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 Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?
I fell down the stairs and broke the fall with my wrist. It hurts a lot, like when i bend my wrist down, the whole area around my wrist and forearm hurt. I am also not able to bend it down all the ...

 My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
my neighbor said that if it the finger was broken, the bone would be sticking up or out....is that true? the finger is swollen and it hurts her....no bruising though....

 Do you think this is a serious head injury?
Today in dance class, I did a handstand.
I accidentally put too much force in it & I fell.
I hit my head on the wall, then a metal trashcan, then hit the floor.
Everyone said it ...

 i cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
i cut myself pretty bad on my finger...its not like REALLY BAD...but its quite deep, it scared me at first, and the blood keeps gushing out...i wrapped a bandage around it, two actually and i can ...

 Do you believe cutting or self-injury is bad?
I think it is, my friend thinks it is not. Just want some other ...

 i twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?
i sprained my ankle when playing basketball my right foot landed on my friends foot an i twisted it. the ankle is swollen i put ice on it took ibuprofen what else should i do?? is it fractured? or ...

 quick!! only got 45 minutes left!!! need help!!?
so im taking care of my little sister, my parents will be home in less than 45 minutes, she got crazy glue in her hands and her hair, so now her hands are stuck to here hair, with crazy glue!!!!!!!! ...

 how can i break my ankle?

 Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?
Hey Everyone,

I was at a nightclub in British Columbia, Canada for new years and at around 1AM I went outside the front entrance of the club to call my brother (so I could hear him ...

 How do I stop cutting my wrists?
I'm 15 and I been cutting my wrists for about 8 months and now I can't stop. I do it when i get sad or depressed which is pretty often. I've tried seeing a counselor but it only helped ...

 PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?
About a little more than a week ago I hurt my finger playing basketball. I hit it on the poll and then desided to keep playing and jammed it a couple of times.(I have a really high pain tolerence) It ...

 is my toe broken? should i see a doctor? please help i never broke anything before!?
i stubbed my BABY toe and now its red and swollen it really kills! it feels like there is needles stabbing at my foot! should i go see a doctor?...

 What are the signs of a broken finger?
Today I was playing basketball, and I think I jammed my index finger. My finger is swollen and has a little purple underneath my middle knuckle. It also hurts to move it. Is it broken or just swollen?...

 Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?
~How can I make the scars go away?
~How can I make the cuts less noticeable?
~If possible, how can I prevent the cuts from scarring?
I have them on my hips, arms, and ankles, if you ...

 whould it be ok to use peroxide on ...?
my toe. about a week ago, i fell & my toenail hit the edge of the step, & popped up my toenail. I went to the doctor & they romoved it, bandaged it & sent me home, I changed the ...

 I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?
What do I do? will it ever return to its normal size??
Additional Details
I have an eye problem and if I apply pressure, the pain goes away. Its the first time I've tried to apply ...

 i ate 22 vicoden es yesterday and my side is really hurting?
My eyes and skin are a bit yellow. Did I screw myself up???? HELP...

 how can I help the crack in my lip heal fast?
there's a small crack in my lower lip right in the middle. how can I help it heal faster since it's very annoying....

 i used to cut myself all the time now i started again?
when i was in 6th grade i started cutting myself. almost everyday. then over the summer i stopped. in 7th grade i did it every once in awhile and a few of my friends knew about it. now i'm in 8...

 How Do i know if i broke my hand?
I tripped and hit my hand. i iced it and it got red but not that swollen. when i fell i felt something snap. i think. i cried for like two seconds but then i thought i would be fine cuz i fall alot ...

How do i know if my legs broken?
I fell off a 12 foot ladder and my whole led is bruised. i can barely put pressure on it and if i do a shooting pain goes up my leg. its also the size of a watermelon. HELP!!!!!

Bob C
does it hurt???????????????????? if it does then drink urine it helped me wheni broke my leg. literaly

Go to the doctor!!! If it's swelling, that's really bad, you really need to get some medical help.

<3 <3 <3
you wouldn't be able to walk if your legs were broken hun!

Go to a Doctor?

Rory K
go to a gp (General practor(doctor)) yeah i know i just did that to sound intelegent

Julie M
Go to the ER!! it probably is broken, especially if it hurts to move it

Zoe H
if u can bend ur toes its not if u cant its broken my bro fell off a tree and he was bruised everywhere but it wasnt broken

Christopher H
if you cant move your toes than yes its broken

Well, from the sound of your explanation, your leg is broken. You should probably go to the emergency room sometime soon.

yep its broken, the swelling normally tells you its broken, also if its purple that's usually a sign

probably broken, if its not you might have a fracture, and if you keep walking on it it could break, and make it allot worst

GO TO A DOCTOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

oh and your LED is bruised lol

Go to emergency room and get x rays, only way to know for sure.

oh my gosh. get ur behind to the doctors! oh man, u must be in pain!!!

:0 i hope you do get some help with that. please see someone.

Ashlee S
well,if it hurts than its broken :) sorry
ask your doctor man

It's broke, go to ER.

Can you walk? If you can't AT ALL, sorry, but they're broken.

Well you must have hit your head also. Are you blond? Your symptoms sounds like you have a bad ladder and a dent in the ground where you landed, am I right so far? Geez


well you wouldn't be able to walk on it and it would be swollen, and you wouldn't be able to move it. Go get an x-ray done. also look up your symptoms on web-md.com

Go, go quick to the ER!

Why are you wasting time on the computer? Why in the world are you asking such a common sense question. Get off the computer and go to the ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the ER

arvin c
if you cannot walk or move any of your legs, your legs are broken. time for a cast :(

go to the doctors or ER it sounds like its broken

ok don't put ANY pressure on it (don't try to walk), and get to an ER as soon as u can to get it checked out. u can always try to put some ice on it to make a bit of the swelling (and maybe some pain) go down but dont leave the ice on for more then 5 minutes straight. and dont apply it directly to the skin...but seriously, it sounds like it might be broken, so ER.

you leg could be broken or badly bruised. But the only way to tell is by an X-Ray. It is best to go to the doctor's office or ER ASAP! If it is broken you can worsen it by using it. Good Luck!

Yep, you better go to the doctor right now.


Graham S
hahahahahahaha plz call 911 and go to the hospital.....some people

Awesome Nana
Seriously... why have you not gone to the emergency room or your Urgent Care facility? We can not assess a broken leg via internet. You need an xray now.

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