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 My son got kicked in the thumb and it's swollen and very bruised but he can move it. Any thoughts?

 stitches do they hurt?
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 If you've broke your thumb would you still be able to move it?
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I fell down a hill yesterday?
So yesterday I was kind of upset because I got cut off of swim team and I was walking down a hill in flip flops and it was muddy and slippery and I fell. I didnt notice until today but my side hurts so bad and my wrist which already sort of hurts now hurts when I rotate it. it looks dif. than my other wrist but its not broken. Do you think its sprained, I'm pretty sure I bruised my side. Should I just wrap the wrist or use a brace. also for the side should I just rest it.

that's too bad

Mani F
oh what happened is u strained it, first check if its broken> by rotating it fully counterwise and then other way, if u hear a crack, and u can't seem to rotate it< then see doctor>

otherwise if its not too painfull just try not to lift any weight after a week or two u should be good

It could just be swollen but you should see a docter

kerry f
Go see your DR!

i would go see a doctor for that its hard to tell you never know. but for now i would use a brace to be safe. and ice your side

the artist
Do you have parents? cause you could like walk like in the other room and like totally tell you ma's about this!!

You are always hurting yourself, and then you always write about it on here.
Frankly, I have lost all patience with this behavior. What is it with you? Why is it that you can't see your doctor? And why are you always hurting yourself is even a better question?

Go for a check up at a walk in centre or with your GP to make sure you're alright =]

ana L

i say see a doctor, quick.cuz it might get worse, and infected, and it'll be harder to make better.your health is really important, and you'd wanna find ways to get it fixed the fastest.

Venadium Fartinelli
i love you

Christopher A
Plenty of rest will alleviate the pain in your side. As for your wrist, it is probably sprained and it would be best to wrap it. Just make sure you don't overuse your wrist to allow time for recuperation. I hope you feel better.

your probably tore tendons in your wrist when you fell and that's probably why it's so sore. your ribs, on the other hand, if they are in major pain, you should definitely go to the doctors for a proper examination. better safe than sorry! ; ) GOOD LUCK!

Shopaholic Chick
try a wrap if it hurt use ice for 20 minutes then nothing for 20 minutes then heat for 20 minutes then nothing - roating with 20 minute breaks

See your doctor.

try icing it, it might help.

call me 867-5309
You didn't slip and fall down the hill, but I'm sorry that I pushed you....Let it rest....and forgive me please

go to a doctor.
theyd be smarter then the ppl on yahoo!answers, hun.

GO to your doctor. :O Do your even know if you're sprain or not? And you could have damaged something else, but you don't know.

(Could anyone answer http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AiHqjNBw74RzVVuerIu0GNLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081114210103AAsWvwc ?)


your body is sore from the fall, you should be okay just ice the side of your body, it will probably bruise a little. your wrist will be good in a wrap or brace, your choice. feel better

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