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Do you think this is a serious head injury?
Today in dance class, I did a handstand.
I accidentally put too much force in it & I fell.
I hit my head on the wall, then a metal trashcan, then hit the floor.
Everyone said it was extremely loud.
I got up because I thought I was okay, but then my hands started shaking & I got dizzy & nauseous.
I had to leave early.
Now the pain is pulsing from the middle back of my head to my shoulders & neck.
I'm still dizzy & shaking.
Is this serious?
Additional Details
Also, every once in a while my sight starts to go blurry.

Take your bra off to remove some of the tension from your head.

I have seen this before. You most likely have a concussion and should definately see the doctor. From the list of your symptoms, it seems to be at least a moderate concussion. See the doc asap

I would have it checked out by your doctor, as it sounds like it could be a head injury (the symtpoms you described are signs of a head injury; probably very mild, but I'd have it checked out just in case.)

The dizziness, nausea, and shaking could be anything from a brain jar, a concussion, an aneurysm, or almost anything else, so I would go to the hospital.
If you're getting sleepy, you definitely have a concussion, so go to the hospital now, and don't let yourself fall asleep - you might not wake-up!
As for the pain, you may have a inflamed nerve column (which runs directly down behind your spine), from the jar that the hard impact created or, you may have a herniated, or inflamed neck disk, and it's now pressing on that nerve column. Put an ice pack on the painful area, for 15 min, then wait for about 20min and put it back on. Keep doing this several times every few hours. This will stop, and reduce the swelling.
If you do have a herniated, or inflamed neck disk, in which, the pain doesn't go away, and gets worse or less painful, in relation to the weather,
you can;
1. just deal with it,
2. go to a chiropractor, or
3. get the cartilage on the outside edge of the disk, which is pressing on the nerve column, trimmed by a back surgeon.
Right now, concerning the disk and nerve column, just wait a few days, or a week or so and see if it goes away, after it gets worse, since it probably will get worse.

Cha Hitogoroshi

did you not see the actress who died from falling while skiing the bunny slope, she though she was fine and died the next day, from a head injury.......if this is a real post, i suggest you go to the hospital rather quickly

Please go to an emergency room. If you are dizzy and shaky and do not have someone to drive you NOW call an ambulance NOW.

Head injuries are nothing to wait and see on- especially with other symptoms present.

Go immediately.

Well it certainly doesn't sound good. If it keeps hurting or the pain gets any worse you should see a doctor immediately because you could have a brain bleed. Take care!

i'm gonna be 100% percent honest here.

if you're sight starts to go blurry, there may be something wrong with your brain. i'd get it checked

a: your mum is an idiot...

b: you should see a doctor, any thing that makes your vision go blurry means there is either extra pressure in areas your not meant to have it (from swelling) or be loss of blood,

c. you are dizzy and shaking.. not good the means your in shock or you have blood loss.

Tell your mom that I said you need to go.

Well, I have worked with kids with brain injuries and while most of them are from traumatic incidents, like a car accident or sledding or something, there are some that occur from bonking your head too hard. It's always safe to see a Doctor, to make sure there is no subdural bleeding (bleeding in the brain) you wont know that until it's too late. It does not hurt to get it checked out my friend :)
It's probably nothing, but you never know. take a little trip to the ER to make sure you dont have a concussion or anything. The fact that you got nauseas, is an indicator that it was a pretty big bonk. I see that you say every once in a while your sight starts to go blurry, that can be due to low blood pressure. I've had that happen, and I was told to add more salt to my diet? which is great...because im a sodium lover! that's my guess. always safe to get a professional opinion though. Good luck!!!

If your brain starts to swell this is a serious emergency you may die without medical attention. You need to be kept for observation in the hospital.

yes. see a doctor

I would see a doctor just in case something is serious. Just in case because you do not want it to get any worse than it already is! Hope this helped and good luck:)

blurry vision and nauseous are both signs of a brain injury. Go tell your mother that you are having blaurry vision and you need to get checked out asap. You can have a slow bleed in your brain.

if you are still walking and talking, you do not need to call an ambulance. they are for life threatening situations. have your parents bring you

Sounds a bit like concussion. I'd advise booking an emergency appointment with the doctor. They have a lot of those slots throughout the day, I often get my mum to book me one when I get tonsilitus.
Good luck and I hope you feel better :)

Go to the doctor, your eyes or ears might be affected

Please tell your parents immediately.

u should go to the doctor that must of hurt !!!!

Chris W
Should probably go to a doctor, but I don't think it is real serious. Although I guess that depends on your definition of serious. May have suffered a mild concussion, but you did not go unconscious, which is good.

If you are in British Columbia, Canada, you should call the BC Nurse Help Line, 411 and see if they can help, if not, I would go and have it checked out, just to make sure.

sounds like a concussion. Go see a Dr.

See a doctor...

Go get it checked out, just to be safe.

go see a doc.
it might be serious like having a concussion

don't go to sleep, see a doctor

Amanda K
I would look up on google some symptoms of serious head injuries but the best thing to do is go to a doctor before it gets worse or so that it can help heal faster

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