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Wing commander
i've been eating lots of turkey sandwiches recently... today i feel feverish and sick. Have I got bird flu?
I love turkey sandwiches but today I've been really ill... fevers, diarrhoea, vomiting, sore throat. What is wrong with me? Is it bird flu?

Probably, you better get to a doctor IMMEDIATELY before you die!!!

your just being paranoid where did the turkey come from? was it frozen or fresh if the turkey is from bernard matthews id seek advice if it puts your mind at rest. but the doctor will probably pee himself laughing

Well I have been been eating turkey spread sanwiches, problem is that spreads as well.. as bird flue.

No, not bird flu - you've just had a FOWL day!!! x

The mad scientist
you maybe sick as a parrot but it's unlikely to be bird flu. Just a virus or something.

Don't get in a flap.

Uncle John
Sounds like you have the flu - no bird, just the flu.

Has nothing to do with the turkey sandwiches. Even if it were food poisoning, those would not be the symptoms.

Flu, pure and simple.


taz c
It's probably food poisoning - you should've looked at the "Use by" date on the packet.

this is the kind of mentality the media preys on, so they can make the general popultion afraid of something that they shouldnt be. I suggest you read an article or two on viruses as well as bird flu, and put the newspaper down.

Vesna G
it might be food poisoning most probably, but you really have to see your doctor

I really doubt that it's bird flu. It sounds like your really up to date with the news and have bird flu on your mind. Also it is still winter and we all feel a bit ill! may be you need to get out more and cook your turkey more thoroughly. Good luck.

no you havnt got bird flu, as this cannot be transmitted through eating a bird, it can only be caught from a live animal, its more likely you have indigestion from eating too much turkey

Sounds like cold turkey

Step away from the sandwich.

No, you probably ate rotton turkey meat thats all. The dates on the meat were wrong or seal on the package was broken. You probably have food poisoning and its a good thing you are throwing it all up. I hope you feel better. If you still have a fever, go to the doctor.

i love turkey too, but that never happened to me, maybe it's either food poisoning. if it was the bird flu, it would be worse. food poisoning isn't fatal, but makes you in the bathroom alot.
to soothe it, drink milk or water and get plenty of rest when you can.

i very much doubt it. but if your concerned go to the drs. if you dont want to wait the 2 weeks it takes to get an appt go to an nhs walk in centre.

What country you living in anyhow?

listeria, if it's directly related to the turkey (it's a form of food poisoning related to improper handling of lunch meats). But it sounds like the flu, really. It's going around really bad right now! BTW, it's probably not bird flu unless you're been playing with live turkeys!

I don't think so if they cooked well, you may just have a normal flu
that causes all these signs or bacterial infection, but you did you buy them or you cooked them in your home?

There is no such thing as Bird Flu. Its just another crazy diversion by Tony B-Liar to cover up something else which he doesn't want to come out into the open. You'll find this happens quite often when he doesn't want something leaking out about his family/office. You've just got a bug thats going around. Just pop to see your doc to get checked out.

No Paranoia. You probably just have a mild stomach infection. Starve for 24 hours. Then drink plenty water to flush out.Then try to eat something light to help get system back to some order.

i doubt it if your that worried see your doctor
but there are alot of people sick at this time so you probably just caught a cold

barn owl
no, you probably have flu-- did you have a flu jab?

Muga Wa Kabbz
Sounds like food poisoning, not bird flu.

no,you cannot contract bird flu eating anything through the food chain,only if you come into contact with the contaminated live stock.

Ken M
will you stop gobbling on take some lemon sip

Cooking kills the virus, you have NOT got bird flu!

I loathe YH answers
Looks like you'll have to be rendered then.

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