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 Do You think I should....?
Do you think that i should stop eating pork because of the swine flu, or all meats or something for a while. Because i mean if the pig has a virus then that means all pork production might be ...

 How do you get tonsilitis? i really want it :)?
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i can handle the pain ; )...

 is the swine flu jab dangerous for my 5 year old little girl?
My 5 year old is due to have her swine flu jab this week and i am unsure as to whether I want her to have it. I have heard lots of stories about it making other children ill. Advice please. ...

 What are you going to do differently now that there is a Swine flu breakout?

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 Hey i heard there was 50 cases of swine flu in new york and i live there what should i do?
Hey i heard there was a cure announced last night so should i sit back and relax till everyone is treated and till they come out with a vaccine?
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On the news it was ...

 How can swine flu travel from Mexico to Europe when they are so far apart?
I have heard Mexico has swine flu and that Europe are trying to prent it spreading from them.
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Yes Justin I do have a brain....

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 should i be worried abou the swine flu?
i heard people in new york got it and i live in philadelphia. im having mixed emotions because the health officials are saying they expect deaths but many teachers at my school are saying they are ...

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?
what are the symptoms of swine flu as it is now entering the uk and that is were i live so i would like to know so i am then aware of if i may get it some time in the future

thank ...

 I have a question that has to do with the swine flu and the end of the world.?
you know how everybody is saying the world is gonna end on december 21st 2012, because a bunch of historical stuff says so? and how the swine flu has recently reached Level 4 of a pandemic situation ...

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 question about swine flu?
somone i know has just come back from mexico, i haven't seen him but i've seen someone that's seen him, what are the chances do you think of it spreading to me if he had it?
i ...

 Is there such thing as kissing disease?
My friend might have kissing disease is it a real thing and can you die from it. Please help my friend is really worried. Much appreciated if you do....

 Can get aids by swallowing someone elses blood if they have aids?
basically i drink someone elses blood and that person has aids?
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Sorry that was an example i mean can u get aids if u swallow a little bit of someone elses blood and ...

 are people a virus to planet earth?
would aliens see us like that or maybe a paracite that lives on some thing and give nothing back,...

 How come when I'm trying to be funny I'm not funny? And when I am funny I'm not trying to be?
What causes this?...

fast and faster !!
swine flu .....whats all the hype about!! ?

Additional Details
pandemic!! i think not its just a rouse to take our minds of the recession

Ask the dead people

lol. It's a really big issue actually. It's already killed 16 people in mexico not including other places. They say it's going to be the next worlds biggest issue if they don't put a stop to it soon. But it's a really bad flu and people are worried. Cause if you get it...they don't really have a vacine to kill it so..it will spread. But they do have other things for it.

Mary Boo
Swine Flu: Trade Smartly, Beware the Hype
Now, if you think the partners of these venture firm don’t know some big hedge fund managers and media executives, you aren’t thinking clearly. I do not know whether they have helped swell the hype. What I do know is that the swine flu as it currently stands is complete hype. And the media continues to blow the issue out of proportion each day.

As well, I can assure you this…those connected with the financial media are making big money pumping these stocks up. But in the end, the bottom is going to drop out. The higher they rise the harder they’ll fall. This is one of the main laws of investing.

LOL my myspace page says

Ugh! im sick, Uh oh must be that dam swine flu! I've been making out with pigs lately.

Swine flu isn't that bad haha idk why people are so hyped up bout it :)

It's a pandemic! We're all going to get it and die. Oh, no!

I would say none, but i take back that thought. I do think that its been blown out of proportion though

In mexico there has not been 160 odd deaths, there has been 19. They have bad diets and bad health service, we don't. Saying that, a woman has just died in America. She had just given birth to a child a few days earlier though, so her immune system could have been down.

The usual flu will kill more this year than swine flu would, but I think they fear that for the elderly and young children who are the people who die of the normal winter flu anyway.

I don't really care, there has been a case near me and I wouldn't care if I got it, it's always been mild, and it helps us fight it if we were to get it again - such as when its supposedly meant to come back in the winter as a stronger virus.
If you know about the spanish flu in 1918 i think, they've compared it to that but that's blew it right out of proportion and that's ridiculous. That came back in the winter following and killed 50 million people. If swine flu comes back, it wont be that bad, but it will carry more deaths.

The spanish flu also killed those with strong immune systems because it caused some overgrowth of something in the body trying to attack it. If swine flu is like that then theres more of a problem obviously, but its highly unlikely it is. And by then they should have a vaccine anyway, so it doesnt matter.

I understand why theyre making a fuss, but its too much of a fuss. But yeah for now, don't fret.

Jona L
People are scared because if they get it they might die which is not true. People are just making it a big fuss but its not even that bad so i don't know why they are panicking. Some people say that they are just making it big because of the credit crunch in England and some are say ng that it has spread in Camden and on the 19 may they are giving out masks. Don't panic. Just wash your hands regularly, always have a tissue with you for when you cough and sneeze because u don't want all your germs going everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

No We Cant
loool, ask the pigs mate, they the ones who spreaded it

[Simply.. me]
Personally, I'm starting to believe its just made up crap. Think about it, every year there's some kind of so called epidemic.. usually, a type of flu. Like last year, the bird flu. But, I guess there's no way to really prove my theory.. lol

Happy Murcia
It`s about covering something else up....

It's spreading in certain areas like where I am in San Diego, California. We are so close to Mexico and that's a concern. Children under 5 and seniors are most affected if they get it. I have a 2 yr old so I'm being very cautious this week and not taking him out to places with lots of other kids.

Omg My Antler Broke!
Only 2 people have died in the U.S. a 33 year old and a 24 month old both in texas. The media is making it sound a lot worse than it actually is. While it is a terrible thing, it is still not as bad as the plague

The Goverments got the sh*ts cause if this flu business gets out of hand atm they can only treat 50% percent of the population. Those with private healthcare can snap some Tamiflu up for ÂŁ50.Those on NHS will be backbenched.

Because its spreading like a multiplying bunnys and some people have died of it!

While the H1N1 virus may not seem like a very deadly virus yet, I think it's more people worrying about what could happen this fall.

The fact that influenza is hitting so many people at the end of flu season makes it likely that the same virus will return in the fall. If following the same pattern as other influenza viruses, it is possible that could make another--and larger--appearance in the fall. Especially with fall starting in the southern hemisphere, it is feared that the H1N1 virus could combine with the seasonal influenza to create a very deadly virus.

It's an iffy situation: the virus could mutate into an equally harmless strain and simply fizzle and die, or it could mutate into something that could cause more trouble for us.

"In the world's most devastating global flu epidemic in 1918, the first wave of cases in the spring were mild. Then, the virus evolved and came back in the fall as a strain that proved truly deadly, flu experts say. So scientists today are watching to see if that could happen again."

From: http://www.abc3340.com/news/stories/0509/619883.html

There's plenty of reason to be afraid of something like that happening again. The Spanish Influenza killed more than twice the number of people killed in the first world war.

So I'd inform yourselves.

Media makes people panic. More people die from the regular flu every year 32,000. 3000 people die from malaria every day. Just media panic.

It's just a type of flu that can kill healthy young adults, that's all.

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