dave G
go to the hospital now

yes or you have a toothache that is is causing a headache...do you have swelling or fever or redness around the cut or are there any lines radiating from the cut

Call a doctor right away & tell him. He'll probably tell you to come right on in. A deep cut can cause all kinds of problems. I figure he'd give you a Tetanus Shot, too, to prevent Lock Jaw, & put you on some Antibiotics & stuff. Even a Minor Cut can get infected. Pick up the phone.; like right now

Randy W
No the chances are that you have a tooth in need of fixing, and this is just a bad coincidence.
If you had an infection you would see red streaking from the cut area, associated with burning and pain.
The haedache can also be attributed to the tooth ache.
Sorry, it's just not your lucky day!

Almost Easy
the tooth and head pain is probably just a coincidence, if it was infected it would usually turn an ugly colour(the cut)

teresa w
I think you might need to go to the doc to get some antibiotics! Is the cut red and swollen? Was it cut on something rusty? dirty? If it keeps up go to dr.

Go and get a tetanus shot

yes an infection in your hand can cause systemic infections that could localise anywhere in your body. check the lymph glands under your arms. are they swollen and sore. and infection in your hand should lodge there first. if you are immunosuppressed then it is possible the infection would get further. I think myself it is more likely you have a tooth ache that is giving you the head ache however, go see a dentist or a doctor.

see your doctor now
it could be tetanus

Did you get a tetanus shot? I'd get to the doctor ASAP.

I seriously doubt that the head and teeth pain is related to the cut on your finger. The only thing I could think of that could be secondary to a cut that would result in head and jaw (tooth?) pain would be tetanus. Tetanus in general is rare in the United States and other nations with tetanus vaccination programs — fewer than 50 cases of tetanus are reported each year in the United States. However, the head pain could most certainly be secondary to tooth pain. I think the cut is okay, and you just have a bad toothache. Not to make light of it.....I think toothache is second only to childbirth on the pain scale.

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