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Bad Cut Please Help?
A few days ago I was opening a razor and it went into my thumb. I could see my skin in the razor.There was blood EVERYWHERE and now its kinda swollen and still bleeds. Its also pretty deep. And hurts anytime i stretch it, try to use my thumb,or something touches it. The people that saw it think i need stitches. But im pretty afraid of that.
Any advice? How long will it take to heal?

i think you should get stitches because it can get really infected... something similar happened to me and it got really infected and the cure hurt even more than the stitches. stitches dont hurt at all. try putting neosporin on it too and keep it clean...it may sound painful but put alchohol in it...honey, if that thing gets infected it will get all black and its disgusting...good luck

i would get stitches. if your really afraid of that, then you could probably wait about a month and i might heal by then.

Yah know what you need to do!!
Go get stitches!! and it will be over with like that!
Good luck!

um, go to a doctor.

If its really deep, and still bleeding after a few days you may need stitches. Keep neosporin on it as much as you can and keep it bandaged. It may leave a bad scar by not having stitches. It will be sore to touch and may takes weeks to heal.

William's Mum
Is there still a flap of skin to stitch together? If it is truly bleeding, you probably do need a stitch or two. If it is just weeping, try to butterfly bandage it closed. Make sure to keep it clean and covered and DRY! Stitches don't hurt very much, the needle for the anesthetic does, but just for a few seconds!

First of all weigh your options...the cut could become infected and get blood poisoning and may have to remove the thumb or hand does this sound like a better option then stitches...your choice.

Stupid Shield
get sticthes girl. GO!!!!

Go to the doctor -- they have something called steri strips that just tape it together and it doesn't hurt any more than a band aid. Anyway it sounds like it's on its way to getting infected. It may be too late to stitch it, but the doctor should see it to get it started healing somehow.

It is too late to get stitches. Usually if you do not go to your family Dr., a Med-Check Center, or an E.R. within 24 hours, most doctors will not close the wound with stitches.

This is not medical advice but from personal experience, gather the following items:

Neosporin Ointment, Steri-Strips, gauze pads and knuckle or finger band-aids suitable for dressing a thumb wound. All these items are sold over the counter in any Pharmacy.

You will also need to know if you have allergies to any of the antibiotics in the Neosporin Ointment. The Neosporin Label will list the 3 antibiotics.

Usually first-aid treatments for an open wound that has not been seen by medical professionals, or has not been seen soon enough to stitch is the following:

After gathering the needed supplies, run tepid H2O over the wound for 5 minutes. Next take clean or sterile gauze pads and carefully pat the wound and surrounding area dry. It is best not to wipe the wound dry.

You may need to use another clean gauze pad to apply gentle but firm pressure if the wound continues bleeding.

Once the wound is dry and/or the bleeding is stopped, apply steri-strips following the directions inserted in the steri-strip box.

Apply a thin strip of ointment. If you apply the ointment first, it is more difficult to get the steri-strips to stick.

Once done, cover the wound with a band-aid made for cuts for wounds on knuckles and/or thumbs, fingers etc.

It is important to keep the wound clean, covered and dry while healing.

Cleaning the wound and redressing it, is usually done every 24 hours or as often as the band-aid covering comes off. Only run it under water for 5 minutes the first time you start taking care of the wound.

When you change the band-aid or dressing, take H2O dampened clean gauze pads to carefully remove dried blood around the wound. Only replace the steri-strips if they are not sticking.

However you decide to treat it, make certain your tetanus is up to date. Go to a doctor or some professional medical facility if the wound continues to swell, the skin around the wound gets redder, and/or the pain worsens.

Understand none of this is medical advice. It is years of cleaning wounds on family members, children and adults.

Seek professional medical help if it worsens.

Blah Blah Blah.....
well I would have went to the hospital if it was bleeding that much......GO get STITCHES!!!

If you need stitches you should get them plus you razor could give you an infection or flesh eating bacteria especially if it is rusty so you should do that because if not it wont heal properly so i think you should show it to someone with a degree in medicine

Hun go to the doctor and have them take a look at it. If you do need stiches its better to feel a little pain then to get it worse, it might get infected. Go to the Doctors hun

The pain means u may have damaged a nerve. you made not be able to move it as you may have muscle damage, expecially if its a deep cut, leave it a week let the air get to it,

if still not inproved see a doctor x

Get stitches it's not so bad! If the ask you if you want another injection say yes otherwise you will regret it!


You probibly could of used stiches but I am sure it will heal up just fine. The only thing is, is that you might get a scar.

Your skin is trying to attach itself together thats why it hyrts when you stretch it-plus your pulling apart the 2halves.

