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 i gave myself a tattoo, well i cut my wrists and put pen ink in it, am i going to die?

 ok so i cut myself & cant stop my arms looks like a road map can anyone help?

 Have you ever broken a bone, or had Stitches?
I had 3 stitches when I was 4, when I tripped and banged my head on a stone. I cut just above the eyebrow.

I have never broken anything in my 31 years.

Have you??...

 how do i know if my foot is broken?
I was playing soccer in my backyard, i kicked the ball but i fell down... i heard a crack.
i can walk perfectly and it doesn't hurt that much.
How do i know if it's broken (don...

 I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?
Please help!...

 most minor injury you've been to hospital for?
whats the most minor thing you've been in for? what happened?

Just thought I would ask!...

 My dad fell down wooden stairs today. He can't really walk or stand without pain. What should I buy to help?

 Should I go to the doctor?
I hurt my ankle badly about a year and a half ago and since then about every two months or less that ankle swells and its sore to walk on. This usually happens if I've done a lot of exercise or ...

 What's the most physically painful thing that's ever happened to you?

 i want to break my right wrist but idk how?
dont call me stupid and other things pleaz i need ur help
Additional Details
i know da costs and wat itz gonna take i think its spriaed and i think i need a cast but th dont want to give ...

 If you chop someones finger off by accident, can you reattatch it?
just answer the question, it was a accident!...

 Recently my friend shot himself in the foot. It has turned black. What should he do?
He just got back from Iraq and he needed a gun. He tried to shoot a catapillar that was right by his foot....

 Would you be in the hospital long if you shot yourself in the foot with a rifle?
Okay my friend supposedly shot their foot by accident with a rifle and supposedly tore all of there ligaments in there foot...Would that person be released in less than one day to go home? It ...

 What's the worst accident or injury you've had in life?
Has it changed the way you treat your body or do you still take it for granted?!...

 kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!??
when you go to the doctor, and you get an x-ray of.. say your tailbone (lower back, right between the buttocks.. :s)do you get to keep you clothes on, or do you have to take them off ...

 Anyone fimilar with this pain?
Starting yesterday i had sharp pains all over my stomach, last night they were so sharp i couldnt lay down. I was up at 5am this morning throwing up. Feel back asleep, up at 8 am with a totally ...

 Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?
I used to be really accident prone when I was younger!! It seemed like I spent most of my youth on a hospital ward!

My worst accident/injury was when I fell from a balcony on a three story ...

 Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?
I sprained my ankle badly and possibly tore a ligament almost 2 weeks. The doc gave me an ankle brace and crutches and I am on them for a while and I was wondering, are there any activities I can do ...

 this is getting way to serious!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
yes this a repost but there r mor details and its worse. i am 13. i fell off my bike two sundays ago and i scraped my knee. i am pretty sure its infected.
- where the scar's supposed to b ...

 HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
i was playing with a big medicine ball in gym the other day. i smacked the ball with the pulm of my hand.
Is it just a pulled muscle????
its right near my thumb..
its gotten worse ...

Mike S
Help. EMERGENCY! Overdosed on Clonopin. I had about 30 2mg pills and I'm scared. DON'T WANT TO DIE!?
I took about 20-30 pills irrationally and I tried abut 25 minutes later to throw up only getting stomach acid to come up. Now I regret this and I'm scared. I've been on Clonopin for over 3.5 years and the 2mg is due to tolerance I've developed. I'm prescribed 4 per day but I only realistically take about 1-2 or if everything is alright. I took about 3 2mg Adderall to hopefully counteract the effects but I'm still feeling slightly loopy but obviously can still write this. With the Clonopin will I be okay or will I just fall into a long sleep and black out?

I'M SCARED and I regret this. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO like take more adderall or run a few miles to counteract the effects? I *dont* want to go to the ER! I can't afford this. It might be inevitable but I WANT TO AVOID THIS! My car keys are hidden where I can't even find so I don't do anything too stupid or black out.

HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME! I Don't want to die! It was irrational and stupid! Emergency...

Cha togar m'fhearg gun diola
PLEASE GET OFF THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW AND GO TO A HOSPITAL. IF YOU CAN'T DRIVE YOURSELF, CALL 911!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GET SOME HELP!!!! I don't want to sound like a crazy person, or a stalker...but is there someone I can call for you to get help? send me an email if there is..
[email protected] I promise I'm only trying to help you!!!

If you really too that many pills of anything you should call the ambulance! Its better to call them and have hem save your life than to die, im pretty sure you cant afford to die!

Just M
call 911 or go to the ER right now

Citizen North
Get on the phone and call 911. What's more important money or your life?

go to the hospital if you want to live. dont worry about what they will say, just f***** go!

Eskimo Baby
20 to 30 pills.......hmmm. Clonipin? ok, don't make yourself throw up. it is important to call poison control AFTER U CALL 911!!!!!! u won't get into any trouble or anything, u might have to get evaluated by psych, but that's better than the damage it might cause if u don't get help immediately. DO NOT TAKE ANYMORE ADDERALL!!!! CALL 911!!!! u will be in my prayers. God bless.

SKB11 Kitty-Kong!!!
Call 911 . You can put yourself in a coma or even die if you take anymore meds. Get some ipecac syrup . It will make you puke all of it out. Another thing that should make you puke is Baking soda and water with a bit of cooking oil mixed in. Good luck.

Call an ambulance and get to the emergency room ASAP.
they will either give you charcoal or pump your stomach. I hope it isn't to late.

Call your doctor!!! I don't want you to die either!!

Call this number...


Give Peace A Chance
if you don't want to die go to the hospital, pay the fees later it is not worth loosing your life. I would not recamend taking more pills in an attempt to counteract the effects it will probably only make it worse.

60 mg doesn't sound like that much.

Adderall doesn't come in 2mg pills, so 6mg of adderall isn't that much at all.

Are you sure you know what you took?

If you really did take these pills that long ago, you need to get to the ER. Taking more pills won't counteract anything, it will make things worse. Call someone (ambulance/friend) to drive you to the ER so you don't get a DUI on the way to getting your stomach pumped. Hospitals take payment plans.

Go see a doctor as soon as you can, theres no point waiting for an answer on this if ur lifes at risk!

call someone u trust to come over and that way they can help u out...first id call 911 but since u dont wanna do that then definatey call a friend or relative

CALL 911

ok ok you MUST go to the nearest neighbor you have or call up the closest family member or someone who can help you!!! that way they can talk care of you and if anything happens they will take you to the hospital!

jennie s
No you can not go for a jog! You need to call 911 now

pamela d
then go to the hospital now

You better get some help..

If you are serious, get off the computer and call 911 and tell them.

Bella DíLo
Call 911 RIGHT NOW! Don't do anything else but drink water.

1-800-222-1222 Poison Control
911 just in case...

Look man.. only the hospital can tell you if the dose will kill you.. but poison control can tell you how lethal the dose is that you took and if you should go to the hospital.. well they will tell you to go of course.. and maybe seek some counseling...

Medicine Woman
DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE PILLS OF ANY KIND!!!!!!! Go call poison control 1-800-222-1222. Then call 911. They have a medication they can give you to counteract the meds you took. If the hospital is close they may just wait and let the hospital take care of you but if it has been too long and they need to treat you now they can as long as a paramedic is on the truck. EMT's are not allowed to administer drugs of any kind. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU GET TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE YOU COULD DIE FROM THIS.!!!!!!!

all i can say is call 911
they should be able to help
do it now!
what ever you do dont drive
have them come to you
they will get there faster
and will help u sooner
who knows wat will happen to you on the road

If you're seriously afraid for your life, you go to the hospital.

I think you can afford an ER bill better than you can afford to die.

Get someone to take you or call for help.

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