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I don't like to cause pain to myself, but I am trying to break my foot or ankle.?
So far I have got it pretty bruised. I just want to break it so I can get a cast or a brace and crutches. The way I injure myself is by banging it repetitively, dropping heavy text books on it, using a water bottle to make it red, and tripping in high heels. Does anyone know any ways to break my foot/ankle. Please Help!
Additional Details
I want to get out of P.E. And I like when people feel sorry for me. I do NOT want the pain!

why are you doing that??? r u insane???

Why do you want to break your ankle, its very painful and your restricted to lots of things!

Why would u want to do that????
But here is a way,stop doing it!

Trust me, im English
seriously, dont, it hurts like absolute hel to brake an ankle much more than breaking your arm. dont worry about wanting people to feel sorry for you . everybody loves being the victim lol. plus its will scar you later on in life when your really old you wont be able to walk properly on it.

skating ollie (jump off) a 14 stair just make sure you land on your feet

Ok, whatt you do is wear high heels and "trip" down the stairs head first!
I did that once acidentally!

Fiona Y
You don't say why you are doing this. It is a very odd and extreme way to behave. Are you trying to get out of some activity? If you are merely doing this to see how it feels then I would suggest you seek help as you could have some pressing psychological issues. Breaking a bone is a very unpleasant and painful thing to do and wearing a cast is very uncomfortable and inconvenient. I'm sure you have your motives for doing this to yourself but I really think you need to examine them closely.

Your car...Drive over it with your car!!! Geez, you're an idiot!

dude get some help cause wanting to hurt yourself isn't normal

Seriously? There is nothing right about that. Rather than trying to break bones, go to the doctor and let them fix whatever is making you do this.

;; нєαятz ;;
Speaking from experience with a broken ankle, DON'T DO IT!!! It isn't worth the pain. And: WHY? Please explain. But if you do just try tripping down the stairs or something.

your not insane! there are others out there like you

first get a pair of high heels

stand on about the 4th or 5th steps in your house jump with your foot pointed inwards and your other foot in air.

your foot should snap...it would be relativly painless


listen carefully

sit on a chair and cross your legs how women do with desired foot ontop. wrap desired foot (eg right foot) around leftfoot so your right foot is touching your left foots right ankle

after about half hour your foot should go COMPLETLY NUMB...im talkin not feeling a thing. THEN drop something heavy on it

u got yourself a broken foot

good luck

Emily xxx

You don't mention why you want to break your foot or ankle. What you're doing can cause permanent damage.

There are a lot of bones in your foot http://sika.ecolad.com/img/foot_anatomy_bones01a.jpg. Some of these bones are difficult to break; some aren't. They are also very painful if broken.

There are also a number of ligaments and tendons in your foot and ankle. You may be damaging these structures. Ligament and tendon injuries often plague people for the remainder of their lives. http://www.eorthopod.com/images/ContentImages/foot/foot_ptt/foot_posterior_tibial_tendon_intro01.jpg

In addition, your foot contains some rather important nerves http://healthlink.uhseast.com/library/healthguide/en-us/images/media/medical/hw/n5550740.jpg. and http://catalog.nucleusinc.com/imagesenlarged/2539W.jpg If you injure one or more of these nerves, they will probably not heal.

You can buy a brace or crutches from a medical supply store, or even a pharmacy, without having a broken bone. You can also buy a "walking cast" without being questioned. You may be able to "fake" this injury without any of the risks or pain.

Cody M
You sound like on of those emo people who injure themselves just for the entertainment value. I suggest you seek counseling....your a danger to yourself. Good Luck :)

Now why in the world would you want to do that? Um... wanting to break a bone in your body is a little unstable there hun. If you are trying to avoid having to do something there are other ways to not have to do them. I would not break your bones.. Geez.. You will have problems forever with that foot if you do. I think you need to talk to someone..

why break it when you can fake it.
just buy plaster cast material and crutches. To break it you will need to do a heck of alot more than what you have tried. Dont break your foot! the foot has too many bones, it could lead to surgury and permanent foot pain.

Heather M
Whatever your reason for doing this to yourself will not stop at just breaking your ankle. One thing leads to another. Please stop trying to hurt yourself and seek some help from anyone you can. If you can not talk to your parents then talk to someone else you can trust.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop hurting yourself.

Are ya nuts?? The way you are going you going to end up almost breaking it but not quite. My mom did that years ago (not on purpose but not going to tell you how she hurt it) and here is basically what the doctor said. "I got good news and bad news...the good news is that it's not broken..the bad news is that it would hurt a whole hell of a lot less if it was broken." So in other words stop before you end up having a real problem. You could end up doing some major damage that is repairable if you aren't careful.

*rz--- Paintrain
r u emo or just a phyco?



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