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ellen s
HELP please? Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?
my mom just finished eating this wild rice and now her stomach hurts really bad. it's not a poop or a throw up feeling, it just kills around her mid section around her ribs, even around her back. any ideas???

Raghavendra R
Ask her to consult a good doctor first, yours,

no idea.

Claudia S
go to the hospital or call 911

You should call 911 instead of consulting us.

andres momma<3
i had stomach pains similar 2 ur moms last night after eating mongolian bbq. its a pain that goes and comes and it feels like someones squeezing ur insides...i just drank alot of water and layed down..im pregnant so i cant really take any over the counter stuff..ur mom should call her doctor or drink some garlic tea..regular tea jus crush up some garlic and add them in the tea..it works good for me.

Arhena D
it could be the rice shes allergic to it can effect people in diffrent way the starch

steph z
sounds like gas. that can hurt really bad, even feel like a heartattack.. you should go to the doc just to be safe, though.

sounds like bad food. answers is not the place to fix her

could just be a tummy ache. if it doesnt get better she should see her doctor. could be gallbladder then.

Does she take a lot of aspirin/pain killers? Her stomache lining might be thinning. Take her to a professional.

It sounds like her kidneys. But I'm not sure why the rice would do this.

Right, the others idea it could be gas sounds very reasonable to me.

probably she ate the rice too fast. eating too many carbohydrates gives you craps bc they are harder to digest. just drink tea and it will go away.

helen m
rice is a fiber which in turn makes you have gas so it is moving which makes me feel like your mom is just having a reaction of more gas than usual in her system she will get rid of it and feel fine if not in 24 hrs seek more help

might be food poisoning..see if u can get her to throw up, might need to get her to the hospital as it might be some thing else. hope ur mom is ok

rob d
I am not sure what wild rice is but if it was me I'd drink a litre of water then two fingers down my throat and out it all goes down the toilet.
If the food was bad there's little point in trying to digest it.
If after that the pain doesn't go then head for the hospital, could even be a blocked digestion, in that case throwing it up isn't really adviced!

push her stomache if she farts then problem solved if she doesnt then go to the emergency room (hospital)

Call 911 if it gets really bad. Or possibly Poison Control Center (# found in the accidental ingestion section on most chemical cleaning bottles). If she feels the need to vomit don't hold back, listen to your body. Could also try http://symptoms.webmd.com/

Lisa C
Was her stomach hurting at all before eating the rice? Has she ever eaten it before. Could be having a reation if it still hurts her she may want to go to the doctor or ER just to be sure it isn't somthing really bad. I hope she gets better soon!!

She could have food poisoning, or maybe a stomach virus. You should see a doctor.

omg that's sounds bad. it might be food poisoning but idk. i hope she gets better.

best of luck!!

hmm it could be her appendix google appendix and see if the symtoms match your appendix is located on ur right side so if its hurting on her left side thats bad but if it was me id just take pepto bismol or immodium

don't sound like what she ate.
maybe something else going on.
call for help if it don't subside.

Amber K
allergic reaction.....may be something different all together....how long has it been like this....just keep an eye on her and maybe some ginger ale will help...make her as comfortable as possible and try to alleviate any stress which can worsen stomach aches (ex: help take care of the house if its dirty or any siblings so they don't get in her way)....it could also be just cramps....don't worry hun or you'll make yourself sick as well...worrying weakens your immune system....your mom will be fine....


take some tums or baking soda relax have a martini or nine

call poison control center and put a hot pack on her or make her take a bath and lie in there for a while.

She can be having bad gas pain ...as strange as this sounds gas can travel to many different areas. If it is not then she should see a doctor, it doesnt have to do with the rice and can be another ailment.

maybe the food was bad? take her to the er.

was there meat in it? the meat could have been bad..this sounds to me like very bad gas...tell her to drink some water..take a warm bath...if its gas it will go like this....also try to raise her knees to her chest a couple of times while lying down...

Could be a gallbladder attack. Also women have heart attacks symptoms different than men and can have pain in their back.

It could be gallstones. Call the doctor or go to the ER.

That sounds like an ulcer, and she should definetly get in for a visit with her doctor. Ulcer pains are predominant after eating.
Sounds like there could also be a problem with her gallbladder. Usually that's associated with eating and then feeling nausea and having pains. Sometimes vomiting too. Check out this web address below...

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