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 do i have swine flu???????????
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 Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
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 If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
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 i have swine flu... help?
how can i treat this.
i am taking tamiflu..

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 Have you had swine flu?
In my country it still very serious, since it got into the schools and all
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 I called in sick to work because I am sick with the flu and my job is demanding a doctor's note.?
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i have a fever of 103.9 what should i do.....?
ok ive been taking midecine but it still does not work and i cant afford to go to the docter so i was wondering if there is anything natural i can take but this how i feel ....i have a big *** head ace i have to force my self to eat (i have not been eating for like a day) and i cant breath right and my throught hurts like hell

take a warm bath,or rub your back with a warm towel

Just Another One
Go to the hospital

go to the doctors

lay down,put a cold wet rag on ur forhead && maybe on ur stomach,take some tylenol,sleep as much as u can,eat small things like crackers,drink water && if u get tired of water then drink gatorade

drink lots of fluids and try to eat if u cant hold nothing down eat bread and crackers 7-up helps to, if your fever doesnt go down with medication soke in ice cold water every couple hours cause your temp will raise higher if u just pat yourself down that should do it and if all fails go to a quick care.

go to the doctor! who cares if u cant afod it

Can you afford to die ?
If aspirin is Not bringing it down in 24 hours ,
Go to the insta- care / quick care clinics .
They bill you and worry about paying later .

Better a bill than dead .


Take some motrin and a cool bath to get your fever down. That is very high.
The bath alone will bring your body temp down- while the mortin kicks in. If it doesn't stay down and goes back up- head to the ER or cheaper Urgent Care.
It will cost you - but your health is worth it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Justin M
Set a doctors appointment up! Before you go, take a cold show or bath. Keep a cold rag on your forehead, and try and get a lot of rest. ALWAYS pay attention to how you feel, and if you start feeling really bad go to the emergency room. Remember to drink a lot of water. Do not chug it, but drink it slowly. I had this problem before to, I was sick for days. All I did was sleep non stop, drink a lot of water, and take cold showers. I also would try to walk around. Try to walk around a little, But only if you feel you can. You will get better! But like I said if it gets really bad, have someone run you to the doctors or the emergency room!

IF you have a fever do not take a warm bath, that will make it worst!

Frank L
Go to the hospital.

Sophie M
go to the hospital.

▐▀▀ ♦ β–€β–€β–Œ ♣ Cali β™₯ ▐▄▄ β™  β–„β–„β–Œ
You should for sure go to the doctor, have the state pay for it if you can't.

Just Breathe
try to rest and sleep it off. dont take too much medication, though. if the fever doesnt go down at all by tomorrow, go to the ER.

u probibly have just a common cold my advice is to rest up and sleep and it will be gone before u know it

wow go to the hospital if it gets any higher

um you should go to the doc. otherwise try advil and tylenol alternating every 3 hours

Won't your doctor just prescribe an antibiotic for you over the phone? Alot of stores with pharmacy's in them are giving away antibiotics for free. In the meantime drink lot of fluids if you can, spray your throat with Cloraseptic and that will take away the pain. or just gargle with warm salt water. Take Tylenol for the fever and wear the least amount of clothing possible, Use to be you would pile on the clothes and sweat out a fever, but now they say strip down as much as you can so your body doesn't keep the heat in. Hope you feel better soon.

You need to go the the Emergency Room pronto, a fever that high is not good...Get well soon...

James Dylan Dean
Go to the Emergency Room. In the US, anyone in an Emergency Room must be treated (for reasonable suffering) whether they're insured or not.

This has become a growing problem in southern parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas when Mexicans cross the border just to have their kids in the US. If you bear a child in the US, they become citizens... a severe issue Congress has yet to properly resolve.

I'd suggest to go to the Dr. esp since it isn't going down on it's own..You need a medicine that isn't over the counter.

Of course I don't like Dr's so I just wait it out all the time. Go and get something just for fevers and take that...motrim is usually good for that. A nice VERY warm bath and lots of covers will help draw the fever out also.

If you have a small clinic to go to..one that you just pay a small fee for going and get your meds filled, try that. It's way cheaper than the hospital or reg dr's office. I've used them before when traveling and don't have a military hospital near by. It's easy and don't need to file insurance or anything.

Go to the emergency room now! Anything over 102 you need to go.Sounds like Strep, and if you let it go too far, which having a fever and headache sounds like you have, you could end up in the hospital or worse.

Jenna B
GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM NOW AND I MEAN IT YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SICK... while there tell them of your inability to pay and they will contact someone for you to talk to for medicare... FEEL BETTER AND GET IN A CAR AND GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan B
dude you need to go to the hospital right away. If your fever hits 105 degrees you could die. I AM NOT JOKING! Go now. Put a cold rag on your fore head and drive to the hospital. Don't hesitate.

Snail L
Drink lots of fluids... 103.9 is really serious! If it doesn't start to go down, I would go to the emergency room. You might have strep throat in which it's critical to get treatment. If you don't, you could be setting yourself up for serious illness when you get older.

Take some aspirin... and a cool shower or bath.. you need to get your temp down.. drink lots of fluids... water, 7-up, chicken broth.. whatever you can stomach... saltine crackers...

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