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A girl who attacked me 9 years ago is working at the doctor's surgery i go to,can she gain access to my record?
I went in this morning as i suffer with asthma and had an attack a few days ago and had an appointment to see the nurse. Anyway, as i walked up to reception a girl was bending down tapping into the computer and asked could she help. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor as the girl standing in front of me behind reception was the girl who physically attacked me 9 years ago. I never went to court over it but it was brought to the attention of the police because it happened on a nightclub's property. I had pictures taken of my injuries as she battered me black and blue on my face and body. Some so severe the nurse who dealt with me in casualty thought a man had hit me.
The thing i wanted to ask is, does she have a right to my records? Can she view them? I regret not taking her to court at the time as i suffered with flashbacks and nightmares for a while afterwards but i was young and naive and was scared of taking things further. Now i wish i could do something about it (older and wiser). I still have those pictures of when she attacked me. I was thinking about bringing them into the surgery and showing the manager what she did to me. I never thought i'd see her again after what happened but i'm scared she may attack me again. Anyone got any advice? Serious answers only please..
Thank you.
Additional Details
The proof i have from the girl she attacked me was she text me the day after saying sorry and pleading for forgiveness. It's all down on paper and photographed as evidence. She was a 'friend' before she beat me to a pulp.

Face it (:
I wouldn't take the pictures to her manager to show him/her that's just being twisted and seeking revenge. and she'll beat you up again for her losing her job.
You really should have done something about it at the time.
Since it never went to court i don't know if you could still go to the police again about her and say you feel she may be a threat to the public.
She probably does have access to your file, but only if she needs to. Ie. to book appointment. I think there are severe consiquences for staff who view patients records without good reason.

good luck x

I'm sure they all do. If you feel that bad about it change practice. I know you shouldn't have to but save you dreading it every time you go it would be easier. Just an idea. Or you could just tell all what she did to you.

I'm not sure but she might not if she attacked you.
ask the supervisor at the surgery about your confidentiality you should have a right to confidentiality as your own doctor has a right to keep things private.

Go and show the manger, the manger should know about what happened to you and about the attack. She doesn't have a right to work if she attacked you or other people which sh could have done before.

Please go and tell the police about this and take it to court. She doesn't have a right to to get away with what she has done with you

It's horrendous that you got battered till you were purple and blue.
If to for you then for others because not only you will be targeted again it might be others that are the victim. It's the right thing to do even if your scared about telling someone.

If your ready to do it now and you fell ready tell the police i know that the flash backs were hard for you to get out of your head but maybe once you've coped and had counselling you could work up the courage and tell them.

your medicals records are there for any member of staff to sneak a look at. Send a letter to the manager of the medical practise, telling them what a charming young woman they have working there!

changing doctor's practise would be a better option

Chris J
The thing is you can show the management but what proof do you have since it was 9 years ago. i don't know if she will have access to your profile. if she handles your bill etc. she will have access but just watch her and your account just in case she tries something. good luck with it or otherwise just go to another hospital

well on the one hand sed, she may have changed, so give her a chance maybe? if however you notice any malicious behaviour on her part, i would suggest bringing the photo's to the manager.

Hope this helps =)

Legally - there is nothing you can do to her after 9 years - your were both young and since you didn't file anything then - there is no case - and it would have been a misdemeanor assault charge -
As she works in your Dr. office - yes - she has access to your medical records - and all of your personal information.
If you feel uncomfortable - try to see another doctor about your asthma.
If you both live in the same town - I'm surprised that you have not run into each other before now --
Your only choice now is to deal with her on a business basis (she did apologise - and she may again-which may help you find some closure) or change doctors.

Sophie W
yes, she can, i work in a hospital and all you need is a computer account to get in, well, maybe it depends what department you work in, i know on PAS i can only view general deatils or appointments, but because i work in pathology i have access to everything test related and that does include some clinical details. i think in a GP surgery that would mean they have access to everything.
if it seriously bothers you then talk to your doctor when you next see them, but after 9 years, for one i highly doubt she will attack you again, she was probably drunk if it happened in a night club setting, and two, it happened so long ago she may be a better person, the only thing worrying me is that if the police were aware of it i would have thought she had some sort of mark on her record and you have to have a criminal record check when you start working in places like GP surgerys.

Tomek M
your probably not allowed to have access but since she works there she can probably sneak around and get access if she really wants. but maybe she has changed i think you should confront her and if she attacks you again you should tell the police. dont show her manager the photos because most probably she will attack you for making her loose her job.. think its your decision

You have to be careful making remarks about people such as that in public. Without a conviction you have no real proof of her assault on you. You have evidence of injuries of course but without proof that she attacked you and caused those injuries the comments could be considered defamatory. If you place her job at risk she may have a serious civil case against you. I would hate to see you suffer further insult by having to pay her compensation. You could show any statements made agaisnt her if you can get copies and show the injury photos to whoever is the Practice manager and explain that you didn't proceed due to fear of reprisal or whatever.. Then explain you wil have to switch surgery if she remains there... this may be the simplest way forward for you in any case.

white right
have a word with your doctor about it what you tell him is confidential so it gos no further

She can access your records. I would look in the phone directory and find a lawyer that gives free half hour consultations and ask him or her what you can do legally at this time.

I'd expect she will have access to your records

but she will also have signed a confidentiality clause

If at any time, you suspect she is using or abusing your personal Information, then off course you can report that to the medical practice manager

The whole thing is very unfortunate,

maybe you could mention it in private to your own doctor and say that it makes you uneasy and see what your doctor says about the situation

Yes she can, when i did work experience in my dad's surgery i worked in admin and had access to all patient notes and computer data.

They have a specific software where the patient data is kept on the computer, if you are a member or have a username then you can access all patient data.


Talk in confidence to your Doctor about it.

blues breaker
yes, she'll have access to your records.

This will probably depend on what country you live in, but the chances are she probably will be able to access your patient records depending on her role within the surgery- if she does admin tasks her job may require her to input information onto patient records, for instance.

As much as we would like to believe medical privacy strictly guards this kind of thing - in a medical office, people who don't need to see that sort of information see it all the time. That includes receptionists.

Especially if she was interested, she would have no problem whatsoever seeing your records.

I would chose another doctor or be prepared for a battle. You could, I suppose, explain to the doctor, but you're just putting him in an impossible position. He can't really prevent her from seeing this information without firing her.

I would look for another institution. Seriously.

If she works there she can probably peek at your records whether or not she has a legitimate reason to.

But there's no point going to the "manager" with 9 year old photographs of a fistfight. What good will that do?

Jenny J
if it was me I would change doctors.I'm not traditionally a coward but I wouldn't be giving her the opportunity to see my medical records.

Baby Momma Obama
legally, probably not

reality, she probably does

Legally speaking she should not access your records without having a legitimate reason to do so.

Yet she is in a position where she could, if she chose to, access your records.

If you are worried about a breach of confidentiality on this person's part you should speak with the doctor or her employer about this.

Usually all employees of a medical facility are required to fill out a confidentiality agreement, and if she were to break that agreement, not only would she be fired from her job,but she could suffer a civil suit (from you) as well.

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