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 I've just fallen off my bike :(?
I now have a fat lip, lots of cuts, and a huge bruise starting on my thigh. And ive got work in a few hours!

How can I get the swelling down? and what can i tell people so im not so ...

 Why hasn't my ankle healed its been a year?
I participated in a parade from our dance team it was a four mile march that consisted of marching mostly on my right leg...i had no idea i had injured my ankle until two days later when it was ...

 Why does my head still hurt?
I ran into the door about 5 days ago, and the place on my head that I hit still hurts. It didnt bruise or anything, but if I lay down or touch it, its still painful....

 what is the treatment for bruises?
my stupid classmate punched my arm and now it had a bruise..it already discolored into a bit blackish.. i am just wondering what could treat this even though it is not medicine.. and can a liniment ...

Okay, so tonight, I performed an abortion on my girlfriend. I read about how to do this yourself and I decided to go for it. Her and I are really strapped on cash and with the method I used, it ...

 help me!!!!! anyone!! please!!!! easy points!?
yesterday i was outside and this kid gave me a high five, we were kinda just screwin around so he hit my hand pretty hard and he bent the tip of my finger (the one thats between my middle finger and ...

 I slipped and fell on the sidewalk today and now my right arm feels weak?
I don't know how to explain it but when I fell, I guess my right arm supported my fall in a way. But I fell hard on my right arm, like my hand hit the floor. I didn't fall on the side of ...

 Honestly?, if you saw some one slip and fall, would you stop and help?, or walk on!...?

 Don't you hate it when your yawning(stretching) And someone runs up and tickles you?
Gah, and how could i take revenge O ./O
Additional Details
it just i don't like it when your haveing a nice yawn and someone tickles you and you laugh but at the same time your all ...

 Can you fly with a perforated eardrum?

 How do people break there hand ?
how do people break a finger its so hard for that little thing to break so im curious how people do ...

 Can a splinter be fatal?
OK 2 days ago I got this splinter in my skin then got rid of it but before I got rid of it my dad said it could kill me how true is that?
Additional Details
It is only 1 in length 0.1 ...

 why am i hurting here! please help?
i dont what part of my body it is its right below my chest like right in the middle. my sis said its my lungs but i dont know if its true. but whatever it is, its hurts really bad exspecially is i ...

 can hitting my head cause permenant damage?
while playing online games and dieing on them i get little frustated and it my head usually and quick hard thump to the top or side can this cause permenant damage, eg internal bleeding?<...

 ive been bitten by two very large fang marks...spider?
yes crazy but true two large fanglike puncture marks with bruisng now around it - not painful...if i dont touch -otherwise a bit bruisey but nothng to boohoo about-i have just been diagnosed with ...

 How to break your arm?
How would you break your arm or realy any part from the finger tips to the elbow

Dont answer if you are going to tell me dont do it or call me name

Thanks A...

 how to sprain your ankle on purpose?
I've always wanted to sprain my ankle. I know it's foolish but i do. I've always wanted to use crutches .I' ve tried to do anything but it never seems to work. Help!!!...

 How can i heal my ankle?
I play a brutal game of soccer( by the rules)
There was a game on Tuesday and i ended up rolling it or so i thought.
I went to the trainer and she said that i sprang it. Do you have any ...

 my husband hit me in the forehead with his fist and now i have a big lump there. will i wake up in the morning?
my vision is fine but the lump hurts very badly and is turning purple.
Additional Details
and it's not anymore of a stupid question than some of the other things people ask here, do ...

 Should I just leave my wound open ?
I have an abrasion on the knee and I've been wearing bandages and gauze for 4 days. Everyday when I clean my wound, it would stick to the bandage and makes it very painful to remove, yet the ...

Shawn S
I'm embarrassed but?
I have real bad gas and not the burping kind.. I must have to pas gas 50 times a day if not more and not little farts either . Family members say it isn't normal to fart that often. and i'm inclined to agree. I can't hold it in or I get cramps. So needless to say I don't like being in public. It is not ascociated with specific foods I could eat anything or nothing, and I still fart like a race horse what the hell is going on??

Doctor doctor give me a cure
call your dr

Lynn S
I don't see why you'd ask this on yahoo. Please see your physician.

Don't worry about it....enjoy it

i would get to an internist asap, you have serious issues going on

SusanS, Incognito
Have you considered your diet? Some foods are gassier than others. Cabbage family, cheeses, and beans come to mind. How is your gall bladder?

Jennifer L
I have had problems with that in the past and found out I had issues with Soy.

my mom has reactions to wheat gluten, and had those same symptoms.

Also, smoking can make you be gassy as well. (that is, if you do smoke)

Check with your doctor. You may have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

i would go explain my problem with a GI doctor and they may be able to find a solution

Excessive gas isn't really a sign of a health problem..If its along with a bowl problem you should seek medical help..Try to change your food and bev to less gas producing things..try and over the counter like gas-x,beeno or phasyme to help cut down on the flatulence..

You're not the only one! I have been called an "airbag" for how much gas I have. Maybe you should see your doctor though.

need to know
Passing gas is a normal body function. Not passing it can lead to serious cramping. I had very bad gas and cramping because I couldn't expel it. So at least your okay there. I would see a Dr. to have it checked, there could be a allergic reaction to food or some other reason. My gas was a result of mis-alignment of my vertebrate. Once they were worked on for a few months, i began to have less and less gas attacks. Again, see a Dr. there could be some other reasons for it and they can find out what it is. Hope this helped!

Have you asked a doctor about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome? IBS is a very common disease, and is mostly stress-related. One of the symptoms is exactly what you have described. You can also check the net for more information before consulting a doctor about it.

try beano. if that doesnt work see a doctor--for real!

well it's either something with your digestive system, or it really is something your eating and drinking and just don't realize it..you may have food sensativity. try taking something like a gas ex for a couple of days, and cut back all dairy, since often times that increases the gas..and if you don't see imporovment, get a consultation..

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