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Korean Baby Doll!
HELP!!!! I got burned and it hurts so much!!!!!?
hI! OK SO i have a burn on my inner thigh itts really close to like my butt.. i think my underwear caused it because i felt like there was a part in my underwear that ws rubbing against my thigh and then when i got home i saw like some skin off of that spot and it was hurting when i walked cuz i was rubbing my legs together when i was walking which probably made it worse so that day i got in the shower and it was stinging so bad! i couldnt stand it it felt like i was getting shocked repeatedly so i quickly got out of the shower and the pain wudnt go away it was really bad and i HAD to take a shower so i jjust put a cloth over the wound and took a shower like that today i needed to take a shower but im afraid my burn will sting a lot!!!!! help what cna i do to make it heal and is it a burn??
Additional Details
well now its brown and i have a big bandaid over it i havent put anything on it because im afraid its gonna hurt i only put vaseline

I'm Gay For Moleman
thats chaffe you fat f *ck


try putting neosporin with pain reliever on it. More than likely, its chaffed sort of like carpet burn. You can use any triple antibiotic ointment really- I suggested neosporin because it offers triple antibiotic ointment with a pain reliever. Also, consider getting larger undies, seems the ones u were wearing may be too tight.

Yeah, it's a burn. You should get a lot of neospercerin or whatever. and then but a paper towel on it.
Then put some light ice on it and lie down.

Try using an aloe spray with lidocane. You can get it at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart...pretty much anywhere that sells drugs. It will provide relief, moisture, and help to heal it.

pee ayy enn jee .
well , go to your local drugstore and pick up some hydrocortizone cream
it works quite well, and it wont scar .

your underwear burnt you?? ahhaa...cold water will help, hot water will make it hurt like a ******

Bella Swan
i dont think its a burn
its probally ur underwear and how tight it is
im not good at this stuff but u should put like burn stuff on it and a bandaid idkk

Rosa J
Try Aloe gel. You can find it at your nearest dollar store, grocery store, walmart, kmart, etc.

Probably a rubbing burn. Get some Aloe gel or lotion and rub it on your burn whenever it irritates. Aloe will help it heal. Try getting underwear without elastic in the areas that go around your legs. That may prevent this from happening again.

Its gonna be ok dont worry

one word... hospital....

burn? sounds like chaffing buy proper size under wear

put under water now! because the longer you wait the further the burn goes

music rox!!
quick! put ice on it!

Natalie L
Put some vaseline on the burn/rash, it'll feel a lot better

random person :D
ever heard of the plant aloe? (however you spell it) we use it for burns just cut it and rub the inside of the plant on the burn hope i helped :]

Sounds more like a rash. Put some aloe on it or some vasoline, and probably avoid wearing those underwear from now on. They probably are the wrong size,and caused you to chafe.

kinda sounds like a rash ....i would put maybe balmex on it...you can find it in the baby isle......and maye some non sented powder so it wont rub anymore and will be able to heal

how would your underwear burn you?? it may have rubbed it raw, but it wouldn't burn you

It sounds like heat rash. You can use this stuff called aloe it is for burns rashes and sunburnes. I used to get that rash a lot an aloe helped it heal a lot quicker

volleyballller ♥
try some medicated burn cream. (for heat burns)
and try not to get it wet.
try and avoid the area, and put a large waterproof band-aid over top of it, and change it every 8-10 hours.
try putting some of the medicated burn cream on the burn, and evenly spread a very very small amount on the cotton (part that is not sticky)
and place the cotton over the sore.
it might feel weird at first, but you should get used to it.
be careful and gentle around it until it heals, and watch your underwear around it.

if you dont want to use burn cream, or you cant get ahold if it, try using aloe vera,
good luck and hope i helped!

return the favor?

thanks !

erika (=
put aloe on it. and when you take a shower take a somewhat cold shower.. it wont sting as bad

Proud American
clean it with peroxide, keeo the area dry you can use some baby powder on the area so it won't rub

Ok, I had a burn and I went to the Doctor and he told me to put triple antibiotic ointment on it and let it get air for a while. You can get the ointment from wal-mart or cvs or walgreens etc...

buff j
sound like a brush burn or some kind of chemical burn. the pain will go away once a scab develops.

it could be a rubbing rash. maybe a cream at a drugstore?

Bactien spray on pain killer disinfectant works great to stop the pain.

If it were me, I'd go to the doctor. It's in an easy spot to get dirty and infected (i.e. sitting on the toilet).

<3 Katie <3
Use aloe vera gel to make it better. I promise it will help. It's really cheap and it's natural. You can find it in any store. You can use it for burns, sunburns, irritated skin, etc, It's great and it smells really good.

First of all get a pair of underwear that fits so you don't get this problem happening again. Then you will need to clean the burn, and put either some gauze or bandage on it to prevent it from getting infected.

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