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 had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
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 How do you heal a broken heart?

 Who to break my leg without too much pain?
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 i cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
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 how can i break my ankle?

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Don't say I'm stupid........?
because I really want to break my arm! I've got a perfectly good reason to but I can't say why!!! Could someone please give me an idea?!!

i would try falling down the stairs that's how i broke my arm by accident also if that don't work try a hammer like me

break it i also want to break my arm just want to feel how it feels like lol

ok then ermm get into a wrestling match with someone and ask them to break your arm for u :D
you wouldnt have the guts to do it yourself...
why the hell do u want to break your arm ??
its f**kin painful !!

I would call that self-harming to a severe degree, no matter what your reasons are. Get professional help from a councillor. God bless

fool around on monkey bars, it worked for me like 10 years ago

EASY! Put your arm in your front door,so your elbow is adacent with the lock, slam it. Instant fracture!
Then, phone A&E or ER, and get instant help from the mental health services!
You will find, after leaving this message, for all to see, that it will be your only option, no claim can now be done, nor a sympathy vote!
If you need to commit fraud, in whatever sense, you just blew it!!

Well, ok, won't say you're stupid. I'll say if you can't say what the good reason is on this place where even your next door neighbor wouldn't know it was you writing the question, you're crazy to want to hurt yourself like that.


Nurse Soozy
There is never a 'perfectly good reason' to want to break your own arm, you silly woman.

cazza h
i wouldnt go so far as to say your stupid,but i raeally do think that you need help not ideas,
i hope your not going to blame someone for this

You need help and should see a dr. a broken arm is agony and takes weeks to heal. sometimes you even have to have an operation to corrrect alignment and have pins inserted.
Dont the NHS have enough to do ?

Ian H
Do what the guy who had his arm trapped under a rock for a few days did. He used a rock to repeatadly smash his arm into 2 peices... he also sliced through all the skin first bare in mind. He'd be gutted if someone walked passed just a few minutes later to rescue him! lol

you need to see a psychiatrist

Daniel J
Well it is stupid isn't it!!!

yeh ok

<3 lucy
dont it hurts so much!!!

i love anne
i wouldnt call you stupid but the word total prat comes to mind.why the hell would you want to break your arm?are you twisted?

Rebecca S
do a search on the internet for munchhausens disease, or seek help from a mental health professional

Sounds like you have other problems,you may not need to-where theres a will theres a way-if you need to talk,,,mail me hope it sorts itself out whatever you're dealing with,,,good luck x x

Dude, it hurts like hell to break your arm. I strongly advise you not too. You could do permenant damage to your arm. I remember wanting to break my arm when i was younger but that was because I would get attention from my parents and because the cast would be something new. I doubt anyone would want to go through the pain i went through just cuz they want to. I broke my ulna and my radius and then misplaced them in a 45 degree angle. That means my arm was bent in a 45 degree angle. It hurt like hell

Michael Schumacher fan 1956
i suppose you are wondering whats its like with plaster paris on your arm or you want 6 weeks off at work to claim sickness pay its stupid and i am not saying your stupid i am just saying the idea is stupid.

watch out for a road roller, as soon as you find one, run and put your arm underneath it....there you go

Lance R
A firm believer of Darwin awards huh ? Well maybe you'll find a really heavy door and slam it on your arm then ?
Not that i'd want you to but..........

You want to break your own arm? Sorry, but that seems pretty stupid to me!

Froget it Bexy!
"You're stupid" only saying as I see it.
Okay you are ill with Munchausen's.


why would you want to? they can prove now that the arm was broken for compensation reasons!

The only other way is to lie down in the road in front of a steam roller, I think that usually results in broken bones!!

Good luck ...... I think!!


grumpy old git
Stupid woman

Jane H
What about 'thicko' then?

errand boy

Trying to claim something are you?
No way would I help that

yummy mummy
why dont you speak to daniel and see if you cant sort this problem out together Good Luck

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