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I hurt my ankle badly about a year and a half ago and since then about every two months or less that ankle swells and its sore to walk on. This usually happens if I've done a lot of exercise or ...

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 i want to break my right wrist but idk how?
dont call me stupid and other things pleaz i need ur help
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i know da costs and wat itz gonna take i think its spriaed and i think i need a cast but th dont want to give ...

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just answer the question, it was a accident!...

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 kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!??
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 Anyone fimilar with this pain?
Starting yesterday i had sharp pains all over my stomach, last night they were so sharp i couldnt lay down. I was up at 5am this morning throwing up. Feel back asleep, up at 8 am with a totally ...

 Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?
I used to be really accident prone when I was younger!! It seemed like I spent most of my youth on a hospital ward!

My worst accident/injury was when I fell from a balcony on a three story ...

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 this is getting way to serious!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
yes this a repost but there r mor details and its worse. i am 13. i fell off my bike two sundays ago and i scraped my knee. i am pretty sure its infected.
- where the scar's supposed to b ...

 HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
i was playing with a big medicine ball in gym the other day. i smacked the ball with the pulm of my hand.
Is it just a pulled muscle????
its right near my thumb..
its gotten worse ...

 My 2 yr old son was bitten by fire ants on his foot and now his foot is very swollen ....
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Ok i am going to cut to the chase
this morning when i had to go to school (make up day) I rammed my toe really hard into the door then when i got back home i took off my sock and it was black ...

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 how do i......?
How do I make my body stop being so sore?I worked out really hard yesterday for the first time in 3 months.Now my legs and my stomach are just so sore.what can i do so they can stop being so sore?...

 what would be the signs of a broken leg??
i slipped on ice sunday morning and fell really hard on my leg i'm going to the doctor on friday but its a little swollen and hurts like hell. i cant put any pressure on it so im using crutches ...

Rockstar in Training
HELP!! My jaw is stuck!!?
I just woke up, and the right side of my jaw won't open all the way! Will it eventually go back by itself? Please help me! I'm scared! I don't want to go to the doctor! And I have a friend coming over in 2 hours.

Extra Info: I have braces and a bite plate, with a 110% overbite. It's starting to move a little now.. but it's still stuck.!
Additional Details
It doesn't hurt, it hurts slightly when I try to open it. It's closed shut. Not open.

its stuck?? take a hammer and hammer it into place !!! XD!!!

get peanut butter and rub it against your cheeks 10 times
dont eat it just rub it

Well then I guess you can't sing, "Rockstar In Training"

ყ!ձ ĸհձռ GoOdвує ѕнαωи є∂∂ιтισи™
go to the hospital

Yeah... your...jaw...is...stuck....yet.. you don't want to go to the doctor, but log...on...to..yahoo.com...to...blab...a… don't ....really.............CARE!

Hope you feel better soon

Joe Boe
tetnis, you gonna die D:

Brock Peters
You have to see a doctor. Screw your visit from your friend. Take care of yourself first.

How can you have over 100% overbite? Could be lockjaw (too late for a tetanus shot). Better get checked, could be massive infection.

sugar baby<3
dont snap it shut if it doesnt come down in a couple of hours tell ur mom or go to the doctor u might have to and i dont wanna be the kind of people that say u HAVE to but just to make sure or call ur doctor

Tell your mom/dad/guardian!
Also try holding some ice by your jaw bone, that might help.

Tell your friend to punch you in the jaw.
If that doesn't work, maybe drink a bunch of water.

LOL! dude i had that, u get it as u grow when ur a teen. um, i just pushed through the pain and forced it open.... get ur mate to punch u in the face LOL

Chrissy S
i suffer from TMJ my jaw gets locked often. It could be from stress. You can go to a chiropractor and they can unlock it, its really not that scary they take this metal object and put it outside your face where your jaw lines up and click it. You might be a little sore after take 1 ALEVE (muscle relaxer) put warm compresses on it. I was just at the chiro.for it last week

go to the doctor

Joshua M
Go to the doctor. Seriously. You can meet up with your friend after your face is fixed.

well just go the doctor and they will!

try putting ice, then a heat pad. Take a asprin or two also, (if you can get it in.) If you can talk, call a doctors office, and say you can't come in, but....(explain your situation.) Some places will tell you how to treat it. Try web m.d. also. You might find something. Good luck!

go to a dentist

call the doctor. even if u dont wnna go, cuz its better to go to the doctoer who knows whats going on probably better than yahoo answers.

Dixie V
It sounds like when I had TMJ (something about mandible, the jaw bone). I used to rub the sides of my jaw by my ears and just keep trying to pop it out. Wish I knew more to tell you, but I can at least let you know it does happen to others and it does go away. But of course you gotta let your dentist know or orthodontist.

okay first of sll RELAX! stressing out tenses the muscles makes it worse go take a hot shower to help you relax the hot water might loosen up the muscles dont worry its not that big of a deal you will be fine!!!

good luck!

Ok calm down go to Med Express or something like that. They can quickly tell you what is wrong.

Ben C.
try pushing left and right w/ your hand if it hurts push harder till it pops into place

It's not likely that it is lockjaw as most people have been inoculated. It's probably TMJ. There is a cushion between your top and bottom jaw that can slip and cause the jaw to lock open or sometimes shut.

Gently move jaw side to side you should be able to work it out. If it keeps causing problems you may need to see an oral surgeon.

move it sideways and start moving it down little by little.

the mathemagician
Practice your keyboard skills !

Try 3-in-one oil.

If you only had a brain !

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