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 Ever broken a leg or anything else?
I've broken my leg and still can't do any sports and I broke 3 teeth and have a fake one but apart from that, nothing.


** Holden Fan **
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 What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
For me id have to say it was food poisoning....

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Beautiful Love
How come when you get a concussion, you're not supposed to go to sleep?
I was walking down the hallway in school and this kid was running like full speed and someone opened a door and SLAM the kid hit his head on it. He fell on the floor and there was this huge gash on his forehead, he was bleeding and everything, he seemed kind of disoriented but not unconscious. Anyway, in all the confusion, I heard everyone say at least 20 times "Don't go to sleep! Don't go to sleep!" Why is this?

because you might miss out on the buzz

It's really not that big of a deal anymore. Doctors used to believe that going to sleep could be really bad, but it's not believed to be bad anymore.

cus you wont wake up.

I'm pretty sure they were just saying something like "stay away from the light" u know. or because they boy might have slipped into a coma when he is injured very badly. u have to keep the patient alert until he is put under doctor's care. I walked into a door, but it was metal and thin at the end and i got a HUGE gash on my face and i didn't even get it stapled and when a smile REALLY hard u can see a little scar on my lip. this happened when i was 7 and no one shouted DON'T GO TO SLEEP!!!

Katie H
So he doesn't pass out and not wake up. When you get a concussion, they have to wake you up every 20 minutes to make sure you don't fall unconscious.

♥Hammy Girl♥
They MEANT don't die!!!

as they might not wake up...

Go to sleep, brain swells/fluid accumulates, you die. Vs you stay up say "ohhh I don't feel so....." ::pass out:: and someone gets you to the ER.

Ashley Z
Because if he passes out when he is sleeping, they wouldn't know the difference!

cab veteran
He may have gone into a coma. You need to keep the injured still and alert until profession medics arrive.

Kat B.
because a cuncussion is an injusry 2 the head therefore if u go 2 sleep it may do some permanent damage

jonathan c
because something else could be seriously wrong with your brain so you should not go to sleep because you may never wake up.

beacuse the contusion can cause you to slip into a coma....the brain is swelling and must repair itself, so everything can shut down.

If you get a concussion, that is a actual bruising of the brain and blood vessels in the brain. This could cause a slight swelling of all tissue, if you go to sleep the matabolism and heart slow down and blood pressure lowers a little bit, this could allow a blood clot to form in the injured blood vessel and cause a stroke. You want the person to stay awake and keep the BP up to normal so it doesn't have a chance to form a clot...If the concussion is severe, sometime it requires surgery to relieve the pressure in the skull caused by the severe swelling of the brain. The severe swelling can actually squeeze blood vessels closed and cause either a severe stroke or death..,

Because you might never wake up. Some people believe this to be false, but most think it true.

because the first couple hours after a concussion are when your brain is at the most risk or slipping into a coma.

Think about a computer that is just absolutely confused, if you let it work out it's problems it may be just fine, but if you force shut it down it could fry the hard drive.

Seb B
because you may not wake up, you could fall into a COMA :(

i think this may b why

Disney Dreamer
I heard it's because you can slip into a coma depending on how bad the head injury is. Not 100% sure about this.

because he could go into a deep slepp called acomma.,..and that is much worse than a concussion...lolz

Daniel F
A person with severe head trauma could have swelling of the brain or intra-cranial bleeding (bleeding inside the head) this can exert pressure on the brain and put the patient into a comatose state. So as to evaluate the patient's level of consciousness as well as increase likelihood of survival, it is crucial that the patient remain conscious.

Because if you go into a coma...you might not wake up.

I think it's because you are losing blood. And that can make you tired.

The advice to avoid sleep is sometimes still given because a patient with head trauma who is by themselves can fall asleep, and then pass into a coma or die from subdural hematoma (bleeding from the brain, inside the skull). That is less common now, with the advent of CAT and MRI scans, which can spot brain injuries much better than in previous times. And if one has significant brain injury, there is little he/she can do immediately to avoid becoming unconscious. It's not like in the movies, where characters can some how will themselves to "stay with me, don't go to sleep." If you are knocked unconcious, you haven't "gone to sleep."

So, what people were saying immediately was not particularly sound advice in the moment, but was based on old medical advice, and perhaps things they thought they knew from movies. Nothing hurtful about urging someone to stay awake, obviously, but nothing very useful about, in this day and age, either.

You could lapse into a coma.

For one when you have a concussion, one can get nauseated and throw up and if they are sleeping they can suffocate on the vomit and the other is that they can slip into a coma because of the damage that was done during the fall. There was trauma to the head, there could be bleeding on the brain, swelling of the brain, the skull could be fractured or under pressure. They usually keep the person awake for hours or let them sleep 15 to 20 minutes and then wake them. With the gash in his forehead I am sure he probably needed stitches as well, and they kept him awake and an eye on him in the emergency room.

Hope he recovers fast.

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