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 Do I Have The Swine Flu ?
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 Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
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 Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
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 How do they tell the difference between normal flu and Swine Flu?

i think i have the swine flu?
i was feeling fine yesterday, then when i woke up today and ate breakfast i realized it hurt to swallow the food and now i have a fever and getting chills, also my throat hurts now. Should i see a doctor? or continue taking nyquil+ dayquil.

you are freaking out. swine flu is not a threat. if these symptoms continue, go to a doctor, and I'm sure he'll give you antibiotics for a throat infection or something.

You do

First, call a doctor. If you go and you really do have it, you might spread it to other people.
If he wants to see you, then go.
Then see whatever happens.
Good luck

you should see a doctor.


stop infecting the keyboard

Wait a couple days and then see how you feel.
If need be go see a docter, you know your body and will know if something is seriously wrong

if your throat burns and you forehead is hot swineflu see a doc.And try not to go outside.

Go to your doctor now...

Brian Adair
sounds like you have the classic signs of the swine flu.... if you dont see a doctor within 3 hours you will let it advance too far and it will disable your digestive and immune systems!!!!!! hurry!

A Texas Girl
eww your dirty..
go to the doctor

Yes you should go to the doctor immediantly! Thoes are all the symptoms of swine flu!

Hope you dont have it and get better!


Emily Parsons
Um, then why are you asking questions on the internet? Go to the emergency room. duh!

Weasley Is Our King
Yep, go see a doctor. It's probably just a cold or the regular flu but it's good to be safe.

see a doctor but everyone gets that so i doubt u have swine flu...

see the doc

Doctor Time

:] be who you are.
You should pay a visit to the Doctor. Only your Doctor knows the real answer. I think those are some symptoms but there's no way to be sure you have it unless you take Swine Flu tests which your Doctor can do. Sorry to hear! (: Good luck and take care.


Based on your symptoms, it may just be a minor flu or cold. If it continues or worsens, you should see your family doctor.

It could be just a common cold just wait for a while and if you start to vomit or have diarrhea then I would go to the doctor. I had the same symptoms as you but now I'm better it just turned out to be the common cold.

☆★ Kat ★☆
DOCTOR! if you do have it they have medication and you dont want to keep waiting till the last minute

Hilary C
Doctor totally!

II kingxnyc II
Go see a doctor it wont kill you. Its much safer then to risk it

You Have Stolen My Heart
go see a dr. i had the same symptoms this weekend and even if it isnt the swine flu go so u can get meds cause nyquil and dayquil did not work for me

Alex Perez
The most common symptoms are fever, fatigue, lack of appetite and coughing, although some people also develop a runny nose, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea, according to the CDC.


Stay home from work or school, to avoid spreading your illness to other people, Besser said. Don't get on an airplane. People should call their doctors to ask about the best treatment, but should not simply show up at a clinic or hospital that is unprepared for their arrival.

I suggest you consult with a medical professional.
While you are waiting, you might try some natural remedies for the flu.

There are no known cures for the common flu but many natural flu remedies can ease the symptoms. From herbal remedies to homeopathy, natural remedies can provides relief. Vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, and some common foods can all help heal. With the late flu season in 2009, and the occurrence of the Swine Flu, these natural flu remedies from nature can reduce pain and suffering. Many of these natural flu remedies have been used for generations.

the same exact thing happened to me yesterday. i went to the doctor's and i got a throat culture 4 strep and they tested my for the swine flu. i was negative for both. you probably have a virus. i cant swallow anything either. i have been home from school for 2 days so far with the same symptoms. with in the next few days, you may get some white spots on your tonsils. they are sorta like blisters or sores and they will hurt for a while. i am suffering too. i would suggest going to the doctor's office just in case.......... try taking some motrin or ibuprofen. they do wonders when you are in so much pain

Mae W

more symptoms are on this page

The REAL Steel Deal!!!
Best to see a doctor. Swine or not you can be given a PROPER prescription to treat what you have. Never self diagnose.

It sounds like a cold/flu. I had it a few weeks ago, but you should see your doctor so he or she can give you something stronger than just the "quils".

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