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 I have swine flu. What should I do?

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i have swine flu... help?
how can i treat this.
i am taking tamiflu..

everyone is like oh my goodness what if you gave it too me.. cause y friend died from it, i know i probably won't but... what can i do
Additional Details
been to the doctor already but it has been 2 weeks, i am not feeling better..

Jas ♥
relax....u caught it on time.The doctor wil send u antibiotics and you will recover and be spiff and dandy in about a week!

Jim B
get to the hospital lol

you are screwd
Just kidding
you might have to go to the doctor and they might have a way to treat it

Just take the tamiflu and normal stuff and you should be fine :)
Stay at home and relax.

I know this is very scary and miserable for you but you will be ok its just going to take time keep drinking plenty of fluids stay warm and try to relax,i hope yu feel better soon ,if you start to feel any worse then give the dr a ring and i am sure that he will reassure you .

umm the normal flu killed more people then this 1 and this 1 isn't even that bad i wouldn't bout it 2much just see a doctor very often

Honestly Just keep relaxed, Panicing just makes everything worse, try to keep out the way of people tho but dot stop your life tho!
Hope you get well soon

Henry Le
Chill and calm.

Swine flu won't kill you unless you have a weak immune system
You already have flu with the swine flu.
You are old.
You are young.
You have some sort of sickness already after having the swine flu.

What did your doctor say? Tell the school you go to, if you do indeed have it. Tell your friends to take per-cautions with others and if they feel sick seek a doctor immediately. I hope you feel better and will pray for the best.

Take lots of turmeric/curcumin & green tea, that's effective really old way of dealing with flu. Aspirin if you're ADULT. Omega-3 fish oils.

Also lots of vitamin D.


Why are people asking questions on Yahoo Answers that they should be asking their doctor. If I thought I was going to die from something, I surely wouldn't turn to random strangers on the internet for answers.

you'll be fine, its just like the normal flu, also soon there will be shots for it

Sleep, sleep, don't do anything, eat well, sleep.

megan :)
I had swine flu last week and i just took tamiflu and rested and no ur not gunna die the only way u can even get close to dyin is to catch ammonia wiff it but other than that u should b finneee

U CaNt KeEp A GoOD ****** DoWn™
15% of sufferers die. so prepare yourself just in case. other than that bedrest and fluids...

You should go to a doctor. A bazillion people here have it :-(

Ryan Metcalf
Why the hell would you be on here then go to a Fuc***g doctor!!!!

It's fine. Just calm down, and see your doctor to see if you need more antibiotics/need antibiotics.
And you won't die. It's not that bad unless you have pre-exsisting diseases or conditions, young, or old. Young as in 10 and under. Old as in 60+

09 soccer sensation
your not going to die or anything like that it feels like the normal flu and unless you were ill before you have it there is nothing to worry about it. the doctor is just going to send u anti-biotics and some medication so it will go away. all you need to do is relax and stay home.


Please do some research - Infowars.com - Swine Flu and Top Stories Archive

Dr. Blaylock Swine Flu
Dr. Horowitz Swine Flu
Dr. Renee Tocco Swine Flu

The Vaccines Are UNTESTED !
The Vaccines Are Toxic !
At Minimum These Vaccines Are Extremely Dangerous !

Please Listen to Me

Please !!!!!!

It wont kill you (98% wont)


you are young
you are old
you have a pre-exsisting condition

otherwise, its basically a normal flu, just much more infectious

If you are taking tamiflu then it's a good start. All you have to do is keep your health up eat lots of healthy foods and keep your immune system working. Don't go out anywhere it won't help and you could catch something else. Keep your house clean by cleaning anything you have used with antibacterial wipes. I suggest using a hand wash sanitiser as I use it everyday to keep the germs at bay and you don't need water.

Try to get lots of minerals and vitimans into your body. If you are really worried you could ring up the swine flu website and they will advise you with reassurance.
0800 1 513 513.

I'm sure you will be fine. Get better soon x
i hope i have helped :)

: ) ;x
hey i had swine flu in july :(
its a horrible feeling i know!
seriously after 2 days of taking tamiflu i was started to see a change .
just hang on :)

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