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 Swine Flu? I know the symptoms but i don't know we should be worried....?
My nephew has been vomiting and very runny diarrhea, is it possible he can have the Swine Flu?
Additional Details
He's 3. He sometimes says he's cold or tired....

 OK Medical proffssnls (& really smart people). What contagious diseases remain infectious after the body dies
what (and for how long) will these diseases remian on a corpse/deceased/in the blood or body fluid?


 My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive.He is in her stomach.She told me not to worry.Isn't it dangerous?
My 24-year old girlfriend catched an alive grasshoper in the field. She was playing with it for a minute or two. She is very lovely joyful and happy girl and immediately she told me look at me what I ...

 R U stocking up on necessities in case we get word to stay indoors for a period of time?

Additional Details
I'm not crazy, just curious.


 Why's everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
Isn't it just regular flu? There's been outbreaks before, from bird flu and regular flu, and even this in the 70s, so what's the problem? Why are people freaking out and closing ...

 Do you think I had swine flu?
In September, I washed my hands often, as usual, and then caught a cold.

Here were some symptoms I had:
Lack of appetite
Runny Nose

I ...

 Do I Need A Tetnus Shot?
My friend cut me on accident with a drill bit. The drill bit was used twice and i dont see rust on it and i got a tetnus shot from stepping on a nail 3-4 years ago do I need to get one?...

 will swine flu kill me and my family?
i am from scotland will swine flu kill me and my family if u have a cure come to scotland ...

 I donot catch cold (flowing nose) for last three years. Can I get swine flu?
I donot catch cold (flowing nose) since last three years. Sometimes it feels like it (cold) is comming but it does not surface up as it used to do earlier. What could be the reason? Is it good or ...

 can you get cold sores from making out?

 I have a really bad cold what should i do?
Iv'e got both a
blocked/runny nose
sore throat
very tired
slight cough
sneezing alot.......Im tired but i cant sleep because m throat really hurts and i ...

 Why is everyone so afraid of the swine flu?
It's not like you have anything to be really afraid of. The only people who really get it are Mexicans and people who already have a low immune system before they get the swine flu. It's ...

 Calling in sick today.?
I'm feeling sick at school right now. It's 2:34 right now here, and I get out at 3:45. I'm supposed to go to work at 5:30 today and I have a minor off and on stomach ache.


 why does african children hav swollen bellies?
is it a diease? if it is is it cureable?...

 I went to the doctor and i did a blood count, does that test for hiv too? please help me?

 Do I have swine flu? (symptoms listed in description)?
these symptoms started the moment i woke up this morning - My arms & hands are really numb & tingly, i can barely move them.
ive had a bad fever with huge chills and goosebumps ...

 my daughter as got a cough and runny nose? swine flu?
we are not in the area that the swine flu is in but you can help but worry with the media terrifying everybody!!!
Additional Details
she is her normal self and not reli under the weather ...

 Why is the swine flu such a big deal?
I've read that over 30,000 people in the US alone die from influenza, so what's with all the wrap from the media, CDC, etc?

Why is it such a big deal?...

 Is this new flu fatal?
is this new "swine flu" fatal?...

 my 3 yr. old just came down with the flu,should i be concerned he may have the swine flu?
he's running a fever,throwing up,says he has a ...

iSupport Seddie
whats the deal with this swine flu?
everybody keeps talking about it, where is it in the united states?

Garrett S
Mexicans are getting it

Its gonna kill over 80% of the people who catch it thats why


but especially in the southern border states

What we are telling people is to:

Prepare a swine flu "disaster" type kit- so you can keep your family quarantined if anyone in your home gets it. Be prepared with things like masks and things you need when you have the flu so you don't have to go to the store when you DO have it and keep on spreading it.

Wash your hands often. Especially after touching anything!

Don't touch your face or any mucus membranes!

Wash your produce!

Eat healthy to protect your immune system.

Get lots of good sleep (at least 8 hours a night)!

If you are in a high risk category (very young, elderly and those with certain conditions, you know who you are) you should wear a mask out in public. As may be advised for your condition anyway, swine flu or not.

This is just a strain of the flu virus and we can get through this. It's not the end of the world, you just have to be smart about it.

Stay out of large crowds, and especially only travel abroad if you have to!

If you wearing a mask will make you feel better, then by all means do it! No officials are telling people to do this yet, unless you are at high risk.

TX, NY mostly. a few other states. NY has over 40 cases and TX has had its first death, a 23month old baby..its scary

Roy L
It's just like the normal flue, just not in the winter.

Like others have said, Texas had the first confirmed fatality, a 23 month old baby, but possibly he or she was brought from Mexico for treatment, I don't know for sure. New York has the biggest number, mostly all those kids in that school in NYC and some others. Kansas I think has 2 and a few other states, including Ohio had cases last night on the 10 PM central time News. There might be more, maybe a confirmed case in Illinois, possibly in the Chicago area.

It has killed over 150 people in Mexico, where possibly most of the victims did not seek medical attention soon enough, but we don't know. And with the antiviral, Tamiflu and other similar drugs, people who seek medical care within a day or so are usually going to be OK.

Thousands die every year from winter time outbreaks of flu but it rarely causes panic in the street. The fact this one has no vaccine against it at the current time is a factor in concern, but most younger, healthy adults don't get flu shots even in a 'normal' flu epidemic so that might not be that much of a factor, but I think this will start hitting older people and chronically ill patients before it finishes.

first reported death here in tx this morning. a 23 mo child. r.i.p. it all goes back to common sense, wash your hands. cover your mouth when you cough,avoid large crowded areas. and see your dr. as needed. be safe everyone!!

Kris S
New york, Michigan, teaxes, ohio

Tina -x- Joey
its in mexico well dats where it started and now its spreading worldwide.

I don't know i dont like it.

Emasculated Britain
A handful of cases really, considering the size of the populations of the countries involved. Although the US has seen its first victim fall to the swine flu, it is just one from some 300 million people. Hardly the pandemic people are talking about.

The states that are affected are California 10, Texas 6, Kansas 2, and New York 45.

It's getting stronger and more deadly in a town near you. Beware the of the Swine Flu. It isn't just for pigs anymore.

Its nothing more than doom and gloom journalism. A few cases of a rare and severe flu break out and the media is all over it. They're trying to get you so scared and paranoid that you gobble up every last article on the topic, and in doing so, increase their ratings so they can charge more for the advertising space next to the articles.

You're more likely to be killed by lightning or a drunk driver than by the swine flu.

Animal Lover
Ha! No such thing as germs! It is made up to make people think that they can get sick, so people buy vaccines, which do nothing good! It isn't real, jen. So don't think about it.

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