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mysterious sickness?
it all started about 3 days ago, with throwing up about 4 times and consistently since then having a fever of up to 103 and bounces up and down. i feel achy all over and i have yet to throw up again . what is wrong?? i need help.

Check to see if either your glands on your neck, or an area around your stomach ( where your spleen is ) is bigger. You might have mono. I'm a probably wrong, but that is what happened to me when i had it. You probably have been kissing to many girls. Haha.

Go see a doctor now! You could have Mumps, Malaria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, or Bacterial Pneumonia.

The flu.

keepin' it real
go2the doctor, it could be alot of things.....alot of dangerous things...

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