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 ok so i cut myself & cant stop my arms looks like a road map can anyone help?

 Have you ever broken a bone, or had Stitches?
I had 3 stitches when I was 4, when I tripped and banged my head on a stone. I cut just above the eyebrow.

I have never broken anything in my 31 years.

Have you??...

 how do i know if my foot is broken?
I was playing soccer in my backyard, i kicked the ball but i fell down... i heard a crack.
i can walk perfectly and it doesn't hurt that much.
How do i know if it's broken (don...

 I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?
Please help!...

 most minor injury you've been to hospital for?
whats the most minor thing you've been in for? what happened?

Just thought I would ask!...

 My dad fell down wooden stairs today. He can't really walk or stand without pain. What should I buy to help?

 Should I go to the doctor?
I hurt my ankle badly about a year and a half ago and since then about every two months or less that ankle swells and its sore to walk on. This usually happens if I've done a lot of exercise or ...

 What's the most physically painful thing that's ever happened to you?

 i want to break my right wrist but idk how?
dont call me stupid and other things pleaz i need ur help
Additional Details
i know da costs and wat itz gonna take i think its spriaed and i think i need a cast but th dont want to give ...

 If you chop someones finger off by accident, can you reattatch it?
just answer the question, it was a accident!...

 Recently my friend shot himself in the foot. It has turned black. What should he do?
He just got back from Iraq and he needed a gun. He tried to shoot a catapillar that was right by his foot....

 Would you be in the hospital long if you shot yourself in the foot with a rifle?
Okay my friend supposedly shot their foot by accident with a rifle and supposedly tore all of there ligaments in there foot...Would that person be released in less than one day to go home? It ...

 What's the worst accident or injury you've had in life?
Has it changed the way you treat your body or do you still take it for granted?!...

 kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!??
when you go to the doctor, and you get an x-ray of.. say your tailbone (lower back, right between the buttocks.. :s)do you get to keep you clothes on, or do you have to take them off ...

 Anyone fimilar with this pain?
Starting yesterday i had sharp pains all over my stomach, last night they were so sharp i couldnt lay down. I was up at 5am this morning throwing up. Feel back asleep, up at 8 am with a totally ...

 Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?
I used to be really accident prone when I was younger!! It seemed like I spent most of my youth on a hospital ward!

My worst accident/injury was when I fell from a balcony on a three story ...

 Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?
I sprained my ankle badly and possibly tore a ligament almost 2 weeks. The doc gave me an ankle brace and crutches and I am on them for a while and I was wondering, are there any activities I can do ...

 this is getting way to serious!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
yes this a repost but there r mor details and its worse. i am 13. i fell off my bike two sundays ago and i scraped my knee. i am pretty sure its infected.
- where the scar's supposed to b ...

 HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
i was playing with a big medicine ball in gym the other day. i smacked the ball with the pulm of my hand.
Is it just a pulled muscle????
its right near my thumb..
its gotten worse ...

 My 2 yr old son was bitten by fire ants on his foot and now his foot is very swollen ....
He was stung about 10 times and a few minutes afterwards his foot began to swell. This happened yesterday and today it's still swollen and very red.
Has this happened to anyone before? Do ...

Oggy Boggy
How painful does this sound?
I'm a horror writer working on my first novel about a bunch of child molesters, mobsters, rapists, poachers, arsonists, and people who are cruel to animals getting a taste of their own medicine. I've come up with several different torture devices. My personal favorite I refer to as "The Chiropractor". It's a machine that consists of several metal squares connected together by hinges. It looks like a dentist's chair, but it's a mechanical hydraulic machine that turns and you strap the person to it. The open spaces where the hinges connect are where the person's joints go. All the parts do 180-degree turns until they're flush against each other. They turn forward, backward, and sideways. The machine bends the person's feet inward until their ankles are touching their inner forelegs. It hyper-extends their knees until their shins are flush against the front of their thighs and then hyper-abducts their hips until their outer thighs are flush against their rib cages. It does the exact same thing to their wrists, forearms, and shoulders, too. The last thing The Chiropractor will do is bend the person's spine backwards until it snaps like a branch. How does that sound?
Additional Details
Actually it won't necessarily break all their bones. What it WILL do is tear all the ligaments, cartilage, and tendons (something even more painful than breaking bones.) To the person mentioning the passing out, you're probably right. I imagine they would suffer so much internal bleeding they would go into shock.

Ari the Destroyer
Sounds like it'd be painfully boring to read. Gory details are great when you're watching something, but really boring when you have to read it.

Horrid - I won't be reading that book!!!

Marisa B
K WOW OW. lol.
Suggestion: watch saw 1-4 (is there a 5th?). I've heard they deal with horror pain.

that sounds pretty cool. id say make sure that it goes slow or make the person have to have their eyes glued open or held open so hey have to look at their bones breaking

Bill Cosby
ooh i think i just got a new fetish

Rebekah H
that sounds awful...how did u think of that.
i couldn't even understand how it worked but its sounded like this person who created it was a psycho maniac...

Sounds like a fun filled sunday afternoon.

but then again, I'm slightly masochistic.

Ow, my spirit..
not taht good cause a person would probably pass out before its done or maybe die

Sounds like you need help brother! But it really does sound good. Reminds me of "The Rack" from Saw III (the final trap of the movie where the guys limbs and head rotate one by one until they break). Come to think about it, the whole concept sounds like saw.


sounds pretty gross.. i honestly could not get through reading that whole paragraph...so i guess it should make a good story!

Seema D
@ Matt........... uh.... weird.

and yes, very painful. it breaks all ur bones, im assuming.
does it break ur neck too?

is the point to kill you, or torture you?
and maybe you can add like a twist to it or something, like the whole thing is covered in barbed wire that seeps into your skin and pierces right through your skin [haha repatative] and opens gashes in your veins, leaving endless amounts of blood splurt out and seep down the metal legs of the chair leaving a puddle of blood on the floor.

all u can hear is screaming from the bone crushing the whole time.


Sick. But why so gruesome. Are you a writer for Saw VI?

Ouch thats torture but all the ones u mentioned is also torture to those innocent people.
child molesters, mobsters, rapists, poachers, arsonists, and people who are cruel to animals

i am who i am :)2notBu
freakily painful. ouch... that would hurt so much... lol.. i luv ur ideas... neat you are multitasking like this.

Desde el SERENO.
Painful enough I'd say, V.V., but pain if it is experienced for only a s brief time, is hardly impressive, no matter how horrific.
Make the torment last 2 and a half days or 3 as did the medieval head crusher used as both torture unto death device, in Spain!

Dylan B

dreamland 2^[]^2 angel
sounds horrible because it's horrorable scary as horrific I hope you don't practice in real life.

Daniel B
Lol gross

utterly disgusting. good job

Jasmine Lily
Watch Saw much?

Make them get pregnant and give birth. THAT'S painful.

Taylor Trash
It sounds pretty painful and disgusting hahah so your good to go. Just make sure that you don't make it too much like the movie saw. Your the next stephen king :)

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