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HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
i was playing with a big medicine ball in gym the other day. i smacked the ball with the pulm of my hand.
Is it just a pulled muscle????
its right near my thumb..
its gotten worse through out the days...
i can berly put pressure on it with out some pain

EASY 10 Points

Yes its just a bruised muscle.I have one at the moment.I get it from playing Gaelic football.It takes ages to fully heal though.Dont waste you money on a doctor.You'll be fine.

Just go and get it checked out by a doctor. Do you really need somebody to tell you that?

if it's not swollen and changing colors fast then it is probably just a pulled muscle, you should also be able to move all of your fingers if it's only tht...but I would go check it out if I were you cos there are 27 bones in a fist to brake...

Rachel G
yeah its probably just a pulled muscle!
but i would go to your docs to make sure,
it could be sprained or broken

you should get it checked on i dought its a pulled musle

it could be just a stove. however if it hurts for longer than a week or 2 and the swelling is still there, call your doctor and have it looked at.

Might just be a pulled muscle, get it checked out.

Bret D
it could be a nerve breakage wrap it and put icehot on it it will take abour 2-4 weeks then it should feel better

Jessica B
you probably bruised a muscle

Rawrr .. :}
yes you pulled a muscle
[that happened to me to]

Haha, no, you probably jammed your finger in a weird spot. Your bone just moved into an akward postion that it cannot get out of when you smacked the ball. Try not to use your finger very much.

You are also pretty right, you could have pulled a muscle. If you spread your fingers really far apart when you smacked the ball, that could do the trick. I know people hate going to the doctor, but you should see one if you want your finger to heal the RIGHT way. Trust me, my finger is deformed because I didn't get it fixed in time. It healed in the wrong position.

♪ ♫ ♪ Mølly♪ ♫ ♪
Ya dont worry its just a pulled mucsle. Ya those medicine balls can be heavy.

I'm in Tennis and I have pulled alot of muscles.

I mean on a weired chance that it doesnt go away in a couple of days then you might need to take a look at it.

it could be a pulled muscle. but you also could have ripped a tendon or something. you better get it checked out if the pain doesn't go away soon.

you could probably see the school nurse. i'd say it's a strain or a bruise. take it easy with the hand for a few days. squeeze a ball if you can and ice it if it's swollen.

probably a bruised muscle not a big deal, it will go away in time

Trish S
Is it swollen and bruised? Hard to say without seeing it. Could be just a pulled muscle but something could be broke too. I would suggest going to a doctor for sure.

feeling kinda naughty. wink wink
i think you should have it checked out we really cant see what it looks like so i think a doctor could help you out way more <3

m e
You may have strained the tendons or ligaments that connect to your thumb. Ice it, and take some tylenol. If it turns a weird color, and you are unable to move it, go to a doctor. You may have fractured a small bone in your hand.

It is brusied and can be very painful, put on ice on it every hour for 15-20 mins. If things dont improve you should see a dr.

You're thinking you might have strained it (which is a pulling of the muscle). I disagree. From what it sounds like, you might have sprained it, which is the tearing of a ligament. Rest, use ice, compress it, and elevate it. You should be good to go in 4-6 weeks, as long as you keep your hand involved in therapuetic activities (squeezy balls, etc). If you have any more complications other than what you're now experiencing, see a doctor. Thumb sprains are common in contact or ball sports.

Read about it on these URL'S: http://www.boneandjoint.com/internet/home/boneandjoint.nsf/documents/hand+and+wrist+injuries


try not to move your thumb coz it may bcome worse, it it is swollen you can try to elevate it but if you really want to know if you broke a bone or somethine, u should have an x-ray done..

♥Mrs.Edward Cullen♥
i suggest a visit to the docter and ask your parents for help

without going to the dr. to make sure I would use a wrist brace what I use for tendon problems

heeey whoever you are (:
sorry, but i'm not really cleeeaar on what your question is.
but from examining your question, i guess you're wondering if it's just a pulled muscle?

i've had a similar experience happen to me..
so i was playing dodgeball with my classmates at school and this guy threw the ball and it hit my pinky finger. it bruised up and it hurt like cray-gee but i knew it wasn't broken because if it was, i wouldn't have been able to stand it.
if it's "throughout" the days...and you can stand it, it's probably not broken.
but i think you have pulled your muscle.

try going to a doctor, if you haven't already. and talk to your parents about it?
i went to the hospital for my injury, because at first i went to my family doctor - they wanted me to go to a "bigger place" to see if it was fractured in any way.
and then they took x-rays.
took so daaamn long.
and then i finally went to the hospital.
waited a few hours.
and then all they did was..
put a damn bandaid on my pinky with a little silver metal thing on the bottom.
like gosh -_-" but whatever - at least it healed.
i had it on for like a week tho :S

& if you can't go the hospital, i suggest you just stay at home a little longer & do your own medication -such as put COLD ice on it and hold it there for like ten minutes or so.
do that like two-three times a day and it should heal in two days or so.

anyways, i hope this helped & i hope your thumb gets better sweetie ! :D

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