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I get patella tendonitis when I run.?
Walking doesn't hurt, but after a mile of running the pain is severe.
Any suggestions for treating it? I am taking ALLEVE, but it doesn't seem to help.

I would talk to my doc about it, but also, you could try one of those neoprene knee braces to see if it would give your knee cap some extra support and stop the pain. Best of luck to you.

If your pain occurs when you run then it is most likely mechanical pain and not chemical pain (inflammation). Aleeve is an anti-inflammatory and that may be why it is not helping. Most likely your body's biomechanics are to blame for the pain you experience with running. A few things to consider: type and age of your running shoes, surfaces on which you are running, your form while running, your natural posture (do your feet turn in/out, do your knees push in/out, etc). While you may be able to change the mechanics on your own, it may be beneficial to see a physician and physical therapist who can assess your posture/gait/running and help solve the WHY and then help improve your mechanics so the pain does not continue.

Topics to research online: Patellofemoral pain syndrome, patella tracking, best running shoes, chondromalacia patella, patella tendinitis. Make sure the sources are credible (check to see if they are rated reliable by the Health on the net Foundation: http://www.hon.ch/ )

Good luck.

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