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Help! I've just burnt my fingure a few hours ago from the oven! it's swollen..i wanna prevent it from scarring?
can anybody help? what am i supposed to do now?

Vitamen E

A bit clueless
neosporin. I burned myself on a gas-powerd pressure washer and I put ice on it- i still peeled like a mo-fo.
use neosporin, it works great.

Joanne C
put on neosporin.
or any anti scar cream.
burn scars are the worse.

ino s
it's normal for it to swell, just put ice on it and leave it alone. it shouldnt scar

ice.... it works. then if u have it, tomorrow put neosporin

Orthy K


Get some anit scaring cream. If it still burns or tingles, put some toothpaste on it. That usually soothes it.

Dont use ice. You have to run it under cool water for a few minutes then put some vaseline or neosporin on it. The cream reduces scarring.

well it probably doesnt burn but what my mom does is use an egg white trust me it works :D

place your finger under running cold water. for a long time

Know It All Guy
Apply ice for at least 10 minutes. Then put on Neosporin and a band-aid on top. You will get a small mark for about a month, but you will not feel anything. Trust me. That happened to me once on a waffle maker in a hotel. It works like a charm.

I'd rub aloe vera onto it.

Me And You, You And Me
Butter Or Mustard Does The Trick, It Sooths The Burning.
Next Time Be Much Careful!

REAL Blond
ouch! So sorry, run it under water, put a band aid on it to make sure it doesn't get hurt anymore. The swelling will go down in a few days, it might even turn into just redness. There is no way to prevent scars but there is a cream/medicine that you can find at any drug store to heal the scar faster. Hope that helps.


♥ Occasional Asker&Answerer. (:♥
Wrap it in a cold towel or ice. And make sure to put some cream on it, and rub it in too soothe the pain away. nIce is the key, it's cold and helps alot. If it gets worse, go to the doctors immediatly.

Em-z and K-T
Ice your finger, put lotion on the scab when it feels dry. Soak it in hot water with lotion in the water... many ways... be gentile!

Beau R
Soak it in cool water for about 15 minutes, then see if the selling goes down.

yeah, don't run water over it, just get a towel, cool it down, dry it off, put vaseline on it, and put and let it breathe, it probably isn't swollen, it's probably a bump filled with clear liquid, that's to help your finger heal.

Alyssa B
ok ok ok listen run it under cold water for a little bit the wrap it around a cold tow-let then leave it on for the night and re do all of that tomorrow (there really is no way to help it not scar) hope that helped

keep putting polysporin on it. i'm serious. i was in a snowmobile accident and my face was all cut up and i kept putting polysprin on it untill the cut went away and it didnt scar. (it also healed faster) its only a couple dollars and its in a small tube you can find it almost anywhere.

you need to run it under cold water for a few mins not to cold also never put ice on a burn you don't want to freeze the skin, its already burnt. After its cooled down and dryied completely put anit burn cream on the finger and rub the cream in completely. don't cover to tightly it needs blood supply and oxegen. good lucky for more information look up in the frist aid website.

Put ice on it and there's no way to stop the scar, it'll go away as you age.

<3 Live~Laugh~Love<3
Ok, that may have really hurt because once I burnt my hand ouch that hurts a lot!
1. first you have to either put ice in a bag or cup and stick it in there for like ten minutes.
2. then you put aloe on it

3. then maybe put a band aid or tape for protection and so that it won't have a chance to make a blister.

I hope I helped!! thnx!

get a make up remover pad and put it on it!!!
it woorks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bambi Berkowicz
Cool it down in water as cool as you can stand it til it starts to feel better. Take a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen if you can.

Keep it dry and as germ free as is humanly possible. If you have access to silver sulfadiazine, use a little on it each time you change the bandage. Use a bandage that allows air to circulate a bit - like gauze and tape. The silver sulfadiazine is a prescription med. When you change the bandage, give your finger about a twenty minute soak in warm soapy water, then rinse carefully and reapply the bandage when the wound is thoroughly dry.

If bright redness and an increase in pain begins, get to a doctor to prevent an infection.

A scab will form after a few days. Don't pick away at it. Make sure you have enough vitamin C in your diet to aid healing, too. There's no guarantee that this won't scar, but doing these things will help it as much as possible.

Hilary S
I burnt my hand real bad when I was camping. You need to keep ice and cold water on it. Put your hand in a bucket of ice cold water for 30 minutes and repeat the process. Good Luck! I hope your finger feels better!


don't use the oven then!

Pntball mastr
ok ive done this before im not even kidding boil a pot of black eyed peas and stick your finger in it with swiss cheese wraped around your finger the antioxidents from these indgretients stop it from scarring im a doctor i no what im talking about rate this best answer

? Miss Nikki ™?
run it under cool, not cold, water until the skin is no longer warm, to stop it from continuing to burn. If possible get Salvadine cream and apply regularly, if you can't find any use vitamin E capsules and apply to a bandaged wound, just make sure the burn is cooled so it doesn't retain the heat by applying cream.

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