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 EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?
I was chewing a golf tee cos it feels nice on my teeth. I sneezed and the golf tee lodged into the roof of my mouth and now I can't get it out or close my mouth, I'm dribbling everywhere ...

 i want to break my ankle?
i really want to break my ankle dont call me wierd or a idiot cause im doing it for a reason but cant say (its too long)
i just really want to break my ankle give me about 10 ways to break a ...

 i cut myself accidently i didnt even feel it but it wont stop bleeding its just a minor cut why wont it stop?

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 is there anything i can soak my swollen finger in to reduce the swelling
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 I'm bored in hospital, i'm here til next monday :/ any suggestions of what to do? :)?
Hey, I got hit by a car on friday :/ not too serious my leg is in a cage holding the bones together so i can't put weight on it. I'm just really bored.
I'll tell you the story so ...

 I cut my foot on the top of a nail the other day in our house. I dont think It was rusty. do i get tetanus jab

 What is the dumbest injury you've ever gotten?
Once I was playing volleyball on the beach at night and I ran into the wooden post while trying to hit the ball, and my forehead swelled into a huge lump. I also got a few splinters....

 Can I be fired from my job if my doctor signs me out of work due to back problem caused at work?
I pulled a back muscle at my workplace and was unfit to perform my duties. I went to my doctor for advice and she asked if I feel fit to work and I said no because I am in a great deal of pain. And ...

 i am 15, what's wrong?
my lower right side of stomach hurts everytime i get up or walk. what's up with that?
Additional Details
i asked my step da, he said i'm 2 young 2 have an apendicistis, or ...

 Is a knee injury a medical emergency?
I banged the heck out of my knee two days ago. I walk with the pain but it hurts none the less. My kneecap feels kinda weird...any suggestions?...

 what is that called when someones head is cut off?
not decapitated. something else......

 I have a neck pain that doesnt go away,can anybody help?
I have a neck pain that doesn't away. I can honestly say that it has been there for months and doesnt get worst but doesn't get better either.it starts like an inch away from behind my ear ...

 Sprained Ankle?
Today during volleyball practice I landed on my ankle when I jumped to spike. Apparently I rolled my ankle... Right now it hurts really bad, I can't put any weight on it - it's so painful. T...

 i got a shot and my arm hurts realy bad and is swollen i cant go to the doctor for at least a week what to do?

 i broke my foot but i can't let my mom find out i have a tattoo!!?
last night i broke the back of my foot. it hurts so bad i can barely walk on it. i have a small tattoo on my ankle but im only 14 so i cant let my mom see it! so i cant go to the doctors to get a ...

 I went jogging for the 1st time today for an hour, my legs hurt - shall i go tomorow?
I really enjoyed it and really want to go tomorow
is this a good idea since my legs feel tired and stiff? will it be that bad if i go again tomorrow despite that?...

 what's the best thing to do if your stomach hurts and you've been throwing up. like i mean to make it stop.

 What Is Whiplash? Please Answer, Thanks :]?
My friend was in a car crash last week and she told me in school today that she's got Whiplash. I played along like I knew what it was but really, I don't have a clue. What does it mean? T...

 If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'?!?

Additional Details
benjoe021 - Oh yes....

Can you get a fever from sticking things into your anus?
I stuck a pen and a marker up my anus, and three days later I got a fever of 102.9, a runny nose, a headache, sensitivity everywhere, pain in my back and legs, throat pain, and I feel very weak. Is it possible I cut my anus and got an infection causing a fever or is this not possible?
Additional Details
Okay, my anus feels fine, it feels like a normal fever, but idk is it just coincidence?

Finding Hope
ummm thats just weird. might be ink poisoning or something like that. if you go to a doctor, dont say you stuck anything up there

Liam Dewq

Demonized Nature ♥♥
roflmaoooooo!!!! go see your doc.


You might have H1N1 pig flu.

The other things you talked about I've never heard of before , but don't sound like a healthy practice.

Your anus is the most absorbent part of your body. If the pen or marker wasn't clean then that very well could be the problem.

You introduced bacteria into your bloodstream. This is called Sepsis. You can die from it. Even if the pen and marker were sterile (probably not), you can introduce E. Coli into your bloodstream that way. Go to the ER and get on intravenous antibiotic before your organs start to fail.

jalen C
WTF why would you do that

Ki N'sey
Oh wow you're really an idiot. Why the freaking hell are you sticking pens up your butt? Go to the freaking doctor, and maybe they'll put you in the psycho place for sticking markers up your butt. Seriously stop wasting your time on freaking yahoo answers. Be prepared for a lot of people to call you a f***ing retard.

Recent medical studies have concluded that almost 72% of fevers occur due to anal infections caused by the insertion of everyday household objects into the rectum or anus. You should see a doctor, or trusted back alley vagabond to give you an anal exam/probing immediately to ensure that you do not have a dangerous anal infection.

Very possible. Or you could've caught a cold, stomach flu. Did you clean them? Sticking things where they're not supposed to go isn't smart anyway.

uk james
this is probably one of the top ten funniest things i have ever read in my entire life

possible but very unlikely

I would say it is most likely just a coincidence, you just happened to catch the flu

Eric H
Your anus is like your mouth ears and nostrils. They are all susceptible to taking in viruses.

I'd be more inclined to think that you did not wash your hands after sticking things up your anus, and developed your fever after inwardly ingesting something which had traces of unpleasant material on, you know what i mean, it's like my name.

Yes, you can. It's a condition called "analophogousitis", and it is almost 100% fatal. Over the next few days, you will experience the following: bloody anal seepage, loss of bowel control, your skin will be covered in boils, your tongue will first swell up, then split and shrivel up, then you will lose your sight, your hearing, and your sense of smell. Finally, your body temperature will reach such a high degree that your blood will literally boil your brain, thus effectively ending your life. I'll say a prayer for you, you poor soul, you.

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