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 Um.. can the Swine Flu kill people?
im like really freaked out and paranoid bout the Swine Flu and i live near chicago and im like 11 years old and my brother wuld not shut up bout it and really want him to shut up bout it so... does ...

 Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
I got this bump on my arm and my mom just said it was a boil and she had one too. Then today and yesturday I have been coughing really bad, and I have a sore throat.

I've also had ...

 I was covered in bird mess today - should I be worried?
What with Bird Flu etc.... I have also taken the necessary precaution of buying a lottery ticket as everyone has told me that bird mess is lucky!!!!
Additional Details
I have just ...

 Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
Lately i have been very tired...so tired that if i even lie down on the couch for a few moments at night i will fall asleep and sleep throughout the night...today i woke up and i had a runny nose and ...

 How do they tell the difference between normal flu and Swine Flu?

 Yet Another Swine Flu Question?
I realize that everyone is having a fit about this whole Swine Flu deal. I've looked over questions but as far as i'm concerned there isn't one that has answered my question 100%..

 can you get diseases from mosquitoes?
i was outside by the water last night for 2 1/2 hours and when i got home i relized i have over 50 bites all over my body. I am now swollen and i have a terrible headache. are there any diseases you ...

 Thinks she has the "swine" virus, freaking out.?
My lady is a senior at her highschool, an average student kind of quiet dosent really socialize with anybody unless she is spoken to. I really dont think that the possibilty of her getting the swine ...

 is swine flu real????

 How can we avoid swine flu?
ive been told to;
wash your hands regularly
dont sneeze on your elbow
Avoid touching your mouth and nose
my dad also said to keep
keep active
drink loads of fluid

 My 3yr. old has a fever of 103.1 . What should I do?
My 3yr old has had a fever since 9:00am this morning. Her temp. has gone up since giving her Tylenol. Any suggestions?...

 What are the origins of HIV/AIDS???someone old me it was the Gay Community?

i had an argument with a ...

 how do i get rid of the flu?

 Swine Flu Question?10 Points?
How come i havent felt right since ive heard about swine flu in america
Additional Details
Im not feeling sick at all,i just feel ...

 Could I have gotten Hep C from this?
When I was visiting a friend with Hep C, I picked up a piece of paper from a desk in the living room and wrote a note on it. On closer examination, I saw dried blood on the sheet of paper. I don'...

 is love very dangerous ?

 Do YOU think the media is blowing the swine flu out of proportion?
I want your opinion because this swine flu thing is scaring me!?!?!...

 I'm 17 and I have a 103.2 degree fever.. Should I go to the hospital? I took Ibuprofen..?
I am 17 and started getting a fever last night of 100.2, I took 2 ibuprofen before I went to bed and woke up with a 101.1 degree fever. I took 2 more ibuprofen and just woke up from a nap, my fever ...

 My daughters could have Swine flu, should I be worried?
Both my daughters are complaining of feeling ill, they both refused to get the swine flu vaccine and there have been cases at their schools. They are both usually in great health and are not too sick ...

 Why is everyone so bothered about this Swine flu?
and panicking about it in uk is it all a big worry here fror nothing or do you think there right to be ...

what could hapend if i make love with my wife while her period?

nothing, you'll just get bloody. its pretty gross. i wouldn't advise it.

Other than it will be messy I don't think anything will happen. If you are really concerned, ask your doctor.

lizi g
itll be pretty messy
but safe

Seung Hee
Nothing. You'd just end up pretty bloody.

A bloodied bell-end.

A bloody good time. Thats what.

YOU could get pregnant.

ღ*Pink Cat *ღ
Nothing will happen, its messy and kinda gross, but nothing.

Nothing at all. It's just messy. Make sure to keep a towel under you and be prepared for lots of blood all over both of your privates. However, many women are hornier on their period so it could be great fun. Save time to shower afterward.

Nothing other than messy and yes she could get pregnant. Just because she is on her peiod doesn't mean she can't get pregnant. Whoever wrote she couldn't is a dork. You can also do it in the shower too.

u make a mess

Absolutly nothing.... Just messy

This is a Nasty question.

you need to wash afterward.

Nothing bad...just a bit messy so make sure you have towels to clean up with or better how about a nice romantic shower together.

It is perfectly safe for both you, just messy. Nothing will happen to either of you. She may, however, have a heavier flow for a little while after, especially if she achieves orgasm. It doesn't cause more blood, it just causes it to come out faster due to the muscle contractions.

Nothing, although, she could still get pg. Use a towel, this could be quite messy.

Rob S
You get bloody.

I will wade the red river any time.. I just will not drink from it.

desperate mother
well it is a little messy. she could still get pregnant - believe it or not . but go for it -- it helps with cramps and the irritability -- do it in the shower -- less of a mess !!

Smarty Pants™
Just lay down a towel first. Cause it will get a little messy. Other than that their is no dangers. Good protection against pregnancy too and you dont need to pull out.

Little bit of mess
She could get pregnant
You could both enjoy it
She could get sore as her lubrication is less effective

nothin but u may get her pregent .....yum kool - aid ..lol

nothing but make a mess

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