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i read after ten years you got deudonal you will get gastric ulcer. is it a fact?
i got the real experience of getting gastic ulcer in 2009 after suffering deudonal ulcer in 2008. i am 65 years and not under any medication.
nor stressed.

No, it isn't a fact at all. Most gastric ulcers are caused by bacteria--as I am sure you are aware.

No meds and no stress? Wish I was so lucky! Well done you.

Its actually because u might not have modified ur diet habits and secondly the bacteria which causes peptic ulcer (Helicobacter pylori) needs to be eradicated for it not to recur.

No. Unfortunately it sounds as if your gastric ulcer was the precursor to your duodenal ulcer and for some reason either was not very big or was not seen when they caught the gastric. It's also a possibility that your duodenal was found during a colonoscopy and the gastric during a endoscopy. That could be another reason. Whatever the reason was I'm sorry you had to experience so many similar discomforts 2 years in a row. You must be otherwise very healthy at 65 with no medications and no stress. I applaud how you must be taking care of yourself, I can only think that your problems might be genetic. I'm not sure were you saw the information about these ulcers but I've never heard nor worked with anyone that this has ever happened to. I hope this eases your mind and answers your question, but you can always ask your GI doctor. I'm sure they are up on all the newest and oldest facts in this area. Good luck and God Bless

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