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 Help Me!, I Got Swine Flu?!?!, Im dying :(?
As im writing this im strugglin to type,

Im living In new york,
On saturday, it was a normal flue..
Yesrerday, I started throwing up, when i moev, my head hurts,
I got n ...

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 I'm scared about swine flu but want a truthful answer...?
I'm 18 and got swineflu on tuesday i was diagnosed wedneday morning and by 11am was taking tamiflu, less than 24 hours after my symptoms came on
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 When will all these Swine Flu questions stop ?
When do you think everyone is going to stop asking all these question's about swine flu ??

I guess I just added another one to the list......

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 Where did swine flu originate from?

 i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
could you plz give me some information which is supported that could make me stop ...

 How do you bring down a fever?
I have a fever of 103.4 and we don't have any Advil and I'm home alone. what do I do?
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I drank some cold water, took the temperature again, it's at 104.1 ...

 do i have swine flu???????????
i live in Massachusetts and i have heard that there are some people who have swine flu. i just got sick and i dont feel good at all. i have a soar throat, like when i swallow my throat kills, and my ...

 Are we all going to die?

 Can you sue a hospital if the patient caught a bacteria when she was admitted and died?

 what happen if you kill a dog?
dose it come alive ...

 Should i go to the ER?
I haven't traveled to Mexico, but i live on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. I am showing every sign of swine flu and i feel awful! I have a big test tomorrow that i can't miss but i can ...

 My brother just threw up...SWINE FLU?
he has no other symptoms so far... could it be swine???...

 How do you get shingles?
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 Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
That's right. Nobody died from the swine flu today. But guess what? Hundred of people died from violent crimes nationwide. THOUSANDS more died from car accidents (about a hundred thousand per ...

 If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
Swine: edible forms being - pork, bacon, etcetera. I suppose you could eat it raw, and then it would be plain pig. EEW!

Additional Details
How do you get swine flu ...

 I think I have swine flu... do I need to contact my doctor?
I have most of the symptoms, but I am coping at the moment. Is it important for me to contact the doctors or should I just see how I go?...

with the swine flu becoming a greater threat?
do you think that the illegal immigrants, from mexico, will be even less welcome, than they are now, in the United States?

get over it that topic is so last year

i havent heard of the swine flu.. are they from the mexicans? o.O

∞ warrior soul
It's not their fault they contracted the swine flu. Even though I hate the politics they yank over into our country and I worry about my kids future I cannot blame a disease on a country of helpless people. I've studied too much to be that ignorant.


you bet

yes but you know what? there are some here right now that live here and are here with families. that is why some of them go back and forth and i am sure that is why we got it from here and they dont' listen to us about not coiming back and forth and staying with out messing with swines which is how they got it or were with someone that didand its very catchy.

Jose E
yes...they have the swine flu!!!

yeahh.. i think soo...

yes. and people will most likely be more cautious around them.

Simpily me!
i hopeee.

Asma B
Of course everyone will back away from them and be scared that they might get the swine flu

most likely

Of course.

good question...yeah i think so

maybe but heres ways to prevent it

oh my!
Here are some helpful facts about swine flu:



Give Blood
So far it hasn't been the illegals who have brought the disease in. It has been our own citizens who have traveled to Mexico and brought it back. Anyone could have done it!

I think it's possible that people might discriminate against anyone coming up from Mexico who's not a U.S. citizen. I don't think it's right, but some people don't share that view. The way to solve this problem isn't to discriminate against illegal immigrants, but to work together to find a cure before the virus reaches a global pandemic. If we all work together there shouldn't be a problem finding a cure for the virus or even stopping it completely.


Yes. I doubt it that they are even going to let them even step foot on US soil. Right now they're trying to restrict travel between anywhere and Mexico and they are thinking about closing down the border to prevent anymore spread of the virus.

NEW YORK – The global swine flu outbreak worsened Tuesday as authorities said hundreds of students at a New York school have fallen ill and federal officials said they expected to see U.S. deaths from the virus. Cuba suspended flights to and from Mexico, becoming the first country to impose a travel ban to the epicenter of the epidemic.

Swine flu is believed to have killed more than 150 people in Mexico, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the U.S. has 68 confirmed cases in five states, with 45 in New York, one in Ohio, one in Indiana, two in Kansas, six in Texas and 13 in California

they stopped people from leaving mexico

my fear is that latino american citizens will be harrassed or ostracized, they don't deserve that.

They should be less welcome in general. There are too many people in America already how many people do you want to live here. No I am not a racist I just look at the maximum capacity of America and realise it is getting out of control. Look at China and India for example.

I have the SWINE FLU and bbbbbbboy my HAMSTRINGS hurt and my PORKBELLY aches. The doctor said to apply OIKNMENT liberally all over. But I'm so BOAR-ED. I hope the HAMBULANCE doesn't have to take me to the hospital.
Theee-thhee, That's all folks!

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