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 Have you ever broken a bone?
if you have..how did you do it
how much did it hurt
could you still move it
did you know it was broken right away
was there lots of swelling and bruising?

i just broke ...

 HELP please? Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?
my mom just finished eating this wild rice and now her stomach hurts really bad. it's not a poop or a throw up feeling, it just kills around her mid section around her ribs, even around her back....

 HELP!!!! I got burned and it hurts so much!!!!!?
hI! OK SO i have a burn on my inner thigh itts really close to like my butt.. i think my underwear caused it because i felt like there was a part in my underwear that ws rubbing against my thigh and ...

okay so yesterday me and my mom were on the highway and a 18 wheeler blew a tire completely off the axel and it came back and hit our car and then went under so my mom like drove over it and the car (...

 How do i know if my legs broken?
I fell off a 12 foot ladder and my whole led is bruised. i can barely put pressure on it and if i do a shooting pain goes up my leg. its also the size of a watermelon. HELP!!!!!...

 HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Additional Details
It's at home not school and if I tell someone he said he would kill me!...

 Should I go to the doctor?
I jammed my left index finger about 4 weeks ago playing rugby, and its still in pain when i put pressure on it (at the joint between the palm and the finger). The first week, I decided to ignore it ...

 Is it possible for a bullet to go through your arm and for you to survive it?
would it still go through your arm and you still survive even if it was an old-fashioned weapon e.g a pistol from the eighteen hundreds??...

 I scratched my eye, what do I do?
Im not sure if it's an actual scratch...it was dark and I was running and I ran right into the end of a stick (I didn't see it lol) and it jabbed into my eyeball, I wans in soo much pain, I ...

 How can you tell if your nose is broken?
A few days ago while I was walking around in the dark, I accidently ran into a bookshelf and hit my nose and I don't know if it's broken. It hurt a lot for the first ten or so minutes, but ...

 does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
i would really like to get them pierced but i'm alittle afraid too....

 had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
first she told me she was good then push needle in first arm and no blood came, she said sorry and went for the other arm and somehow hurt the inside as almost ...

 How do you heal a broken heart?

 Who to break my leg without too much pain?
don't tell me i'm carzy. cause i don't need that. and i know too break your leg it will require pain so please give me hit your leg with a hammer cause that would really hurt so just ...

 i hit my head and blood is gushing....help please?
how many cups will i need to catch all the blood because i think i should put it back. i dont want it to go to waste...
how many band aids will i need?
should i get a needle and thread or a ...

 Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?
I fell down the stairs and broke the fall with my wrist. It hurts a lot, like when i bend my wrist down, the whole area around my wrist and forearm hurt. I am also not able to bend it down all the ...

 My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
my neighbor said that if it the finger was broken, the bone would be sticking up or out....is that true? the finger is swollen and it hurts her....no bruising though....

 Do you think this is a serious head injury?
Today in dance class, I did a handstand.
I accidentally put too much force in it & I fell.
I hit my head on the wall, then a metal trashcan, then hit the floor.
Everyone said it ...

 i cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
i cut myself pretty bad on my finger...its not like REALLY BAD...but its quite deep, it scared me at first, and the blood keeps gushing out...i wrapped a bandage around it, two actually and i can ...

 Do you believe cutting or self-injury is bad?
I think it is, my friend thinks it is not. Just want some other ...

Does licking your wounds really prevent an infection?
If so, why?

Train Heartnet

no!! who knows what's in your tounge?!?

Julia L
no it just increases the chances of getting germs in your mouth, and you getting sick. it doesn't do anything good to your body.

Miss Minaj
WTF are you an animal?
WOUNDS??? Were you in the war?

No, the chances of getting an infection by the bacteria in the saliva by a human bite is more than from a dog bite... you'd be better off letting your dog lick the wound.

what why would you like your wounds thats nasty your mouth is full of bacteria and junk

If you're a dog maybe

Mark T
yes, but it is not recommended although your spit is antibacterial its just better to put some neosporin and a bandage

Suzzanna F
no your mouth has more germs than any other part of your body. And besides that how can saliva prevent an infection that comes from inside of your body? no hunn

No it doesn't. In fact your mouth is about the germiest part of your body.

I doubt it, you'd probably cause an infection considering all the bacteria in your mouth. I know that some animal's saliva may have some antiseptic qualities, but I don't know about humans.

Ahahaha this is a hella funny question. Of course not, i'd laugh if anyone said yes.

no. that nasty. and stupid. no no no.

No. Humans have more germs in their mouths than any animal on earth with the exception of the fly probably. We are not like dogs, because we do not have healing components in our saliva.

just me
There is a compound in human saliva that does speed the healing process. The draw back is there is too much other bacteria in your mouth. They are experimenting with different ways to isolate this compound and manufacture it. So you can apply it to your wound just like neosporin. It is really neat to read about.


likn my life
Heck no! Where have you heard that? In fact, it INCREASES your risk for infection as the human mouth is actually filthy with "germs."

no. humans mouths have so many nasty germs and stuff inside them it would probably make your wound worse.

just for a some animals not us

Kemical I

No. If you lick your cut it will just get the germs from your mouth in your cut. If you want to prevent infection, try Hydrocoritizone.


Holly H
No, licking an open injury will cause it to get infected because of the bacteria in your mouth. Don't be licking your wounds! It's nasty.

Anthony G
It might work for animals because they don't have thumbs to grab the neosporin...
But um no.

steve w
No. It makes it worse. all the bacteria from your mouth goes on the wound.

Now wolves and dogs have a special enzyme in their saliva that dulls the pain. that helps prevent infection.

"um, noooo! there are just as many germs inside your mouth as there is on your skin!"


no it makes them worse. pissing ( urine) on your wounds help them heal faster because your pee is cleaner than your saliva. Human mouths are really dirty.

Kyle H
NO. If anything, u have so many germs on your tongue u would cause an infection

angie h
I'm thinking that a human licking a wound would almost ensure infection - the human mouth has more bacteria in it than what's on our hands...blech...

Now dog saliva, I'm not so sure about...

I'm curious enough to check it out, though - interesting question!

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