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 punched in the face, odd sensation when applying pressure to area near infraorbital foramen?
I got punched in the face, right hand side, 5 days ago, and I've noticed today that when I apply pressure to the area between my cheekbone and nose (basically at the infraorbital foramen), I ...

Alex G
I got my ears pierced 3 weeks ago, yesterday It started swelling up and now its huge and and it hurts?
What should I do ? continu cleaning with the thing they gave me at the piercing place or any other solution like removing it?

Emily M
If they gave you any kind of antiseptic wash, i.e. an alcohol based disinfectant, STOP using it. Alcohol is an IRRITANT and it says specifically on the bottle, 'Do Not Use On Open Wounds', which is exactly what a piercing is. Start washing it with a gentle anti-bacterial soap (softsoap is what I use) twice a day and twice ONLY. Do not touch them any other time. If they're not getting better within the next day or so, you're probably better off to just take them out, and try again when you're healed.

You need to clean with that stuff at least 3 times a day. Soak a cottan ball up and wipe it. I got my ear pierced April 19 this year.

use aniti-bacterial wash, and never touch it. if it doesn't get better go to the doctor or take it out. you can try sea salt water soaks also.

Rainbow Brite
ok well my first question is what did they give you to clean it with, and where in you ear is the piercing lobe or cartilage. There are many variables. What does the swelling look like, is there puss, is it yellow, red, green? Depending on all these things it could just be the piercing.. or your body rejecting it. Doctors will tell you to remove it and keep it clean. but you dont mention whether you want to keep them or not. I myself having 8 large ear piercings have seeen most of it all.
The source above mentioned anti bacterial soap. that is the worst thing you can use on new piercings. You need antimircrobial, PROVON. You wash away the good and bad bacteria with antibacterial soap. Your body needs the good bacteria to help your body heal.

No. Go to a doctor immediately. My daughter got her upper ear pierced and it got infected and damaged the cartlidge permanentaly. Don't take a chance, go see a doctor.

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