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96' Subaru Impreza L 2.2l
Hellp! I think that i may need to go to the docter!!?
I have had a bb from a bb gun in my foot for about 8 years and i was wondering if i may need to have it removed or sumthing! Is it lethal or does it do anything? should i go to the docter or should i just leave it b? Please help!

go and get it out a bb is made of lead

*** off and die.

Larry & Barbie
Yes the rust could cause tetanus

Well you can, of course, go have it removed, but after eight years it does not seem to be doing you any real harm. No, it is not lethal for it to remain inside you. Even if it were lead, which it is not, the body would eventually encapsulate it.

My father, then just returned from WWII which he had passed through without injury, was involved in a hunting accident on his first day home in which he took an entire load of buckshot fin this thigh rom a shotgun at close range. Doctors were able to remove a good many of the pellets, but not all. Over the next 50 years periodically one of those remaining would work its way to the surface his skin would deveop a small sore and then the pellet would erupt and he would remove it. That probably has happened a dozen times since that fateful day in 1946, most recently just this past year, and my father is now 81.

Incidentally, it was a a result of that incident that my father met my mother, a nurse from the hospital in which he was cared for after his wound. Owing to my own dark sense of humor, I like to refer to the unorthodox beginning of that relationship as the original shotgun wedding.

If it hasn't bothered you in 8 years leave it alone.if you were an oyster it would now be a pearl.

8yrs?! Ummm duh! You should have gone to the doctor after it happened. Its not good to have anything foreign like that in your body, not to mention a BB and especially for 8yrs!

ozzy chik...
One of the other answerers here is right !!..Lead...not nice to know it has been in your foot for 8 years !!...asap, go to doctor and get his professional opinion.....good luck...

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
Go have it cut out if it is worrying you.

BBs are usually made from steel or copper and shouldn't cause any problems. There are lots of guys coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan that have shrapnel still in in them that isn't fatal.

If it doesn't hurt or look infected I wouldn't worry about it.

weren't BB's made with lead before 1929?? perhaps a trip to the doctor may be your next step if the bb's were of the older variety. otherwise it should be fine if it's not causing any discomfort.

Does it hurt? If it hurts go to the doctor. My husband has one in his hand its not leathal but i wonder if you go to the airport if they will let you on with it in your foot.

if it dosent hurt it should be fine. alot of people live with object like that in there body if the bb is made of lead you might get lead posioning but since its been in for so long I doubt that.

[email protected]
It depends what the BB is made of. Are you saying that you
haven't need to see a doctor in 8 years? When I go to the doctors office I often have a list of questions regarding ailments or concerns. I want to get the most out of the doctors visit. I don't want to go to the doctor for every individual ailment. You might want to consider doing this. Alot of hospitals have programs called "Ask a Nurse". If you call your local hospital they can put you in touch with a professional who can answer your questions. They will refer you to a doctor if they feel you
need one. If they don't have the program ask a nurse, call your
hospital's emergency room and ask them your question

Get it removed it may get infected eventually

if it hasn't bothered you by now it probably won't but i would have it removed...couldn't it set off metal detectors ?

If it doesn't bother you, it probably doesn't need a doctor to look at it.

nursenight owl

ask DR. If it been there for 8 yrs he will say leave it be..

go see what the doc thinks

Are you sure? This BB would have caused an infection by now or worked its way out. But it would be easily removed. Go see your family Doctor.

ada wong
Go to the doctors..


My oldest son has a BB in his stomach (compliments of his younger brother.) The doctors said they would leave it alone, because it wouldn't hurt anything where it is now. I wouldn't worry about it, unless it seems infected, or is causing you pain.

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