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 How can we avoid swine flu?
ive been told to;
wash your hands regularly
dont sneeze on your elbow
Avoid touching your mouth and nose
my dad also said to keep
keep active
drink loads of fluid

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is there a risk in donating blood.. i really want to help,but i'm scare,please someone explain the risk to me!

There are some risks but they are very minor. 1) If you don't drink or eat enough before you give, you could faint. 2) They could have a hard time finding a vein, that could hurt, but bear in mine these are people who do this every day, so they are very good!!
I think the real risks you are talking about have to do w/ AIDS, am I right?? There is no risk in giving blood of aquiring HIV/AIDS. They wear gloves, sterile equipment & throw everything away when they are done.
Your blood can go to save the lives of 2-3 people. They extract plasma & platelets from it and the rest they give to someone as what we call in the business, packed red blood cells.
Hey maybe you can be my replacement, I use to give blood a few times a year. In the past few years I have had some health problems & have not been able to give.
You will feel so good afterwards. Don't be scared!

no.....not at all its nothing dangerous in donating blood
bcos in 24 hr. the donated blood becomes 4 times in our body..so..its good 4 our health

welsh lizard
to yourself there are no risks but you need to make sure you don't have any a genetic/blood diseases or something that you would be passing on.

There is no risk. There is only a risk if you receive contaminated or infected blood. But no risk in giving blood.

there is no risk donating blood. its healthy to donate blood once in awhile. i donate blood regularly. based on my experience, nothing bad happned. the needles are sterile. so no worries. just take a lot of fluid after donation....

No risk if you are disease free , Hb.is good , interval between donation is not less than three months.

Donating whole blood is totally safe, because the only thing going into your body is the sterile needle. (It is a pretty fat one, and does sting a bit, but not too bad.)

There are other types of donation that are much more dangerous. For example, they can take blood, spin it down in a centrifuge, and then put the red cells back in you. That is plasma donation. It is dangerous because there are so many opportunities for contamination during the process, and then the contaminated packed cell solution goes back in your body and passes the infection to you. Stick to whole blood donation!

There is no risk in giving blood. Speak with the Red Cross workers. They will explain what they will be doing. Good luck to you. :0)

No risk unless the person taking the blood is not using Universal precautions. use a reputable blood donation center. Red Cross etc.

Actually, I feel pretty doggone good after donating blood. You're a little weak for about 24 hours while your body is busy rebuilding the supply but it's not at all unhealthy.

Lisa Marie
not really, a small chance of passing out afterward but your body makes the blood back very quickly. And the needles are clean so no risk there either.

None really. Other than the fact you will lose blood, so make sure you're up to it

Duh.. there actually is .
Consider the fact you canot be really sure what needles are they using, I mean sloppy work happens all the time, and if you really are in to being explained all the implications , ask a Jehova's Witness
and you 'll get all the scientifical and well documented info you'll ever wish for on blood donation .

Blood banks use clean and sterile needles, so there is no danger in contracting anything when donating blood. The danger lies in receiving blood transfusions. If blood is NOT carefully screened, then you can catch a host of diseases, including HIV.

A person can't get an infection or disease from donating blood. Needles and other equipment used are sterile and they're used only on one person and then thrown away.

There are virtually no health risks associated with donating blood, according to the American Association of Blood Banks. A few donors may feel a little bit uncomfortable after donating blood, but this feeling typically goes away quickly. The donor's body replenishes the fluid lost from donating blood within 24 hours. It may take up to 2 months to replace the lost red blood cells, which is why a person can only donate blood once every 8 weeks.

The only real "risks" are the same for any time you get blood drawn: bruising at the site where the blood was drawn, and if you have an allergy to latex you need to tell them so you don't have a reaction. Other than that, you are fine!

hmmm...... there are only few risk like there's a slight chance that you'll might pass out but its ok....its the side effect since your donating blood...its good that you want to help others....ΓΌ you might also feel weak after donating blood..... but don't be scared.....just make sure the doctor doesn't take very many blood from you......you might lack blood....hehehe

There is no problem at all with donating blood. The technicians use disposable needles and other items that would come in contact with you so there is no possibility of tranmitting any diseases from one person to another.

