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How can you tell if your nose is broken?
A few days ago while I was walking around in the dark, I accidently ran into a bookshelf and hit my nose and I don't know if it's broken. It hurt a lot for the first ten or so minutes, but it didn't bleed and it doesn't really look crooked. It doesn't hurt anymore if you touch it lightly, but if you touch it hard, it still hurts and there's a bump on the top of it. Do you think its broken?

It will move from side to side easily

Crunchy and swollen.



itll hurt really bad

try squeezing it if you think its broken

but its probably just bruised

Your nose would be bleeding and you would have at least one black eye if you really broke it. Trust me Im a boxer.

Lorenzo Steed
If it didn't bleed, you didn't break it.

Definately not. If it hurts only when touched, them you got hit pretty darn hard. Being in boxing for years now, I am positive your nose is fine. The pain from a broken nose is unbearable, even light air breezes make it hurt. But I bet you crack up whenever you remember that moment. Hahaha! Good luck.

you go to the hospitial and get a x-ray

try not to worry about it , even if it was broken , nothing would be done about unless, its obstructing breathing, or if you wont to have plastic surgery done, because it looks crooked, since nether is the case you are cool

your eyes will be black and bruised and your nose will bleed alot and it will move easily from side to side

get an x-ray

Alaska Photo Shooter
No. It's not broken. If it was it would bleed and move from side to side. You probably just hit it hard and it swelled. Don't worry, it will go away!

Mr Floppy
It really doesn't matter unless it is crooked

The overhead light should shine straight down it - if crooked it may need to be reset.

The only reason to reset is
1) Cosmetic
2) septal deviation and subsequent breathing problems

Daniel s
you should go to your doctor.

Yes so is ur face just kidding but if theres a lump then it is broken and u shud see a dr

Pammy J.
Signs and symptoms of a broken nose may appear immediately or take up to three days to develop. Signs and symptoms may include:

* Pain or tenderness, especially when touching your nose
* Swelling of your nose and surrounding areas
* Bleeding from your nose
* Bruising around your nose or eyes
* Crooked or misshapen nose
* Difficulty breathing through your nose
* Discharge of mucus from your nose (rhinorrhea)
* Feeling that one or both of your nasal passages is blocked

u got a bruise good thing u can tell when the nose is broken use ice

It may be hard to tell if your nose is broken. Swelling can make your nose look crooked even if it is not broken.
Symptoms of a broken nose include pain, blood coming from the nose, bruising around the eyes, misshapen appearance, swelling, and difficulty breathing through the nose.
Only a doctor's exaim can really answer your question.
I've broken a number of bones over the years and I will tell you this much, whether it's a break or just a crack...you would have been in so much pain that you could not have "gotten to a hospital, been X-rayed and given something for the pain" fast enough!

If you go to slee at night, and it hurts, and in the morning you wake up and you have a black eye, you definetely broke your nose. If it just hurts when you touch it, and there is a bump, its just healing and you injured it, but it's not broken.

Broken nose=black eye

Kira (JPA)
I doubt it. You probably bruised the cartiledge in your nose. I did that once too. It bleed a little and hurt really bad. It took about 3 weeks to heal.

Teddy's Mom
swelling and continued more severe pain. If it is not better in a few days maybe see your doc for an xray.

I agree with Jack. If it's "broke", you'd know...

Gasgano 55
A broken nose bleeds a lot. It just might be a bruise. X-Ray could be a solution if you're really not sure. It might be a little chipped.

If your nose is broken even walking will hurt. It sounds like you bruised it, though.

Carol P
sounds like it could be. The only way to know for sure is to go to a dr. xrays can help. In the meantime try some ice and ibuprofen to see if the swelling or the bump comes down. Can you breathe through it? Still - get thee to a Dr!

There's a very slight chance that it's actually broke if it didn't bleed and it isn't crooked. I'm not saying that it couldn't be possibly a little cracked, but if you broke it then you would be in excruciating pain without even touching it. I broke my nose playing basketball... I know how it feels. If you wanted to check, just in case, if it cracked then you could always go get an x-ray.

If it is a hard bump, kinda pointy, then i would thimk so. But then again you shouldn't be able to touch it at all if it was broken and it should still hurt really bad i would think.

It's not. If it were actually broken, you'd be feeling huge pain if you touch it/move it.

No it isn't the same thing happened to me(well not exactly instead of a book shelf it was a car door)I had a bump, but it didn't llok croked and it didn't bleed. The pain and bump just went away after a bit(like 2-3 weeks). If it was broken you would know. You would be in so much pain you wouldn't be able to sleep, because the pressure when you layed down, would be soo intense.

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