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 underneath my left eye you can see it beating!! help!!?
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adorable gurl :)
I'm a kid and im jealous of people who break their body parts.....PLEASE DONT TELL ME HOW STUPID I AM PLEEEAAASSSEEE help me by giving me ways to thanx!!!

dont be jealous of them, i bet u they are jealous of u for not having to bear with what they do.. not to mention the great pain and the itchy, smelly cast... u really dunt wanna be in that situation :-)

If you dont mind pain then slam it in somthing VERY hard VERY heavy like a door? Or you could fall donwn the stairs a few times. If you wanna break somthing I suggest your finger. It will let you experiance what its like with broken bones. After that go more extreme. To break a finger either just bend it back and keep bending or my friend broke hers accidently from catching a basketball the wrong way. For an ankle try a pair of ridiciously high heels and walk stairs blindfolded lol. I hope you dont do this but at least make sure someone is there to help you.

Do what I did in Kindergarten!

Ignore the teacher when she says "Don't run on the wet play equipment" and run as fast as you can, and then slip and slide towards the metal-pole side, and block your face with your arm so you don't bash your face in, but instead it slams your arm against one of the poles, bending it into a hill shape!

It was excruciating and I had to wear a nasty, bulky cast for forever.

Seriously, don't break your arm on purpose. That's disgusting.

Sci Fi Fan
Sit on the floor next to a couch, put a large pillow on the couch and lay your arm across the pillow with your thumb pointed down so the outside part of your arm is face up. Then have one of your friends hit your arm with a baseball bat. Have them hold the bat with both hands raise it over their head and swing straight down. You may want another friend hold your arm in place. Hope this helps!

Native Okie
Get some Ace bandage and wrap your arm. Pretend that you sprained Your wrist or elbow. After a week in an Ace bandage you might change your mind. But, people will feel sorry for you because they will think that you hurt your arm.

wow, well it is going to hurt alot,
like some people pass out from the pain.
btw you are being stupid.
broken body parts come by accident.

dont try anything or you'll end up breaking your spine or something and dying

Jump out of a car while its moving,

Fall of a trampoline,

Slam it in a door really hard,

Drop a T.V. set on it (or anything really heavy for that matter),

Jump of a deck,

Run on black ice.

okay so fall from a tree on your left arm!!! duh!!!!!

You are definitely not stupid, but I must inform you that there is certainly a DIS-CONNECT somewhere in your brain....You possibly need a new Mother-board....

I'm sorry but I am telling you how stupid you are being.
Having a break in a bone is not painless and if you break it severly enough you have to go through surgery.
Find a new hobby

What can you do to get positive attention in a healthy way? Like work with Habitat for Humanity, or at your local animal shelter, or...? Use your good limbs, to help others. You'd be surprised at how good that will make you feel. Good luck!

jam your hand in the toilet and flush over and over

Endymion S
Erm, you shouldn't be trying to purposely break your body parts. Seriously. It's painful and a major hassle. Save yourself the trouble and stay safe. Because trust me, after it's broken you'll be wishing you'd never done it. And just out of curiosity, why are you jelous of people who have to take major pain medications to control the horrible pain they go through, and then have to wear a cast for six months, and they can't do things like go on swings or climb stuff, that makes simple tasks like eating, tying shoes, and showers way harder than they need to be, and what if they get an itch under the cast that they can't reach? Seriously, why would you be jelous of that?

well, you shouldn't break your arm, but... you could hop off playground equipment and land on your arm. that's how a lot of people i know end up breaking their arms. but be careful not to break anything else

I have no clue! Anyway just why would you want to?

Caramel Bunny (:
Fall down the stairs...and whyy would you be jealous of people with broke body parts. They hurt hun. Rethink this please


listen it hurts really bad dont just dont do it trust me

slap an elephant on the balls!kick Hulk Hogan in the nuts and then fart on Brooke.

what the hell??? what's your problem???

Angie S
jump off a cliff or just fall on purpose anywhere more than 9ft

You're not (only) stupid, you're insane. Jeez, go serve some soup at a homeless shelter spoiled brat.

LMAO idk but you might think twice it might really hurt

Sarah A

i have no idea just wait it will happen soon and u wont even know it..

~..Searching for a purpose..~
your STUPID !!!!!!!

.:Mr. Fresh:.
Yeah, and I'm jealous of how much attention Michael Jackson is getting. How can I kill myself on purpose? LOL, you sound so stupid. You can't ask that and not expect to be called stupid. I hope you break your arm when you change your mind.

♥ ?є∂нєα∂ ♥
You don't wanna break your arm and then spend like 6 weeks in an itchy cast.

So you're going to risk a lifetime of nerve damage and searing pain? Kids today.

In my day we just played Pac-Man to cope.

Chunky Butt
Put it in a door and slam it a couple of good times, put your head in there while you're at it.

its ok ive tried before to , but then i realized i didnt want my parents to pay the $200 ish for cast and doctors visits. if you break it by yourself be aware tht a clean break doesnt really hurt but a fracture which is like a half break hurts like helllll . ive broken two bones and fractured two bones and the breaks barely even hurt . ok so try punching something really hard but take like 4 advils before so that it wont hurt to bad , youll prob fracture your wrist . but what ever you do dont do something too bad to were you have to have surgury or soemthing to re arrange your bones bc you messed them up so bad .
well anyways good luck (: i guess

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