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I have never broken anything in my 31 years.

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rahhh <3
Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?
~How can I make the scars go away?
~How can I make the cuts less noticeable?
~If possible, how can I prevent the cuts from scarring?
I have them on my hips, arms, and ankles, if you need to know.
~Any way of hiding them until they are mostly invisible?

tay (:

lotion i think idk


r u imo???
dont touch them and use vaseline, or wash every day

maderma, neosporin scar removal

I am awesome
You can use foundation or cover up to hide your scars or make them less visible. If you put on aloe cream or lotion it is said to heal scars.

<3You can use neosporin, cover-up, or even wear longer sleeves or jackets until they go away. It may take a while, but they probably wont be there forever. I used to have some cuts and if i didn't notice they were there and acted like it was nothing, people didn't dare talk to me about it. GoOd LucK!!<3

open a vitamin E capsule and put it on a few times a day...Heals quickly, and depending how deep it is maybe no scar.

dat redheaded d00d
bio oil ? . .. anyway i found this lol Bio oil is a wonderful natural product that you can get in the uk (so could probably get it imported through ebay or somewhere like that) It can be used on old and new scars and stretchmarks and it basically makes the disappear when used every day. I find it amazing so many americans have never heard of it, it is amazing.

They fade away in years. If it's a fresh cut, put Neosporin on it. It's the best antibiotic ointment out there that prevents scarring. Don't pick at your scabs. Let them dry and fall off. Use face concealer if you have to. Probably not the best way to go. When you get tan they are less noticeable as well. Summer is almost here :]

Rubbing jalapeno jelly on my scars really helps to keep the scarring down.

sportyshorty (:
vitamin E and mederma.

I find Papaw Ointment helps my scars to fade - you need to use it everyday though, or most days. It also helps cuts heal faster.

Kimberly B
cocoa butter is the best thing to use or anything with cardamon in it. Also there is this product they sell in most pharmacy's called bio oil. It really works well.

╔Elizabeth╗ ♪♫
Bandaids. Lie and say you hurt yourself playing with a cat or something.

Makeup concealer/foundation... it works after they've faded a bit.

WRISTBANDS. This is what got me through a lot. I generally did it on one place on my arm where I could hid it with the wristband...

Theres this ointment at Walmart called Scar Zone. Its a cheaper verison of something else, but its 10 bucks I think. It helped a LOT. Not with cigarette burns though, I still have scars with that.

If you cut, you really can't prevent them from scarring.

Are you cutting yourself?

If you are cutting yourself you need to learn of a better way to handle pain and stress. Maybe you need a consaler to talk to or a inpacient treatment center to help you get well. Everyone has stress in their lives and pain beyond imagination. Everyone has to learn to handle things in a productive way. Rather than scaring your body for life, not all cuts fade away and forget tanning because for me it took 10 years for the scars to actually tan at all, leaving huge white areas. I still wear SPF 50 just in case. I'd rather be pale than have a bunch of white marks.

If you are not cutting yourself please clerify. I just don't want to help someone hide a seriouse illness that NEEDS to be addressed.

Matt G
You can heal the scars faster by rubbing i believe vitamin E lotion on it.

scars dont go away
cover up your cuts with clothing
put medicine on ur cuts right away after cleaning them with soap and water

there's a produc called bio oil and it gradually gets rid of scars permanantly

Ms Chris
neosporin when the cut is fresh
vitamin e oil for old wounds

use coco butter lotion that will make the scars go away at least a little it is at walmart and good luck

you can always use cover-up to hide them.
but i use cocoa butter for burns and cuts and they seem to work nicely.
but vaseline believe it or not heals just as well. if anything faster.

aloe vera gel! =)

Gracie Babeeee!
There are products that are marketed for stretch marks that do well with scars, too. Many can be found at major grocery & pharmacy chains.

But I must ask-- are they self-inflicted? If so, even long sleeves can only hide it for so long. In that case, one must deal with the internal scars first.

Hope this helps

there are a number of ways of making your scars dissappear:

1. cocoa butter. spread this on your scars and with in a week they should be noticable faded.

2. Mederma. this is a lotion type you can buy at any local Walmart or pharmacy. it works great, but use continually

3.for cuts, you can always go to the beach, or simply soak in warm salty water..This makes your cuts heal wicked fast.

I hope i helped!! Good luck hon!:)

Mederma - kinda pricey but works gr8.

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