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what is a fast cure for strep throat?

There isn't a fast cure - you need to take antibiotics. Strep throat can be very serious if not treated correctly & you can pass it along to someone else. But I would make the dr do a culture to make sure its strep before taking any antibiotics.

Jesse J
There isn't one. If you have been diagnosed with strep throat you need antibiotics. Also, you are very contagious.

For suspected cases gargle with very warm salted water and take a whole lot of vitamin C, try good ol' fashioned Vicks Vapor Rub or campher on the throat wrapped with a soft towel. IF you have a high fever and your ears hurt when you swallow after doing this, go to the dr asap.... you have strep.

Colloidal silver is a broad spectrum natural antibiotic using silver particles suspended in pure water. It has no harmful side effects and is safe unlike prescribed antibiotics which kill the friendly flora in the intestines. Colloidal silver kills bacteria, fungi, and virus unlike prescribed antibiotics. Doctors and hospitals do not use it because they cannot profit off of it...yes the medical industry cares more about profit than health. This product is amazing. I use it for myself and my family with results every time. It can be found at health food stores or online. I like Sovereign Silver brand. Colloidal silver has a positive charge to the silver particles which is attracted to diseases which have an opposite charge. The disease caused by fungi, bacteria or virus is then eliminated through normal body functions. The friendly flora in your intestines also has an identical positive charge and is safe and untouched by the silver.

Fast...hmmm....the fastest thing is to go and get a penicillin shot, but that still takes at least 24-72 hours for you to feel better, but it takes longer to get rid it. It takes plenty of rest, gargling, drinking fluids, and antibiotics.

Amy V
Antibiotics will help you start feeling better quickly. It's very important to take the antibiotics exactly as directed. Don't stop taking them just because you feel better.

Just Me

If you have to cure it...otherwise wait it out...if people always turn to antibiotics we in turn create super bacteria such as MRSA...

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