It seems as if it is a deep-wound cut, therefore, it will not heal without stitches. Go get it checked out with your doctor because if you do need stitches and do not get them, it will only get worse. If you do have to get stitches, it may take a few months to heal depending on how deep the wound is, and there may be scar left after the stitches are removed.

Something a lot worse could happen than you just getting stitches if you don't go and get it checked out, it sounds pretty bad.. especially since it's swollen and hurts to move it or anything..

How deep would you say it is? If its on your thumb, it can't be very deep.
Wounds on fingers and toes, or on other areas without much fat or muscle bleed like crazy, this is normal.

You need to keep it clean, I mean hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol.
After that, when its as dry as you can get it comfortably, I want you to take new skin (a liquid band aid you can find at any pharmacy or drug store) or super glue.
I know this sounds strange, but this is what my doctor used on a cut I got on my forehead.
Take the wound (maybe you'll need a helper, maybe not) and press it closed gently, make the skin meet naturally the way it was before it was cut.
Take the new skin or the super glue and drop a little onto the wound and breath deeply, it will burn badly but you can handle that, its just disinfecting the wound.
Hold in the position, and be careful not to drop a bunch of new skin/glue onto your hand, because you have to hold the wound closed the entire time and you don't want to glue both of your hands together eh?

Just a tiny drop, let it dry a little and use another drop, you want the entire cut to be covered by the glue.
Try not to bend it too much, baby it if you can, and re-apply when needed, but honestly, fingers tend to heal pretty nicely.
So as you didn't see bone, I doubt very much you will even need stitches...however; if it gets green (I doubt very highly this will happen, alright? I'm not trying to scare you, just to prepare you) or yellow, you need to go to a doctor.
He might not even give you stitches, he may just give you an antibiotic.

Good luck and don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine.

you should really go to the drs. it is not safe to just let a deap cut heal on itself. let the dr. clean it, give you antibiotics if ness. and if you do need stitches ask for a numbing cream so it doesnt hurt as bad..hope yyou dont need stitches though. goodluck

GO TO THE DOCTOR... they don't have to stitch it, there is surgical glue that doesn't hurt and doesn't need to be taken out - it basically holds the cut together until it is healed enough to hold itself together and the glue wears away...

Caitleen R
doctor! now!

the more u wait, the more it will hurt for the doctor to clean and repair it

this isnt something that can heal on its own probly if its still bleeding.
you can get an infection or something, even if there is a band-aid.

Kimberley D
You can't get any stitches now, it's to late. They put stitches in it up to 8 hours max.
Watch your thumb the next few days. Keep it clean with water and if it ever gets really red, more swollen, or maybe even yellow (infection) go see a doctor immediatly.

It will take a couple weeks to heel completely if it's really deep.

Jen V *Lulu*
sounds like stitches are necessary. don't wait too long or it will heal wrong.


If it's been over 24 hours, nobody is going to put stitches in it.

However, you probably ought to see your doctor to have it looked at. Likely, they need to teach you how to clean it correctly, bandage it, and if need be, put you on some oral antibiotics to reduce infection. This can help it to heal faster than if you try to do it all yourself.

Just be safe. See your doc.

Too late for stitches now. Keep the wound clean, keep it wrapped, use neosporin and use it as little as possible. Try a butterfly stitch to keep it together. Everything you need is at Walmart or Walgreens. Check out the site below. Good luck! √ú


the exact same thing happened to me except it was on my ankle, it bled a lot also. Make sure its clean, i know it hurts but it will help heal faster. Try not to get it wet, like if youre in a bath escpecially. Let it dry out. And put some band aids on it, not to tight though. Mine left a scar, so when it gets scab put neosporin on it every night, thats the best you can do.

My mom is a nurse you should go to the hospital and tell them to numb it up and then tell them to wrap the wound in some thing...hope this helps!

Kris L
Unfortunately, you needed to get the stitches put in within four hours of cutting your thumb. Now all you can do is wait for it to heal, and that healing will take LONGER because you haven't done anything to stop the bleeding and enhance healing for a few days. Wash the cut THOROUGHLY and put an antibiotic cream on it, then fold a gauze pad into quarters or even smaller and press that onto the cut, then bandage your thumb THOROUGHLY. If necessary, get a metal splint (or you could use a CLEAN popsicle stick on the bending sides) and put that onto your finger with adhesive tape. It will take up to four weeks to 'heal' enough for you to be able to go without a bandage ... and next time you cut yourself, go get stitches IMMEDIATELY (or within four hours of getting the cut).

Better go to the doc & see if you need stitches. They can numb it if needed. Better to get stitches than to get an infection that could invade your whole body & keep you out of commission for a period of time.

If you don't need stitches, you can get a butterfly bandage that helps to hold it closed as it heals.

Yowtch!! I hate cuts.

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