You will be asked a number of questions before you donate to make sure you are a possible donor. You are screened for possible diseases and medications you may be taking that would make your blood not usable for donation.

I used to donate all the time until I was diagnosed with myesthenia gravis. Because of that I am no longer allowed to donate. I miss it.

no risk whatsoever - pls do it, we really need your blood!!!

zubin g
The risk in DONATING blood, as opposed to RECEIVING blood is this:

1. The medical staff will have to inject a foreign body in your bloodstream to capture the blood flow (usually a needle attached to a IV)
2. Typically, medical ethics dictate that DISPOSABLE needles be used. After a SINGLE-SHOT, the needle should be in the trash can
3. However, if the medical facilities are SHORT of inventory, they sometimes REUSE the needle.
4. The problem in REUSING the needle is that if the person BEFORE you had say AIDS or STD, it can get transmitted through that USED needle. Sharing needles among drug addicts, for example, is one MAJOR reason of spread of AIDS.
5. Also, even if there is ADEQUATE inventory of needles, sometimes the staff is too lazy (working double shifts, problems at their house, fights with their spouses) and so sometimes GENUINELY OVERLOOK the needle and use the already used needle.
6. IF you are INSISTENT on donating blood, INSIST that your doctor tear of a FRESH needle in front of your eyes, before fixing it in your arm. That should be good enough.
7. DO NOT feel embarassed to INSIST for a fresh needle as you never know when the doctor, for whatever reason is using the reused one.
8. But this care, if taken nicely, then BLOOD DONATION is a good, altruistic act. It will be no problems at all.

There aren't any risks, it's done at the hospital, well here anyway and it doesn't hurt, it doesn't take much time. Just make sure you drink or eat something after, best if it's something with sugar if you don't you might feel dizzy.
I've donated blood several times now and there's nothing to it.

No, there is no risk in giving blood, other than that you might feel a bit faint. Just drink a lot, and that passes quickly also.

Just Me
There is not risk when giving blood. They use a fresh sterile needle with each person and then the needles are destroyed, so they can never be reused again. You have to weigh a certain amount though or they will not allow you to give any blood. There is a small risk of passing out, but that depends on the person, and if you feel faint they will help you with that as well.

no risk if you are enjoying a good health .. its useful specially for men

Josh F
They use clean equipment when you are giving blood. The only concern I would have is giving it in a bloodmobile because they are confined spaces with many people in them it would increase your chances of catching something like a cold but nothing bloodborne unless someones blood actually got on you which wouldn't happen.

Other than that, about the only thing I could tell you is to be sure to wait after you do it and if the place provides some kind of sweet treat afterwards with juices to drink/eat them so you don't wind up passing out. Some people aren't affected by it.. but some are! And its a small price to pay just an hour of your time to save somebodys life.

No risk to you, at least as far as my experience with our local red cross, they ask a lot of questions , health ,trips out of country and now tattoos.
But it is a most worthy cause.

the b
I don't think that's any risk,because if it was,it wouldn't take this alternative. If u will do this, then i want to tell u that they won't take u a lot of blood,just a few drops.

no there is no risk in donating if ur blood is aids free bye take care..

it not much of a risk,depends where u donate blood, i've donated for 4 times and everything is fine...the safes way to donate blood is go to a hospital,there u're alwaz welcome to donate blood anytime

No risk in the giving, and they usually give you cookies and juice afterwards. yummy

Donating blood is simple and safe. Let me explain what will happen. We put you to bed (some people do faint and we want to prevent injury), a rubber tube or a blood pressure cuff is placed around the arm to cause the veins to fill so we can find them, and then we puncture you with a rather large needle but we have to...we don't want your precious blood cells to be damaged by a skinny needle...sort of like a very big mosquito...then we take off the rubber tube and watch your valuable blood enter a sterile bag that may save a baby's life or a loved grandpa's life for him to be loved longer by his grandkids. It only takes a few minutes and we will put a small band-aid on your arm, give you a donut or something sweet but ask you to wait a few minutes...you have a bit less blood and your body needs time to adjust....it is a breeze. I am American but I will use Australian English..."Good on you!"

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