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 Is it possible to twist your ankle on a trampoline?
I saw a question on here (Yahoo Answers) and someone said they twisted their ankle on a trampoline... Is that possible? bcuz I never thought you could because it's not really a hard surface like ...

 cant get over it?
okay so i ALMOST cut my lil sis's finger off. u know those disposal things that they have in sinks and well her hand was in it cuz she was checking somehtin g and i accedently turn it on she ...

 what is the problem with my back??
i play baseball and i came home from practice and the mid back was hurting what could have happened and how long would it take to heal .. it is near my spine but maybe 2 inches away some one told me ...

 When your head hurts what is the best thing to do..?

 Would you rather get shot in the arm or get stabbed in the stomach?

 how to heal a hikki...faster?!?
i want this dang thing to go away faster...how you might do that is what im curious ...

 Would you please pray for my daughter's father? He got stabbed badly ,?
Had as collasped lung and is having trouble breathing. Thank you so very much!...

 I fell down a hill yesterday?
So yesterday I was kind of upset because I got cut off of swim team and I was walking down a hill in flip flops and it was muddy and slippery and I fell. I didnt notice until today but my side hurts ...

 How can you lick ur elbow? is it really impossible?

 Will they cut my toe off?
My big toe is red alltheway to the first knuckle line kinda. It is white with puss near my nail. Im wondering if its serious it just started today....

 Any good ways to treat a fat lip?
I was at baseball practice today and the idiot catcher was standing in the runners line, then the throw home from third base popped out of his glove and BAM! right in my teeth.

Now my lip ...

 I can't stop sliding around on my forehead. help.?

 Should I get my ankle checked out? (picture)?
I hurt my ankle today chasing around my 12 year old brother in-law. I don't know much about injuries, and there is no one I can ask. Does it look serious enough to get checked out by a doctor? I ...

 what is the fastest unpainful way to die?

Additional Details
dont make things up....

 Should I be alright?
I wanted to know if i am alright because i took a firecracker, lit it about foot above my face, and it exploded too quickly to run, and after it exploded, my ears felt like cotton balls were ...

 i need help?????????????
ok so i was in goal someone kicked a ball at my wrist the whole wrist went backwards. it hurts so bad and i cant put much pressure on it. it hurts really bad. and i don't want to go to the ...

 Serious question....I've been stung by a wasp!?
OK I was out in the garden about an hour ago, barefoot, and I must have stood on a wasp, as my toe really hurt, I managed to get the sting out, and put some antiseptic cream on my toe, but now my toe ...

 I got hit in the forehead by a softball....?
while looking up to catch a ball, it knocked me completely out (i fell to the ground and lost consciousness for a minute) and then I couldnt read anything for about 3 days because everything was ...

 Have you ever broken a bone?
What bone, how, what treated it, and how much did it hurt?...

 Wierd painful small lump on the entrance of my nose?
About 2 nights ago, i went to sleep and then the next morning i woke up and i had a small lump on the entrance of my left nostrol. its not that big, its about the size of the top of a small stud ...

How do i heal my broken heart?
well... i fell in love with this boy for sometime and i thought he liked me back.But i soon discovered that he likes my best friend.But she doesnt like him.What shall i do?

Girl You Don't Know
Get your best friend to tell him she does not like him then he will go for you.

Consult Danity Kane on this issue.

Again. the best way to get over one guy is to get UNDER another.


you should just forget about him

this happened to me. don't worry you will get over it i did

Lidia R
i know its hard.. it happened 2 me 2 a few months ago.. bt ur goin 2 get over it sooner or later jzt like i did.. life is cruel sometimes nd love is worse.. bt once u find some1 that loves u the same way u love him, the world will suddenly become a better place.. so dont feel bad.. jzt get up and go find that person :) Good luck..

Boys,friends,relationships come and go in life, the thing that heals is time, time will heal you, or in my case (chocolate)

futb♥l r♥x
Actually, you kinda hurt urself thinking that he liked u like that. never excpect anything from any1 at all. If she doesntlike him, then maybe u dont hav to 4get him....maybe all you hav to do is keep trying to b nice to him and flirt...maybe someday he'll notice u after he finds out ur friend isnt meant for him.

Hip Hop Ledge
Get the boy to like you, when he wants go out chill with ya home bray then you chill to, spend time with this rasta

david h
drink and smoke

Hanna S
first aid kit

talk to your friend. if deppression worsens...get a therapist. you can always cure sadness by breathing in fresh air, getting some exercise, and spending time with family


Watch some good, light-hearted movies.

listen to the song 'underneath your clothes' by shakira

Luke A
just tell him u like him

Ask him out!! Thats the only way!

only time heals a broken heart

As hard as it may be, you need to be supportive of your friends relationship and move onto another person. I know its easier said than done, but truly time is the only thing that is going to help with this situation. Best of luck!

did you tell this guy how you felt about him in the first place? yeah you may have a big crush on him but does he know or did he know that you did? If he did and played with your feelings then he's not worth your love. But if you didn't tell him how you feel and he fell for your friend then girl that's sad. Never be afraid to make the first move. But for now, it will all get better in time. Peace

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