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 had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
first she told me she was good then push needle in first arm and no blood came, she said sorry and went for the other arm and somehow hurt the inside as almost ...

 How do you heal a broken heart?

 Who to break my leg without too much pain?
don't tell me i'm carzy. cause i don't need that. and i know too break your leg it will require pain so please give me hit your leg with a hammer cause that would really hurt so just ...

 i hit my head and blood is gushing....help please?
how many cups will i need to catch all the blood because i think i should put it back. i dont want it to go to waste...
how many band aids will i need?
should i get a needle and thread or a ...

 Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?
I fell down the stairs and broke the fall with my wrist. It hurts a lot, like when i bend my wrist down, the whole area around my wrist and forearm hurt. I am also not able to bend it down all the ...

 My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
my neighbor said that if it the finger was broken, the bone would be sticking up or out....is that true? the finger is swollen and it hurts her....no bruising though....

 Do you think this is a serious head injury?
Today in dance class, I did a handstand.
I accidentally put too much force in it & I fell.
I hit my head on the wall, then a metal trashcan, then hit the floor.
Everyone said it ...

 i cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
i cut myself pretty bad on my finger...its not like REALLY BAD...but its quite deep, it scared me at first, and the blood keeps gushing out...i wrapped a bandage around it, two actually and i can ...

 Do you believe cutting or self-injury is bad?
I think it is, my friend thinks it is not. Just want some other ...

 i twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?
i sprained my ankle when playing basketball my right foot landed on my friends foot an i twisted it. the ankle is swollen i put ice on it took ibuprofen what else should i do?? is it fractured? or ...

 quick!! only got 45 minutes left!!! need help!!?
so im taking care of my little sister, my parents will be home in less than 45 minutes, she got crazy glue in her hands and her hair, so now her hands are stuck to here hair, with crazy glue!!!!!!!! ...

 how can i break my ankle?

 Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?
Hey Everyone,

I was at a nightclub in British Columbia, Canada for new years and at around 1AM I went outside the front entrance of the club to call my brother (so I could hear him ...

 How do I stop cutting my wrists?
I'm 15 and I been cutting my wrists for about 8 months and now I can't stop. I do it when i get sad or depressed which is pretty often. I've tried seeing a counselor but it only helped ...

 PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?
About a little more than a week ago I hurt my finger playing basketball. I hit it on the poll and then desided to keep playing and jammed it a couple of times.(I have a really high pain tolerence) It ...

 is my toe broken? should i see a doctor? please help i never broke anything before!?
i stubbed my BABY toe and now its red and swollen it really kills! it feels like there is needles stabbing at my foot! should i go see a doctor?...

 What are the signs of a broken finger?
Today I was playing basketball, and I think I jammed my index finger. My finger is swollen and has a little purple underneath my middle knuckle. It also hurts to move it. Is it broken or just swollen?...

 Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?
~How can I make the scars go away?
~How can I make the cuts less noticeable?
~If possible, how can I prevent the cuts from scarring?
I have them on my hips, arms, and ankles, if you ...

 whould it be ok to use peroxide on ...?
my toe. about a week ago, i fell & my toenail hit the edge of the step, & popped up my toenail. I went to the doctor & they romoved it, bandaged it & sent me home, I changed the ...

 I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?
What do I do? will it ever return to its normal size??
Additional Details
I have an eye problem and if I apply pressure, the pain goes away. Its the first time I've tried to apply ...

Have you ever broken a bone?
if you have..how did you do it
how much did it hurt
could you still move it
did you know it was broken right away
was there lots of swelling and bruising?

i just broke my wrist falling of a chair..just curious about others :)

Ü Break the silence... β™₯
Ok, yes, i have a broken tibia and fibula right now. Im in a cast. (walking cast) I was at the bottom of a hill (at school) and a boy slid into me when i was standing up, and my leg below my knee and alittle above my ankle was popped out of place. It hurt so bad, i cant explain it. I could not move it at all, the teacher had to hold my leg up from the gound while the nurse went to go get a wheelchair. (ofcourse, the kids all gathered around me while i was balling my eyes out) Yes, i knew it was broken right away, it was popped out of place. Yes, it swelled up, like it got all purple.

I want to take the time to share my thoughts on people on yahoo! Answers, asking of ways to physically hurt themselves by breaking their bones:

What i have gone through is hell. Absoloutly hell. I would never wish this on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Ya'll may think that im joking, well you can laugh your *** off all you want, but im telling you right now, that it isn't all fun and dandy. Here is all the things that I have to miss out on, because of some stupid idiot boy:

1. I can't run and play softball
2. I can't go outside to the ONLY time we can be outside during the course of the day at school
3. I can't play any games that include running, jumping, climbing, or anything like that.
4. To make this list short, I CAN'T BE A KID

It just tares me apart to look at retards on this site, who are so freakin dumb, to watch these people find ways to hurt themselves. Ya'll just have NO idea. You may think that having a cast and crutches is pretty cool, and that all the attention is super-duper-awesome, well its not! Crutches hurt your arms, the cast itches like hell, and half the time, people never hold the door for me! They just watch me in the hallway, struggling to do normal every-day tasks.

