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dont make things up....

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but its been like this for 1 ...

Billy I
How do I "pop" a dislocated shoulder back into it's socket?
I have dislocated my left shoulder three times now. Everytime I go to the emergency room It takes them 2 hours to get me in a room and another 2 hours to get someone to "pop" my shoulder back in. (which takes 2 minutes to get it in). Everytime they do it they drug me up on some super morphine stuff that makes me black out for a minute, so I cant see what they're doing. I was wondering if there was a faster, of course cheaper and safer way of doing it.

by flinging poop

Good Vibrations
My suggestion would be to amputate all of your limbs. It's quick, can be done with any household saw, and you won't have to worry about dislocating anything again.

why w
thanks for my 2 points

jeff s
you might need help to find out why it keeps popping out, might be tendons repair needed.

See a chiropractor immediatley. You cannot do this yourself!

Tom H
There's a faster way, as you just whip your arm back into place. But, it is definitely not a safer way.

Ouch! Sorry I can't help.

Audrey K
i think you should just go to the emergency room because it hurts alot when they pop it back into place. that's why they gave you the medicine that made you black out

Life is Good
You have to pull down, then push while aiming correctly. (sort of inwards).

Fluffington Cuddlebutts
go to the doctor.. if you do it wrong you can cause much more harm than good. (ie:pinched nerves or even soft tissue injuries)

3 nails
that doesn't sound so safe. God bless you.

Let the professionals do it. You can severly hurt yourself trying to put it back in on your own. Possibly needing surgery.

Have a strong friend give it a quick yank at a 45 degree angle from you nose. One good yank and it should pop in place. Make sure you stay relaxed when he's yanking it. Tell him not to count to three or anything like that because the surprise factor of when he will yank is also very important. If you anticipate it, you will tense up and make it harder to pop back in.

i have dislocated mine 4 times and get the same drug. One time they did not give me enough med and tried to pull it back and did more damage than good. I just posted a question about this same issue; I have severe pain behind my shoulder blade, all the time, since I dislocated the first time. Do you ever have any pain in between dislocations?

hold your arm up in the air and tug on it alittle and that might help, I put mine in that way. Mine came out of socket while I was sleeping with my arm up o my pillow..Too weird..

My boyfriend dislocated his left shoulder by wrestling. We spend 3.5 hours at the ER. I saw what the "pregnant" doctor did. It's very simple. but I wouldn't advise you to try it without any experience or supervison. It could cause more damage than before.

cheaper solution? You could always try a doctor with the D.O. on the end of their name rather than M.D. Because the D.O's specialize in bones.

run ito the wall the other way or GO TO THE DOC!!!


Ummmmm........WITH A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm, well you could have someone hold your arm out straight to the side, and you relax completely and with just an easy pull it should go back... there is only a small ridge it has to go over for the most common dislocation...
but once you dislocate your arm you are always at an increased risk of dislocating, so you should do lots of shoulder strengthening exercises to tighten it up as much as possible.

Do you really think that it's not going to hurt?

OK, I am advising you that I am not a medical professional but I have done this several times before as I have crashed many ATV's. Have a strong buddie of yours hold the arm that is connected to the dis-located sholder and make him pull really really hard, and super fast, it hurts like hell but it save the ER trip. I guess the super morphin isnt that bad though :)

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