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okay so yesterday me and my mom were on the highway and a 18 wheeler blew a tire completely off the axel and it came back and hit our car and then went under so my mom like drove over it and the car (2006 mercury milan) -small car- and the car tipped to my side a little (i was passenger) and i slammed my arm on the door and ever since then which was yesterday evening my wrist and hand have been shaking extremely rapidly and it has never ever done that before what is wrong what do i do?!?!!??!
Additional Details
ok yes it hurts a little...and the cops ripped him mom is getting some $$$ for his stupidness

ask yahoo answers

You should see a doctor.

Sounds a lot like nerve damage. No, you do not need to see a doctor. I had nerve damage in my hand after a surgery. They reconnect (if they tore) themselves and the shaking will stop. Just give your hand time, you are also still in shock, so it could also be that. Hope you feel better!

The Hungry Cannibal
you're probably still in shock.
If it continues talk to your doctor

i knew someone who that happened to also. its probably nerve damage. if its really bad oyu should see a doctor

Ansel Diama
nothing same thing happened to me when i fell on my wrist and hand while skate boarding i think the nerves just got messed up or sometin like dat

Yeah, nerve damage.

Try to stay calm and identify any other symptoms associated with your wrist. Possible nerve damage. Call a doctor as soon as you can.

Julia Davis
youve prob lost control of your wrist go to the doctor.

answer plz

Marrtha Evanns
WOW. You are lucky to be alive. You didn't say if you went to the hospital, but you should be seen by a doctor. Are you having any pain? It could just be from a post traumatic stress nervous reaction, but if it is only one arm, you could have some nerve or muscle damage. See a doctor and call your insurance company and the trucks if you didn't already. I hope you got the license number. If not, call the police and tell them what happened.

You might have nerve damage, so I suggest you go and get your arm checked out by a doctor.

go see a doctor could be serious

Douglas B
You can go to the dr. and I bet they tell you nothing wrong. Rest your arm on something that makes your bicep muscle relaxed. Then go to the bottom of it and right above the elbow and on the inside of the muscle and feel all the way to the bone there and see if you notice the tendon that is doing the jumping there or go to the outside of the muscle and look for the same thing, pressing down hard against the bone. If you find it or if you don't, then do this to all the tendons down there. Press them hard against the bone and hold. Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up your body. Wait thirty seconds and then very slowly start to bend that elbow all the way closed. Release the pressure and let it relax like that for one minute.
If you don't feel that that was it, go up into your arm pit and you will find the tendons coming out of your shoulder and going into the arm. Do the same thing there, but lift your arm up for the extension before releasing the pressure.

FYI thats a common particular things dat happen to body when having an accident...ive had one...
after the accident i feel shocked...trust me u dont wanna know how bad is my accident was...the car that i wrecked cannot be repaired...
and the day after the accident, after i woke up i felt pain all over my body...that make myself hard to move coz of the pain...idk, yerterday it was ok..now its full of pain...and my right arm feel like everytime i moved it like its going to pull off out of my hand...and yeah its a true story...thank god now everythings back to normal...its been4 months now...my rite arm is ok now...

and about ur shaking, i think it will gone after a while....maybe a long while...i am not sure...but after some period of time, it still dont show any improvement...go see the doctor...

not much of a help huh?

You might have damaged the nerves in it, consult a doctor.

Girl, you need to go to a doctor ASAP... or ER so they can check you out before you get even more injured. If you don't got insurance, hopefully your injuries can be covered by the other driver's(not your mom) auto insurance for medical.

Gypsy Girl
Give it time, it will go away.

i recommend that you go to the ED. You should've done that after the accident.

nerve damage?

mc light
well does it hurt, and if it doesnt it is prolly just nerves just gettign back to normal, or just your wrist and hand is in shock still, if itdoes hurt take some tylenol and see if that works

[email protected] D

Annie Lee
call your doctor this could be serious. no i mean it stop reading this and call your doctor NOW!

Can you please just call you doctor right now? go to the emergency room.... get any medical attention possible! just please get off this computer and go to the doctors

Okay. Either your still nervous or it's very serious. Go to the doctor ASAP! My friend Kelly had the same happen and she had to have her hand cut off!

You might have a pinched or damaged nerve or something - see a doctor.

Nancy C
Relax. You are a nervous wreck right now. Thank God you are alive!!! Give it time & it will go away. In the meanwhile have some x-rays & go to the doctor just in case you have any internal bleeding or nerve damage. Also file a claim as soon as possible with your insurance against them just in case your condition gets worse & you need more medical attention. Hope you get well soon!!!

possibly nerve damage or you could still be in shock?!?

I would go a doctor. It could be nerve damage of some kind. This might just be a slight pinched nerve, but there's a good chance it's something more serious. At least call the doctor.

Possibly nerve damage, see a doctor.

Post-traumatic shock is most likely what is going on with your hand. You might not feel it, but your body is still reacting from the incident. It should stop after a few days, but if it doesn't, you should seek medical attention.

Mr Smith Goes To Washington
too late for symptoms of shock. possible nerve/tendon damage

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