So this note is to all you people out there who think that breaking something is cool, well trust me - its not! And i hope that ya'll can find the smart person in yourself, and just love your life the way it is. To this day, i am so greatful for even breaking my leg! It could of been worse! I could of simply broken my neck and die! Who knows!

So, just, please. Dont wish things that you might regret later on. You never know, your "dream" wish could turn out to be your worst nighmare! I know mine did!*

Im in the 6th grade and now i have a walking cast. But i did have a cast up to my thigh and crutches 2 go around with it.

I have a funny story that goes with this one: When i was rushed to the hospital, (my dad drove me from the school) they had done x-rays, weighed me, took my blood pressure, EVERYTHING, and they had not given me any pain medication, which i needed badly. I was practically screaming in the waiting room, everyone was looking at me, but i didn't give a crap. Anyways, while we were in our little seperate room, waiting for the Doc. to show the x-rays, my dad was holding up my foot carefully, and they were both asking me questions.(I still did not have any pain meds yet) And Out of nowhere, i said: "Im gonna kill everybody here! Im gonna get a gun, im gonna get a gun, and shoot everybody here!" My parents looked at me then at eachother, and laughed, i replied: "It's not funny!"

LOL, i now look back at that moment, and giggle, because it was funny how i was furious at them.

Now, you may be thinking that im a big sissy, but im not. My break was a very bad break and my fibula was like sliced in half and slid to the side. Ya i know, OUCH, right?

I cracked my skull and it didn't hurt. Just a little dazed.

no, I haven't.

Stephen Bdfda
i broke my collarbone in my sholder and i could move it but it felt very heavy and hard to move.There was no swelling right away but after about 20 mins it turned purple and green and all colors of the rainbow. breaking your collar bone doesnt hurt but it made me scream because i thought it would

β–β–€β–€β–Όβ–€β–€β–Œ β–Ί++Ξ£++ β—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ
I broke both of my legs snowboarding; it hurt like **** and the worst part about it was that I was in a really remote place so it took ages for the Ambulance and **** too arrive; I could see my bones and there was bruising and swelling for a while; I can move it now but it took about 3 months to heal fully.

brunette chick
yup. In the 1st grade a boy tripped me and i fell right on my left wrist.
Yeah. It hurt a lot.
No. I couldn't move it. (at least I don't think so:) )
The teacher and the nurse both thought that it was sprained.
it did swell a lot and it turned purple, blue, and green.

Dick Cheney
yup several
it hurt for some time
yes and no

live laff lover
i was jumping at dance and i fell and my wrist was between my arms one arm high and one low so my wrist snaped it hurt bad the first day i could move and use it it hurt about a 3 or 4 but then the next day i woke up and it was all swollen and sore and it killed so my mom brought me to the doc and her sent me to the er or to get an x-ray and i broke my ulna

hope this helped

Erin S
Just my pinky finger. I was in a basketball game and my friend threw the ball too high for me, which was stupid. So when I jumped to get it it was too high and dragged my finger back way too far. The joint broke. I couldn't move it. I just figured my finger was jammed so I didn't freak out and kept playing. When I got home, I iced it but the swelling didn't go down. The next day I eventually went to the hospital because my entire finger was black and blue and extremely swollen. The doctor didn't let me play for the rest of the season. My finger has never been the same again :[

yes i have broken 8 bones both legs arm collar bone and 1 rib and nose and spranged ankle 2 times they all hurt like a %[email protected]#@$&%%^$^&$%^$&^%&^%&^%&*%^#[email protected]#%^*(%… i couldn't move it hurts to laugh and talk when u break ur ribs yes i knew it was broken its very painful there was some minor swelling and bruising i also sprained my ankle 2 times at school its hurts u cant walk or do anything at least u don't have to do P.E. i broke them playing football with brothers falling off of tree tripping over dogs baby gate and falling off my bed recesse 2 times and then jumping out of my tree house and then i broke my nose by my moom slaming the breaks on the car when i didn't have my seat belt on it started to blead lets just say i was a rough kid

Dr. Gonzo
My wife just broke her pelvis and she said it's the worst pain she has ever felt

