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How bad does a wasp and a bee sting hurt?
And how bad does a bee sting hurt? Which one hurts more? If your sitting in the garden and a wasp or bee lands on you should you just sit still and hope it fly's off or flick it off and run inside, because surely if it flew on to you, it's intention was to sting you and if you run then it's not really going to chase you is it. Keep in mind i'm talking about UK bees and wasps. I'm absolutely petrified of bees and wasps and i'm trying to psych my self out of it as it is ridiculous in the summer. I find it hard just to sit in my garden. On a scale of one to ten how bad is the pain, 1 being the lowest. Please be honest
Additional Details
Ohhh i wish you all had just said it doesn't hurt what so ever! I know i told you to be honest, couldn't you have just lied! Nah i'm kidding thank you for the answers so far. I mean i know getting stung isnt the end of the world but i just hate them so much.

Ugh I get so tired of people that are afraid of wasps and bees. You know? They're probably just as afraid of us as we are of them. There is no such thing as UK bees and US bees. They are the same. The pain is about 6 or 7 out of 10

it hurts a lot so i would say bout an 8. i have been stung by wasps a few times and i found an old remedy that works to make the pain go away. use "bleach" get a piece of cotton and put some bleach on it then daub it on the sting. last time i was stung 3 times on my knee, i put bleach on it and it quit hurting but i started moving around to soon and it started hurting again so i sat down and, daubed it again, sat down for bout 30/40 minutes and was fine. before that i had tried many things like chewing tobacco etc. but they didn't work--bleach did. don't hold the bleach very long or it will turn your skin brown for a week, just daub it, if it keeps hurting daub it a little more---u.s.a.

i haven't been stung by a bee IN AGES, also, i'm actually allergic to bee/wasp stings so i get a very bad reaction from them.

remember bees normally only sting you if you provoke them, whereas wasps will try and sting you for no reason.

on the pain factor, i'm not sure exactly because the last time i was stung, i was about.. 4 years old, and i'm 15 now..

i'd say it's about 6 or 7 out of10

keshab s
I hv the experience of getting stung by both BEE as well as by WASP

So I say Wasp sting burns(hurts) 100times more thn tht of bee.

in bee there are so many kinds, Black Big Bee is more dangerous thn tht of small bees. It even chases u very very far. and its sting is more burning thn any other kind of bees,

in wasp also so many kinds, the Dark Brown which is more longer thn yellowes one, which makes round football like hive with some holes(yellow one makes disk like hive), yes never go near to it. It is really really really harmful, 3~4 stings on u can make u faint.

Altogether, Wasp is danger as its sting gives so much pain.

as u want to know so u better try it.

It hurt like 3 or 4 needles entering The big ones just still dont not try to harm it it will do nothing to unless u attack

Ashton F
Well depending on your age the pain will differ in magnitude. When I was 6 years old I got stung by a bee and I cried. It may have been from mere shock rather than pain. Now I am 17, and getting stung would be nothing to me. A bit more severe than a light punch, but its nothing to worry about. If you do not bother the bee or have sweet or sugary foods around you while outside, the bee will most likely not bother you, but hover amongst your garden as it is natural for them to do. The pain right now will probably be a 2 or 3 at the highest! It really is not severe at all. Hope this helps.

Wasp def. hurts more, and they can sting more than once without dying. I think they can even bite hard as well.

Bee= "OW! Stinking bees! Run!"


its really not that bad at all, i can't stand it wen ppl freak out over having them near them

Tom C
when i was little i got stung on the ear by a wasp :( my ear turned funny so i hate bees & wasps :) but i hate wasps more because they dont die when they sting you. but i dont know how much it would hurt me know, because i run away from them :) BUT I WOULDNT LET THEM JUST STAY ON ME WHILE I WAIT SO FLICK AND RUN!

Bee stings hurt more because they are acid...whilst wasp stings are alkali.

If a wasp or bee lands on you, get up and run away..? Bees aren't as vicious as they die after stinging...but wasps are like little flying bullets so I'd be careful.

