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 should i be worried about getting HIV from someone bumping into me?
this is an honest question. please no jokes, thanks in advanced
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 do i have swine flu ?
k .. im concerned i have swine flu .. although my mum says it will be jut be normal flu ( but yh .. last time she told me i had just sprained my wrist .. i had cracked the bone in two lol )


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 My Brother got Chicken pox 11 days ago .. now he's recovering 80% .. but i don't know i wheather will get it .
cuz i don't have any before ... i always did not share food or bed with him when he's having and i tried to avoid to him .. what is the percentage that i will likely get ?

how ...

 Confused about swine flu?
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 Which is the most common disease ?

Christine Vasquez
is it dangerous for my 17month old to come in to close contact with my 5 year old son who has the chicken pox?
chicken pox

Most likely.

Well he may catch it! Has he been vaccinated?

You should keep your 17 months old child away from your son, as chicken pox is a very contagious and the child may get affected. So take care.

Shweta S
ya definitely.any person can get that disease unless he/she is vaccinated.In fact you also should take care.Just keep the tulsi leaves on the bed of the patient and then the sheet cover so that the leaves wont irritate him.

Tanner (Gettin' By)
of COURSE! even if he/she has had vaccinations, I had them and I still got them. Terrible things...

Worst case scenerio he catches chickenpox too. WHich may not be all bad because then you get it over with and don't have to worry about it anymore. Look into pox parties, its the new thing, parents actually get kids together to catch chicken pox so they get them done and over with.

Trixie Delight
I don't think so. As a matter of fact I'd put the baby near him so he could catch it and get it over with.

That's what I did with my kids and they're all fine.

Dangerous? No, you want him to catch them as young as possible, it goes much faster thru their system.

has he had his varicella vaccine yet? if so then he may or may not catch it just keep him away,and keep hands washed.

Alicia C
if he has been vaccinated then he should be fine pluse you only get the chicken pox once if even at all in your life if he gets it its better to get it at a young age then he wont have to go through it agien if both kids get it at the same time you wont have to go through with it twice if you think he might of caught the sickness the first sighns you will see is bumps on the stomach is where chicken pox start

Montana 16
I think the first 24 hours after the breakout are the most contagious.

I did not get the chickenpox when I was young but I wish I did. I was fourteen when I contracted it and all of the kids at high school thought I had AIDS. I have never been so miserable. I was so sick I thought I was hallucinating. I had marks EVERYWHERE.

Sarah ツ
Yesss if he didn't already have it but if ur 17 month already had the chicken pox thats fine

the 17 month old will probably catch them. Really not a big deal contrary to what some believe. I had them at 6 months and was fine. My friend's kids were about the age of your 2 and she encouraged the little one to get near the older one so she could get it all out of the way. Yes there's a vaccine but there is something to be said for just catching somethings and building up that immune system. My husband has only had 2 vaccinations as a child, polio and small pox, he caught everything else that I was vaccinated for measles, rubella, mumps. His immune system is better then mine.

loves christmas lights
Not really, it is rare when a child gets a serious side effect. You could knock this out in one month. I put my kids together to try and get it over with. Didnt work. One of mine got it so mild, they got it a second time a few years later poor kid. Using Aveno bath is soothing, and the lotions they have. You probably already know, but in case not, no aspirin or aspirin related products what so ever, that is life threatening. Good luck, poor kids. It is well advised to not take the kids in public, chicken pox is very hard on adults, and at dif stages of pregnancy the exposure can be devistating.

Don't think so... The sooner kids get the chicken pox the more mild it is. Better now than later :) I'm 12 and I haven't had it though... :(
Some parents TRY and give their kids chicken pox!

if he comes in contact with him he will get the chicken pox. sometimes chicken pox can be very severe or have serious side effects like encephylitis, scarring or secondary infections. if possible you would not like your 17 month old to get it.

Jason L
duh, read what you just asked... Chicken Pox is highly contagious to people that have never had it before & your 17 month old may not have the proper immune system to fight it off.

dont quote me or anything, but i thought it was better for kids to get them while theyre young. but i dont know how young is too young...

The 17 month old will probably get the chicken pox too, unless they've been vaccinated.

It's a boy! 10/22/09
What do you think? He will probably get chicken pox if he does. Get some gold bond and/or put oatmeal in bath.

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