Nick Jonas lover!!!! :)
suprisly No


I broke a bone in my foot. did not know it and made it worse! get that checked out..... but if it is broken it's more than likely swolen

yes, by running
pain was agonizing
no, i was pretty shocked

When I was 8 or 9, I smashed my left thumb in the car door. I couldn't bend it, but I didn't know it was broken at the time. I remember it looked really flat, but I don't remember much pain. I went to the ER and had to wear a brace thing called a frog for a few weeks. I had to wiggle my thumb in warm salt water a couple times a day during the time I wore the brace. Hope you feel better soon!

i've never broken a bone......and i am SUPRISED.
the worst i've done was sprained my ankle a few times.
last time was about a year ago, i was standing on top of this garden thats like above the ground in wood [i cant explain well] anyways i was standing up on the wood looking in my grandmas house because me and my grandpa locked ourselves out, and i turned around and jumped off and the ground is slanted and i landed wrong and fell on my ankle and it hurt like hell i couldnt talk or breathe it was such a shock to my body and it hurt really bad to stand on and i couldnt walk on it.

Nope not yet.

I broke my foot about 7 months ago, i was walking to the shops and stumbled. I didn't even fully fall over but it was still enough to break it. I didn't feel a thing and kept walking. Once i got to the shops it was swollen like you wouldn't believe and began hurting when i moved it, so i called for a lift back and got it xray. Turns out it was a clean break.

actually i have broken 4 bones and chipped my ankle..
i broke my wrist and elbow at the same time and it hurt but not too bad and i went 3 days with it broken before i went to the doc. when i broke my foot in volleyball i knew right away and didn't walk for over 3 weeks.

fracture from a side tackle in soccer
no i didnt think it was broken, but it was
i was running a week later

Lena V
i broke my arm when i was 4. and i didnt feel it.
so yah

Arben S
nope not yet. thank GOD

Well im an ex gymnast and now freestyle rider so iv had about 15 broken bones. Most I new I broke but about 4 of them I didnt know i had broken. On wrists and ankles I could still move but where sore but on other ones like ribs and that type it hurt extremely bad to move. There was swelling on all but not so much bruising.

Zayed S.
no, but my sister did, and it really hurt. ( she broke her arm and her pinky on separate occasions).

Dashin' IN
Nope, never.

no i didnt ive always felt like i was missing out u know like i have no cool story to be like hey omg guess what happened!
haha. well the pain i could do with out right?
u borke ur wrist omg!
hope it feels better soon.

maybe u could make up a story like u were kicking a girls butt haha and hit her to hard or something jk jk

eddy s
no..keep falling of chairs its fun..

This may sound stupid, but I'm not sure. I think I broke my ankle, but I don't have a doctor's appointment yet, so we won't know until Friday. I thought I sprained it, and this was two months ago. If it was a sprain-even if I didn't recuperate correctly-it seems like it would've already healed. So, my best bet is a break. Now, to answer your questions.
1. I was in athletics, and we were bounding (kind of like a sprint and a skip at the same time) and I landed on the side of my foot.
2. The pain was excruciating. I have a very high pain tolerance, and I could barely walk on it. I thought I would cry.
3. I could just barely move it. Thank goodness it was a Friday, otherwise I would've been done for for sure! I limped around my house all weekend-too scared to get ice, because with my high pain tolerance, I also have a bit of pride. I don't want you feeling sorry for me, especially if it turned out to be nothing.
4. No, as you can probably tell, I didn't know it was broken right away. Now that I think about it, I feel so stupid for not considering it sooner. If you knew how many questions I posted here or how much I googled my injury, you would be shocked.
5. I had no swelling or bruising-at least not that I could tell. I am never good at noticing swelling-especially if we are talking about me. I noticed-after athletics and other times- how red it was, but never any swelling.
So, I hope I answered your question sufficiantly, and I'm very sorry if this was too long. I hope your recouperation goes better than mine has so far, and I wish you an early Happy New Year!

Surprisingly, no BUT -

I've been to the ER over 11 times
I've had nearly 100 stitches
Dislocated my shoulder twice
Severe allergic reactions to bee stings
Received a "nose pack" for a broken blood vessel near my sinus - perhaps the most unpleasant experience ever
And near-fatal food poisoning.

Still, the skeleton has been pretty sturdy. How's the wrist?

Jaylee J
----I broke my shoulder and wrist running a relay during a track meet.
----It hurt a lot, but it wasn't excruciating, im-about-to-die pain.
----No, I couldn't move my shoulder, (i split a good portion of my humorous bone), but I could move my wrist.
----No, at first the track officials thought I just dislocated it. I didn't know my wrist was broken to until 4 days later. xD
There was la ittle swelling in my shoulder and on my wrist. Hardly any bruising.

Cool question.


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