And it hurts like hell..I've been stung by a Bee and Jesus did it hurt


I have only been stung by a bee as I stood on it about 10 years ago and all i can say is it felt like an electric shock shooting up my right leg and then throbbing in my foot for about an hour.

9/10 for pain imo

Very, very bad. Almost as bad as having your arm bit off by a shark or being burned alive in a house fire.

Lololololol Lolololololo
i was like 6? Yeah so i was near a resteraunt and there was a pipe in the ground, small enough so i could cover it with my should, so i did cover it. After i went back to eating a whole nest of wasps came out, and 1 stung me before i ran away with my dad. I barly cried, it hurts but not that bad, nothing horrible or torture. Sort of like a deep cut for me. Hurts less than smashing ur finger with metal door. BTW the wasp stung me above the EYE!

im in the US,, but i think wasps are a 6.7 and bees are a 6

Debbie C
Both hurts a bloody lot! but i would say a wasp sting! pain scale i would say 7 but remember it don't hurt for long!

Nolan S
wasp stings hurt ten times worst. Run to a swimming pool or go in doors

Really bad.
A wasp hurts more.
From 1-10....
9 x[

I've been stung by a wasp so I can only answer about that. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was about a 6, much less than the pain from the constant fear of being stung. The pain doesn't last that long, either. If you put meat tenderizer like Accent on the sting site, it draws out the venom and lessens the pain time and intensity. I used to be terrified and get away from any bee or wasp before being stung. Now that I know what it feels like, I don't fear being stung anymore. I don't go out of my way to seek them out, but I'm okay with a bee or wasp being in the same area I'm in.

Los Ojos
I have only been stung once by each, the bee sting didn't hurt that much something like a mild burn but didn't last very long just a few minutes really.

The wasp stung me on the ear or neck, I can't remember, and it was a pain that was maddening I could hardly think straight but managed to look in my first aid book and it said to put ice on it so I grabbed the bag of frozen peas and got instant relief. I guess the pain lasted a few hours but gradually got better and as long as i had the frozen peas it was almost gone.

So the bee I would say a 3 and the wasp an 8 or a 2 with the ice

The wasp will only sting you if you are near the nest (if you see a nest call an exterminator) and a bee will sting you if it thinks you are a bear they also don't like perfume and I think they don't like dark clothes but it might be light colour clothes.

A wasp can sting you and then sting you again. They don't die like a bee does. it hurts. I'd say it's about as bad as being burned by a cigarette. It feels hot like that too. If you can ice it right away, it only hurts for about 30 minutes.

They don't fly around looking for things to sting. HA! Especially a bee, since that is a death sentence. If you sit still, they will investigate you and then fly off looking for whatever they are looking for. Live and let live, I say.

i think wasps hurt more because they can sting over and over with out dieing. Im not sure though i have never been stung (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!)

As it happens i was stung by a wasp just today and i keep bees so i can tell you a bit about their stings. Bees are a lot less likely to sting you than wasps as they die after stinging and are naturally less aggressive. In fact they are only likely to sting you if you disturb the hive. Even in a swarm they are not aggressive as they consume large amounts of honey before leaving the hive which calms them. Wasps on the other hand are a lot more aggressive and can sting repeatedly without dieing so are far more likely to sting you. Overall i would say a wasp sting diffidently hurts a lot more than a bee sting. If you do get stung a good trick is to try to neutralise the venom. Bee stings are acid so an alkali like bicarbonate of soda will neutralise them. Alkaline wasp stings can be neutralised by an acid like vinegar. However it is important to remember this only helps relieve the pain and will not help if you have a severe allergy. If a bee or wasp does land on you the best thing in to stay still. They are not that smart and have not set out to sting you so will probably mistake you for an inanimate object it you stay still. If you try to run and make any sudden movements like flicking them it will scare them and make them more likely to sting, particularly wasps. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 i would say: bee sting 4/10 wasp sting 6/10.

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