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 will I get swine flu and die? I live in Edinburgh and I'm 22?

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i have info showing that poor countries had the most cases of bird flu, what is the link?
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I know they have bad health care... tahts why there are more deaths, but that ...

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 Why have the media said almost nothing more about the swine flu in the last 2 weeks?
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 Ok, the swine flu is like every other flu?
The ONLY difference is the lack of a vaccine.

Now, do you people who are freaking out right now EVER get vaccinated for the regular flu? Probably not. This flu is NOTHING different, other ...

should i be worried abou the swine flu?
i heard people in new york got it and i live in philadelphia. im having mixed emotions because the health officials are saying they expect deaths but many teachers at my school are saying they are just trying to make us aware. i heard that the regular flu is the cause for over 36,000 deaths. im pretty sure that the people in mexico are dying because they really don't have the medication or the money im just scared it will be the next plague for america.

Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar
No, the dangers are being vastly overblown. You should be more worried about illegal immigration, because the illegals will be dragging this stuff in unimpeded.

Realize that this swine flu episode is a DIVERSION created by the government to distract people from the economic crisis and the swindlers who are being paid millions or billions of taxpayer dollars just because they have buddies in Congress.

It is only *potentially* lethal, and outbreaks in the U.S. have been few and far between. It allegedly cannot be transmitted between humans.

It's also "controllable", meaning anybody who gets it, can be treated for it.

You shouldn't worry too much.

with <3 xoxo

everything you need is right there (:
just take the basic precautions you would to not get sick in general, like washing your hands, and you'll be fine. There is treatment and don't expect to die because you won't if when you think you have it (if you ever do) and get tested right away!

totally awesome
I wouldn't be too concerned with it. As you stated in your question. the regular flu causes 36,000 deaths per year and you don't see anyone stressing over that. The media is hyping it up to get ratings. And health officals just want people to be on the lookout. it'll be fine.

Well people probably will be, especially if they live where it's spreading. I dont thin kyou should worry though.

If you still are worried, some good ways to avoid it can be washing your hands and taking showers often, and just try to stay as clean as possible. =)

It's not as bad as the media is claiming, but still be a little cautious about it. You know, be careful around people with flue-like symptoms.

You are correct the media just wants to scare use listen to you're teachers they are wise.

well I think there is only 65 people in america who have it.
thats 65 / 300,000+ people, so not a lot of people have it so you shouldn't worry too much!

S on my CHEST
it isnt that bad
media just always looks for some BS to freak out about
notice how they dont talk about the recession that much anymore and talk about the swine flu more
the media is just looking to make people see them by making a big deal out of it

It's a concern if you come directly in contact with someone who has it. It can be fatal, but normally you can recover from it within a few days of contracting the disease.

This flu has been around since 1976. Your teacher is right, people die of regular flu all the time, normally people with weak immune systems, small children, or the elderly. As long ad you eat a well balanced diet, you immune system will be strong enough to fight it.

Ignore the media, they are the scum of society, praying on the weak minded.

Frankie Say Relax
there is not yet a cure, but you can prevent it:

wash your hands more often(carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer around with you).

try not to go near people that are showing symptoms.

keep your immune system strong by getting plenty of sleep and eating right.

do not put unfamiliar things in your mouth(tables, bags, shoes, pencils, etc.).

if you think you have it, stay home and get plenty of rest.

do NOT, and i repeat, do NOT make out with pigs or lick their noses.

Well Im not an expert nor do I claim to have a wealth of knowledge on any such subject. But there are a few things to consider.

First of all, many people die every year from the normal flu that goes around in the winter. A lot of these people are elderly or very young people with weaker immune symptoms.

Secondly, Mexico has a higher poverty rate than the United States, and I would not be surprised if a number of the people who died in Mexico from the Swine Flu were people who could not afford to go to doctors and hospitals.

Also, there is not yet a vaccine for the swine flu, all the news reports say that is months off as they are still trying to come up with the actual vaccine frm samples of the virus that they've taken from people who have it etc.

I think one thing that would ease a lot of this type of question would be if the darn press or government or whoever would release the statistics of the deaths from swine flu. At least their age so that people could see who are at more risk of swine flu related death.

Though to be honest, as an American Citizen I do not think you should be too worried about dying from it unless the strain mutates and becomes virulent beyond the capabilities of Medicine. From all the articles I've read so far it seems that most people in the US havent even been hospitalized from it, and that there are medications that the government is allotting to hospitals etc that do seem to help reduce the severity and length of the illness.

In reality, the swine flu is nothing more than a glorified flu. I dont mean to denote the severity of it, as it is a mutated strain between human, bird, and swine influenza viruses - but it would not be good to panic and stress out about it, as stress lowers your immune system!

Just eat well, sleep well, take your vitamins, wash your hands, and dont touch your face!

Another word of advice - Google "swine flu" and read the news articles, then google "black plague" or even "spanish influenza of the 1930's" and you will see that really, this Swine flu is not as serious as the media would like you to believe at this point.

dont worry.. its not as bad that it can kill you.. it only gets you sick but you can be cured.

Marco's girl
I wouldn't stress, I am trying not to. Think of all the millions of people, and think of how many have the swine flu. Yes, it could get worse, it also could die off. Your teachers want to make you aware and that is a good thing. Very important: keep washing your hands and keep your hands off your face (eyes, nose and mouth), try to avoid sick people and avoid big crowds. Hopefully we will all be fine. I live an hour away from the border of Mexico!!

No, there are anti-virals that are available. Unless you have a young child or a perent over the age of 65 then you should be fine. The reason that so many Mexicans are dying is that they are either poor or in poverty and unable to receive proper healthcare.

You should worry, but not too much.

It's always important to try to stay healthy so you can fight off the swine flu or any other flu if you get it. Eat right, drink plenty of water, exercise, get enough sleep. Wash your hands. Avoid people who seem sick. See the doctor right away if you get sick with flu symptoms.

That's all you can do unless the flu hits your area. Then you might need to avoid concerts, festivals, any place with crowds.

Do what you can, then try not to worry about it. Don't let this concern take over your life.

oh my!
Here are some helpful facts about swine flu:


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