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anonymous g
yellow eyes, yellow skin and other symptoms, whats happening to me?
Sorry, its a bit of a repeat question but i really need help.

i was born with jaundice (yellow eyes and skin) but was cured in a week. but recently me myself, my friends, family, bf and even my boss have noticed my eyes are turning yellow (the white part) my mums noticed that my skin tones different aswell, has a hint of yellow in it and she sayin she thinks i've probably got hepatitis and says its common in teens

i heard it might be a liver problem. i tend to get a lot of stitches these days and my urine is really warm these days and it hurts at times whilst passing through. i get wierd pain in my lower stomach but dont know how to explain all this to my doctor.

i am going to get a test done tomorrow but want to know about what all this can be and what the causes are. i also have really itchy skin on my arms and legs if this helps and it isnt lice either. and when i do itch it it leaves red patches.

anyone please help me

Additional Details
i cant exactly go to the doctors now. im at work and our local doctors are all closed for now. im just waiting until tomorrow. im just really worried. just came on here for some help with it thats all

Big Momma
You have a serious condition called piss blood. Your blood is piss, giving you yellow skin.

you need to see your doctor bad

Take some vitamin E until you can get to the doctor.

I had jaundice when I was a teenager and my eyes and skin turned yellow. I had had gastroenteritis a few weeks earlier which apparently had left me with jaundice. The only treatment I had was to rest and keep washing my hands. Also to keep my distance from other to prevent spread. Until you know for sure you will need to drink lots of water. I'm sure you will be fine, don't worry.

Miss Nightingale
It does sound very much like jaundice to me sweeite, jaundice causes your skin and eyes to turn a yellow colour and itching is a classic symptom too. Jaundice is caused by a build up of toxins in the blood which are not being filtered properly by the liver and end up polluting the body, causing this yellow colour and itching.

Any number of things can cause jaundice which is why it is vital you get the proper test from your Doctor so make sure you tell him ALL your symptoms clearly so he can decide which tests to send you for.

Causes for jaundice include: liver infections (hepatitis), liver failure, cancer of the liver, etc.

Good luck at the Doctors and I hope you get well soon xxx

TaShY :-D
Go to the doctors yo may be now having liver problems

Kristina T
Yes that sounds like liver problems alright - itchiness and jaundice symptoms. Definitely see your dr, this can be from drinking too much alcohol, hep's from body fluids etc.

Sounds like jaundice/liver problem,get to your doctor asap.

Ok hun, Jaundice is a very common condition that newborn babies have, its basically due to their liver not been able to copy with excess of bile, as their liver is way to immature...

Everyone in the previous question that that you really should go to the doctor,,, please please please go, this is not something for you to still think about, its urgent... im surprised you are still on YA looking for answers, when if I were you, id be down at the docs waiting for them to see you urgently...

Take care and best of luck

Hepatitis is not "common in teens" and can be deadly.
You really need proper medical attention and quickly.

.єmιlч. .ωєmιlч. ~♥~
I'd ring NHS Direct (0845 4647) and see what they advise. Just basically tell them what you've written here. They might suggest you get seen to sooner.

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