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 Swine Flu!! IM HELLA SCARED!!!!?
ok i know i said this before but im hella scared of getting the friken swine flu!

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 Um.. can the Swine Flu kill people?
im like really freaked out and paranoid bout the Swine Flu and i live near chicago and im like 11 years old and my brother wuld not shut up bout it and really want him to shut up bout it so... does ...

 Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
I got this bump on my arm and my mom just said it was a boil and she had one too. Then today and yesturday I have been coughing really bad, and I have a sore throat.

I've also had ...

Trudi Albanese
my son is 7 and hasn't had chickenpox yet should i be worried??r=1224701566?

Additional Details
alot of children in my sons class has had them but not my son do you think he maybe a carrier?

Matt J
hes not

Jodie S
did u get him a shot that pervents it if so don;t


You shouldn't be worried. Not all children got the chickenpox. It's true that it's better to havei it while children, but it's not something that necesarily have to have. If he's not sick yet, it's because he has a good inmune system. On the other hand, you should take him to the doctor anyway 'cause not all children have the same symptoms.

My uncle had it when he was young, but it was so soft, that it seemed like a regular allergy.

Good luck.

No don't worry some people don't get them. I f you want to keep it that way then, don't have him around those infectious kids.

some people never get it
dont be to worried

In There Like SwimWear
why are u worried that your child isnt sick..?
and what do you think he is a carrier of?

wedding bells
i am over 20 yrs and i never got them! i remember that i wanted to get them so i wouldnt have to go to school for a week until i recovered... i remember that i would purposely be around people that had them so i could get them, and i never did!!! some of us just have our immune system stronger than others and fights away the early symptoms of a sickness without even giving them a chance to fully develop! i dont think you should worry about it, he will be fine! he might not ever get them!!

Richard D
u dont have to worry inever got them so he proly wont either


Don't worry about it,,I haven't had it and im 13

no i dint have and now im ok ..7 yrs l8a

Ben H
dont wotty i no people who have had it in there 30's, you dont have to have it when little

I got chicken pox on my 7th birthday, that age is normal but not everyone gets them. He's probably been vaccinated anyway, you should check with his physician.

the coolest nukka
i'm 17 and i haven't had chicken pox yet, no need for alarm

Cliar Johnson
No Some people have chicken pox when they are older. It just is easer when they are younger to have it. So what some people do if they n=know someone who has chicken pox while they are you they will plan a time when to get them and then drink out of a cup that the infected person drank out of. So it will be easier for them. Than rather having it when they are 30.


My friend is nearly 17 and she's never had it.

However you might want to have one of those chicken pox parties things because if they get it when they're older, i.e. when his kids get it, it can be really really bad.

Lot of kids get the vaccine and still get the chicken pox. I know I did. That's really the only way to prevent them They say once you have them you are immune to them after that.

I'm 25 and have never had chicken pox, and my mom is 50 and hasn't had them. I think that some people are immune already.

No, not everyone gets chickenpox

eta j
well i had chicken pox when i was 20 and i dont think you
should be scared or worried. lots of people told me how painful it was.
taking alot of cold bath, anti biotics and chicken pox lotions worked
he might not even get if he doesnt come in contact with one who doesnt. remember, it once in a life time illness, dont be
pls dont let him go to school so that he will not contact it, the schl shld make sure the students are properlly treated before they can resume. your son might ve it but giving him anti biotic for a start will help

no dont worry he might not get them. a friend whos 35 still hasnt had them.

i wouldn't worry but i've heard that the older a person the more irritable they can be when having it! lol

if your realy concerned have your son stay at a friends house that has the chicken pox - let him catch it - keep a watch on it just to make sure your son doesn't get a very high fever etc....

easier to deal with when little then a grown man of 40

erm many human beings never have chicken pox....

nooooo hes immune!!! bwahahahahahhaahahahhahahhahahahhahahhah…

he'll probably get his first pox blister as soon as 1/2 term starts, and you'll be stuck at home!

Far better to have it young. My baby brother gave it to me and my mother at the same time. (She was 46) and she was so unwell she was off work for 6 weeks. He however was out in the garden playing football 2 days after symptoms appeared.

flaka <3
u shouldnt some people just dont get it if not just go to the doctor theres a shot for it and he wont get it

no dont worry, he may never get them xx

I don't think you need to worry for now, but it might be a good idea to get him immunized later down the line if he still doesn't catch them.

I got them when I was 27, from my daughter. It made me very ill for around a month. I couldn't walk for a week or so and had to stay in bed. It took me about 2 months to fully recover. Its very nasty for an adult, let me tell you.

I thought that all kids got chicken pox vaccinations these days???

No but when it is going around take him over to play with them!

well there's a vaccine for it so he might of been immunized...i have a 7 and 16 y.o. cousin who's never had it either...

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