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 is my toe broken? should i see a doctor? please help i never broke anything before!?
i stubbed my BABY toe and now its red and swollen it really kills! it feels like there is needles stabbing at my foot! should i go see a doctor?...

 What are the signs of a broken finger?
Today I was playing basketball, and I think I jammed my index finger. My finger is swollen and has a little purple underneath my middle knuckle. It also hurts to move it. Is it broken or just swollen?...

 Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?
~How can I make the scars go away?
~How can I make the cuts less noticeable?
~If possible, how can I prevent the cuts from scarring?
I have them on my hips, arms, and ankles, if you ...

 whould it be ok to use peroxide on ...?
my toe. about a week ago, i fell & my toenail hit the edge of the step, & popped up my toenail. I went to the doctor & they romoved it, bandaged it & sent me home, I changed the ...

 I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?
What do I do? will it ever return to its normal size??
Additional Details
I have an eye problem and if I apply pressure, the pain goes away. Its the first time I've tried to apply ...

 i ate 22 vicoden es yesterday and my side is really hurting?
My eyes and skin are a bit yellow. Did I screw myself up???? HELP...

 how can I help the crack in my lip heal fast?
there's a small crack in my lower lip right in the middle. how can I help it heal faster since it's very annoying....

 i used to cut myself all the time now i started again?
when i was in 6th grade i started cutting myself. almost everyday. then over the summer i stopped. in 7th grade i did it every once in awhile and a few of my friends knew about it. now i'm in 8...

 How Do i know if i broke my hand?
I tripped and hit my hand. i iced it and it got red but not that swollen. when i fell i felt something snap. i think. i cried for like two seconds but then i thought i would be fine cuz i fall alot ...

 Broken or fractured,what's the difference ?
My mother is 77 years old .She fell and fractured her hip.They put some screws in it.What's the difference between a fracture and a break.How long does a fractured hip take to heal ?...

 Help. EMERGENCY! Overdosed on Clonopin. I had about 30 2mg pills and I'm scared. DON'T WANT TO DIE!?
I took about 20-30 pills irrationally and I tried abut 25 minutes later to throw up only getting stomach acid to come up. Now I regret this and I'm scared. I've been on Clonopin for over 3.5...

 How painful does this sound?
I'm a horror writer working on my first novel about a bunch of child molesters, mobsters, rapists, poachers, arsonists, and people who are cruel to animals getting a taste of their own medicine. ...

 I can't get my ring of my finger because it's swollen - help!!?
Whenever I move or even TYPE my finger hurts. The ring is cutting off my circulation, I can't get the swelling to come down...what's the worst that could happen to it?
Additional D...

 I swallowed an ice cube, am i going to die?


 i think i might have a broken leg/ankle?
i was running with my dogs yesterday night ( like at 9pm-10 pm )and i think that i put my foot in wrong position this morning i couldnt stand but somehow i got up and went to school i didnt felt any ...

ok like i was like dancing (lol ik) and i was shaking my hands around and i hit my eye really really really super hard it hurts really bad! what will happen and what should i do about it plssssss ...

 HELP!! My jaw is stuck!!?
I just woke up, and the right side of my jaw won't open all the way! Will it eventually go back by itself? Please help me! I'm scared! I don't want to go to the doctor! And I have a ...

 Fell and hit my head...should I be concerned?
So yesterday afternoon, we had our first pep rally of the year. The student council decided that having the senior football players smash watermelon would be "fun". So I'm on the dance ...

 Could anyone advise me how to fix a broken shoulder bone?
I don't know which one.
Additional Details
According to my Doctor today I have full flexibility it is probably not broken....

Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?
I fell down the stairs and broke the fall with my wrist. It hurts a lot, like when i bend my wrist down, the whole area around my wrist and forearm hurt. I am also not able to bend it down all the way.

Typical sprain give it some time to heal and try not to mess with it it can irritate and extend the time of the healing.It can also be severely sprained but see a doctor anyways he can give u pain killers or band them to speed up the heling process. Be careful next time.

tom delcus
it sounds like a fracture. unless your wrist bent in a bad way it probably isnt sprained. if no bones are sticking out youll be fine

It sounds more broken to me. Sprianed would be if only the wrist and hand hurts.

i know u dont
your arm needs to be amputated

If it is swollen,it's likely broken.

Jessica H
If it isn't turning blue or purple and it isn't throbbing so much that you have already gotten an appointment, then you probably just sprained it. Trust me. I broke my finger playing basketball and it immediately turned blue. I couldn't move it at all!

You should go to the doctor either way though. I also messed up my thumb in the batting cages. I never went to the doctor about it and it turns out I probably should have because to this day it still hurts sometimes and it happened 4 years ago.

most likely its sprained

Bob Y
How about going to the hospital [email protected]

♥ µrMøMmÅjøk£mŧt£r ♥
well 1st of all if someone tells you it's not broken because you can move it, thats not true you can move your wrist if its broken or not, and it may be broken if you started crying but you eventually got used to the pain and stopped... but if not it's probably jsut sprained

California Dreamin'
How about going to a hospital/doctor and finding out.

Josh M
I have to say, I do believe if your wrist was broken you would certainly know it. Although a sprained or strained wrist hurts like a *****, a broken one hurts way way more!!!

it is either broken or sprung your wist :-/.

hmm its hard to say is there any discoloration? When i sprained mine during a soccer game there was very little discoloration. But it hurt to twist it and bend it up or down.How bad is the pain when you bend it? 10 being the worse you have ever felt.

sounds like it's not so bad if your on the computer asking question duh!!!!

Bob B
Pretty sure that it is broken

Sebastian S
i sprianed my ankle once i couldnt move it at all youll know if youve broken somthing before if this hurts more its sprained

Sprained, I'm a trash collector so I know what I'm talking about.

vickie w
you should go have it checked.it sounds broken

well go to either a hospital or a doctor to find out

Iln R
check with a doc. I fractured a growth-plate an it hurt like hell but it was almost unditectable.

If you are not sure if your wrist is broken then I can assure you it is not. A strain or sprain can hurt like hell though.

go to the doctor to make sure but if it isn't bruised and really really swollen then it probably isn't broken and if it is not to bad.

if it gets the size of Grapefruits... it's broken.

I broke BOTH of mine... at once.

Ask the doctor hope it heals

Alexa R.
Might be. Try going to the doctors and tell your parents.

Desi G
i can't tell you without checking it.

it sounds like its not either but u should get it checked with a doctor.Good luck hope u get well

P.S. can 8u please rate it best answer i need the points

Since we are not X-Ray machines we probably couldn't tell you for sure.

You should probably go to the hospital within 24 hours because after that it can start to heal and they may have to rebreak it.

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