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 My boyfriend punched a wall last night,and 24 hr later his knuckles,palm,and fingers are swollen,is it broken?
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 Have you ever broken a bone?
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how much did it hurt
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i just broke ...

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okay so yesterday me and my mom were on the highway and a 18 wheeler blew a tire completely off the axel and it came back and hit our car and then went under so my mom like drove over it and the car (...

 How do i know if my legs broken?
I fell off a 12 foot ladder and my whole led is bruised. i can barely put pressure on it and if i do a shooting pain goes up my leg. its also the size of a watermelon. HELP!!!!!...

Peg L
A firecracker just blew up in my hand, what do i need to do?
I lit one in my hand, and threw it. like a split second after i lit it, it went off right in my hand. the pain was unbearable for a while but now its doesnt hurt as bad but two of my fingers are very swollen.

My dad did the same thing but it was four firecrackers and they actually all exploded in his hand. Keep some ice on it and keep applying aloe gel to it to try and help it heal. You'll have bubbles from the burn; but try not to pop them. If you must pop it, sterilize a needle and gently poke it open. Let it drain some from that little hole. Do not pick the skin off until it's dry and the new skin is fully developed underneath.

Shove it up your *** :)
I swear it helps!

If I were you I'd go to the emergency room its best to get it checked out b/c of the gunpowder in fireworks are toxic. I would also ice them on the way to help reduce the swelling.

go 2 the hospital

some bengay outta help lol it happens in el salvador all the time firecrackers blowing kids fingers off X{


run it in water and put pressure

That happend to me before. I had a blood blister. If you get a blister, don't pick at it! put a bandaid over it to keep from scratching at it.

Get off the computer and head straight for the nearest Hospital. May have fractured your fingers if already swollen.

mr goofy
show it to doctor

cave wmn
Ice works best. Clean the hand well though. It may blister. Ice really will make it better.

ide say just leave it alone for now let it breath unless you think it looks real bad then get to the hospital and let them check it out if not its probably just a pwder burn they sting like a son of agun but it eventually gos away i say if you want put a cold compress on it but they say you shouldnt do that so if it hurts bad annuf and it aint that bad and you beleive its just a powder burn like i said you mite want to go to a drugstore and look for burn rap or cool rap i forget the name but if you go by them to you will find it its a rap that kools and heals the burn it works good my uncle used it on a acid burn and it worked great so best of luck the pain shouldnt last that long take some advil you will be good

Mr Bored
I would recommend calling a doctor and not using Fire crackers in a private area again. They're illegal to light on your own, or at least here they are.

If you have suffered burns, you need to go to the hospital.

The Smart One
Assess the situation: If it is clearly and open wound, you should see a doctor. If it is just a small burn, I suggest that you spread a burn cream (lotion works too) on the area (a very small amount), the wrap it up and apply ice to stop the swelling. I also suggest you hold your arm so it is above or at shoulder height. This will contribute to stopping the swelling.

If it gets worse, see a doctor.

you should go to the hospital for sure to make sure its ok

See a doctor ASAP.

Dfgfd Dfgfg
see a GP

its probably not too serious, but take a trip to the hospital anyways. just to be safe

You need to put your hand in a bowl of ice and not be very rough with it. I hope this helps

steralize the wund and put cold compresses on it if they are warm to the touch this could be sign of infection if there is an open would or if not this is a sign of swelling thatwill go down in a matter of a few days

the dirty liberal
Just let it sit in cold water for a while and give it a couple of days to get better. Believe me, it's nothing that requires a visit to the doctors. If your fingers are burned as a result of this, I strongly recommend those tube-shaped gauze pads because they cover your fingers but you can still write and stuff. Be sure to put neosporin on your fingers first, though.

Hope this helps!

It could just be swollen because it is not experienced to that Type of pressure but if it gets any worse you might want to go to a doctor to get it checked out. But i hope it gets better soon.

P.S you might want to wrap it up in paper towel if it stings because it might take your mind off of it.

Light two and eat them.

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a person
and you could still type this....
got to the hospital

help me?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsWVfGy9DYUrYWiOsLkcRngazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100102152019AAo6zyf

Fire crackers are illegal. Go turn yourself in to the proper authoritys.

Run it under cold water..

hatchet..get em off clean though.

well if it doesn't hurt, then why do you need to do anything?

Call the doctor's office and see what they say about it.

Answer mine please, it has to do with boarding school admissions...

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