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is the swine flu jab dangerous for my 5 year old little girl?
My 5 year old is due to have her swine flu jab this week and i am unsure as to whether I want her to have it. I have heard lots of stories about it making other children ill. Advice please. thanks

Greg Macquarie
ļ¼®ļ½¸ļ¼ˇPeople that try to diagnose themselves on the internet are at risk of reaching invalid conclusions on their health. See a doctor if you love her.

Shaun L
Well here's a theory from David Icke. He thinks the swine flu jab is an idea the "New World Order" have had to 'cull' the population as the country is getting rather full. But that's just David Icke...

The Assassin
Seriously, the way people are acting towards it you'd swear the swine flu will cause a zombie outbreak. It has the same symptoms of any other flu and with more serious **** like AIDS/HIV and TB killing millions each year, we are worried about a new flu? If you want to look at a humorous yet true article on the swine flu, click the link i have provided. Read it and you will see evidence that this is overhyped media crap

The vaccine is a mini version of the swine flu!

So yes it will make you baby sick!

what a drag
i chose not to get it for my daughter just because i don't want her getting any extra shots and this shot it so new that who knows what the long term side effects could be, i mean it could turn out to be fine but i don't want to risk it, especially because i have heard about people dieing as a reaction...also one of my husbands co workers got the shot and ended up out sick for two weeks and part of the time he ended up in the hospital..i love my daughter and i don't want her to get sick but i also don't want to get her a shot that is 100% safe...so you can probably guess i am gonna say don't get the shot...

Honestly, I would not. there is no guarantee that the shot will work. It has not been in production long enough to say if the benefits outweigh the possible side effects.

I was offered it for my 10 month old, but refused it. I spoke to the health visitor and she said the pandemic is pretty much over now, and it is pretty pointless and can be very painful x

Swine flu is for pigs. People get novel H1N1 flu.

You may have heard stories about flu vaccinations making other children ill but it's time you understood what a flu vaccination is and what it does. Your daughter will be getting her first novel H1N1 flu vaccine and she'll need to get in two doses. The purpose of a flu vaccine is to trigger the immune system and stimulate it to produce antibodies. The vaccine will introduce certain proteins into her system. She won't be fully immune until 2 weeks after her second dose.

Viruses are surrounded by a protein capsule. Bacteria also have proteins on their surface. The body routinely makes proteins that it uses but proteins that originate outside a person's body are treated as foreign. Sources of foreign proteins could be pet dander, pollen, snake venom, a blood transfusion, organ transplants and bacteria and viruses. When a virus, any virus, enters the body the proteins on the capsule are soon recognized as being foreign. Another word for a foreign protein is antigen. The presence of antigens starts the immune response. It wouldn't matter if your daughter were exposed to some one sick with novel H1N1 flu or if she receives the vaccine. It's all about the antigens. Her immune system doesn't make a distinction between a vaccine and a sick person. Understand so far?

All those things people call "side effects" are really her own immune response. Her body will think it's fighting the novel H1N1 flu and, in a sense, it is...but in a very controlled way. The virus particles she'll get will be able to replicate only in a limited way and just long enough to ensure that enough antibodies will be produced to achieve immunity. The possible fever, body aches, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting she may experience will be caused by her own immune system in its effort to fight an invader.

The vaccine isn't dangerous. Call ahead and request a single-dose vaccine instead of a dose from a multi-dose vial. That way she can avoid any thimerosal. A trace amount is used in the multi-dose vial as a preservative. And adjuvants aren't used in the vaccine distributed in the U.S.

So you see, it's not really the vaccine making kids ill. Not directly. If you'd rather she not have it, don't. If she should contract novel H1N1 flu from some other source, you'll see the very same symptoms, more severe and for a much longer period of time. But in the end, she'll have immunity.

First of all it is completely safe, millions of folks have had it OK. Meantime considering it is mid March and not only the swine flu but the entire flu season is over why are you getting this now?

I felt woozy when I had mine, but 1/2 a day feeling a bit off is WAY better than the alternative. If they react badly to the flu shot just imagine how much worse it would be if they got the actual live flu. Kids and the elderly are the ones that should have it most.

Just read the paper they give you carefully and make sure she is not allergic to the things on the list.

(For those of you thinking "it's not flu season" just remember that not everyone lives in the northern hemisphere, winter starts in June here)

John R
My 2 year old and 6 year old both got theirs. They seem to be alright. Check with your Doctor and Make SURE your Child is Not Allergic to EGGS!

Your daughter should be vaccinated. 11K ppl in the US have died from Swine flu (the disease). None have died from the vaccine.

Dr Frank
This is an extremely safe vaccine! International use has confirmed few problems after massive uptake.

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